Kingdom Hearts 3D at E3 2011!

Game Informer has put up a list of games that will make an appearance at the event and in that list is Kingdom Hearts 3D! Series director Testuya Nomura had already confirmed the title to make an appearance from last year’s event but it’s always nice to see more news! With only 19 days left before the big event, one could hope that more Kingdom Hearts titles could be revealed!

Stay tuned with us as I’ll be attending E3 2011, bringing you news from the event!

Source: Game Informer

27 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts 3D at E3 2011!”

  1. shoujax Says:

    Yosh, some real KH news =D

  2. Fan Says:

    FINALLY SOME NEWS AND SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO!!! this is the trophy for checking KHU like every 2 hours!!!

  3. Ian Manning Says:

    A pity VSXIII won’t make an appearance. :(

  4. Slurms_McK Says:

    one could hope that kingdom hearts III gets revealed !

    one could hope… :’( 

  5. Debenz Says:

    How can KH3 be revealed when the KH team isn’t finished with FF Versus 13? I know you hope it does, but the logic is already there. 

  6. Matthew Evans Says:

    Forum member damatman here.

    This is great news as I’m going to E3, I can’t wait to try it out. Maybe we can just pray for a KH3 announcement, but I doubt it.

  7. rokuterra Says:

    Only one could hope that there won`t be anymore kh titles, (other than KHDD), until kh3. 

  8. Axel Says:

    Birth By Sleep Volume 2 

  9. Drace Says:

    I don’t care if any other titles will be produced before KH3. I’m excited about it, but I’m happy with every powerfull and creative KH-story, Square Enix can give us. It doesn’t need a big fat number on it’s cover to be a good game.

  10. Josh Isaac Says:

    Our Prayers have been answered!!! Finally we have… NEWS, THE DROUGHT IS FINALLY OVER HOORAY!!!!

  11. Iggy van Hoof Says:

     Oh darn, I’m away the whole E3. On the plus side, I don’t have to wait for anything.

  12. Anonymous Says:

     you dont know that

    if there are more games, that Nomura officialy fucking sucks.

  13. D3xus Says:

    Finally some news!

  14. Axel Says:

    I DO know this, and you can check it on this site. And he sucks because he’s expanding the story a little? Jeez…

  15. TheBlitz Says:

     Woah… Seriously, what is wrong with you?

    Give us *real* arguments or unleash your aggression somewhere else, please! -.-

  16. Anonymous Says:

    moron.  take a fucking history class, its vietnam not korea.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    only morons speculate baselessly off a hidden video that tells you nothing.

    nothing got confirmed.  NOTHING.

  18. Anonymous Says:

     here’s a real argument:  Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced E3 2005.

    its now 2011.  we got ONE solid gameplay video of versus, and between 2005 and then, failmura released roughly five games, with more to come.

    theres your argument, moron

  19. Roth Says:

    *sigh* Can please someone block the IP-Address of this guy? -.-

    Learn how to argue politely, pal!

  20. Roth Says:


    (I wonder what your favourite word is. -.-)

  21. Andrew Says:

    YES KH news

    Hildengram is

  22. Anonymous Says:

    i dont see nixon anywhere in there… hence it doesnt matter

  23. Raikara95 Says:

    Hildengram is a fag, go masturbate somewhere else on the internet

  24. Raikara95 Says:

    Hildengram is a fag, go masturbate somewhere else on the internet

  25. Ryan Says:

    you can go to and they are gonna cover e3 live on their site

  26. Ethan Hanbury Says:

    urm dude your wrong e3 is nearly over and i see no kingdom hearts 3d stuff.

  27. Remnnant35 Says:

    wen is this game comming out

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