Kingdom Hearts 3D Boxart Revealed

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

aibo_ac7 on her twitter account just revealed the Japanese boxart for Kingdom Hearts 3D! It shows Riku flying upwards while Sora is falling and King Mickey is diving to catch Sora.

What are your opinions about this box art? Share them in the comments below!

Source: aibo_ac7 & Toys R US Japan & & SQEX E-Store Twitter

52 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts 3D Boxart Revealed”

  1. Cristopher Says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!! just that Got it SUPER MEMORIZED… A-W-E-S-O-M-E-!!!

  2. Patrick McDermott Says:

     Mickey trying to grab Sora’s hand is very interesting… HHMMmm…

  3. Kylan Ohgodfireburns Says:

    Beautiful as always

  4. Iftekhar Ahmed Says:

    Seems Legit

  5. ロオラ laura Says:

  6. KingdomheartsFTW Says:

    i wonder wat this is supposed to represent. riku is flying upward with his eye open, and sora flying downward, with his eyes closed and mickey trying to reach him. Does mean that something will happen to sora that will be needing mickey’s rescue? or have they switched roles and riku will be saving sora by the darkness or something? interesting indeed…

  7. Gavin Says:

    Ha I get it. Riku is dreaming, sora is droping, and Mickey is going the distance for sora!

  8. KEVINCM_11 Says:

    Well maybe the fall of sora significates something in the game :S

  9. Zelot Says:

    well they did say light falls into darkness and darkness turns into light so i wonder if thats what is happening also i think toy story might be in this one becuase they say the worlds in this 1 are ones we people asked 4 in the past gl

  10. Zelot Says:

    but also notice how micky is going after sora 4 those of us who played birth by sleep we rember aqua was the one who past the mark of mastery examine bec. her heart was maid of light

  11. Vasquez7636 Says:

    This looks pretty good

  12. Zelot Says:

    gl hf people

  13. Romelcb Says:

    I like the colouring that Nomura used this time, it looks like a real painting *0*

  14. Reganfan1 Says:

    It’s ugly.  D:

  15. Roberto Emanuel Says:

    I like it, it looks great, seems more mature or cerium

  16. Nyu!!! Says:

    In my opion this is one of the best box arts so far.

  17. Mahael Says:

    It’s very pretty, and I like it, but in some ways it’s kind of off putting.  Not that it’s bad, it’s very nice looking, but something about it strikes me the wrong way.  Still, it’s interesting for sure.

  18. SUPREMEdarkness Says:

    The box looks AWESOME but its not quite wat i expected hhope u.s. gets a better box art

  19. SUPREMEdarkness Says:

    Hey when do you guys think itll b out 4 u.s. since japan is getting late march i believe well probably get it in march or april 7,10 or 17

  20. Izzy Says:

    It’s EPIC! Hater’s gonna hate :P

  21. Radec_505 Says:

    Not what you would expect in terms of design layout, as seen on all other previous titles. Very nice though.

  22. Jack Mowat Says:

     I doubt that only because if Toy Story was in this game they would’ve plastered scenes of it all over the trailers.

  23. SUPREMEdarkness Says:

    When do u think kh 3d be out on u.s. i think its probably april what about u guys and dont say september or july cuz uncharted 3 4 A PS3 GAME came out on november 1 and it got to japan on nevember 2 so how long could a 3ds game take i hope we stil get it in march

  24. Ladybugredeemer Says:

    It comes out on March 29th in Japan, so I doubt we’ll get it in March or April at all. I say at the earliest we get it in May, or possibly sometime in the summer. Square Enix tends to want to put at least month’s distance between national and international releases. Keep in mind, the U.S. has only received a 2012 release date and 1 voice actor’s confirmation. We haven’t gotten a trailer or even a month of when it’ll come out.

    We still have a little under two months until the Japanese release, which is still time for some decent info to come out for any version of the game to come out.

  25. SUPREMEdarkness Says:

    Evryone vote for kh 3d release on april all those who oppose us will fall prey to the darkness

  26. SUPREMEdarkness Says:

    Hey u ladyburgerredeemer ur speculations are wrong ill put my virginity on the bet that kh3d will come to u.s. on april

  27. SUPREMEdarkness Says:

    Square will not fail u.s. kh 3d in gets delivered in 2 months or its free

  28. SUPREMEdarkness Says:

    Hey did u guys now misterious figure is young master x

  29. SUPREMEdarkness Says:

    Man im sooo exited i pee 13 times per 5 min

  30. SUPREMEdarkness Says:

    When anyone joins the coments those who wish to join my kh3d april release date cause type im a “key” those oposing type “heart”

  31. SUPREMEdarkness Says:

    My army of loyal kh3d april release date minions will triumph over “heart” those who opose us are SCUM

  32. emi Says:


  33. Black Otsel Says:

    Always excellent box art=}. 

  34. Reganfan1 Says:


  35. Reganfan1 Says:

     No, really.  Compare it to, I dunno, EVERY other box art out of the series out there.

    In contrast, this one is just horrible.

  36. Awesome Says:

    Darkness becomes light – Light will drop into darkness

  37. Michael Says:


  38. ninkoro Says:

     Are you trolling??? Teh box art is unbelievably EPIC!

  39. Iggy van Hoof Says:

    I love it :)

  40. Unknown Says:

    Riku is headin to the light and Sora is falling into darkness. Sora fall into the darkness before so im sure there a way he’ll go back. As for Riku, guess he over come the darkness more than ever. I cant wait till it come out in the US!!!

  41. SUPREMEdarkness Says:

    No its true nomura said so go to google type unknown kh wiki and ull c

  42. Danish Says:


  43. Arcaniss Says:

    love the look of riku

  44. Fan Says:

    looking good!

  45. Reganfan1 Says:

    Nomura didn’t say anything remotely to that.  Rofl.  KHWiki.  That site is such a joke that the mere mention of it is a punchline all on its own.

  46. Moco_719420 Says:

    It looks like riku found the light and sora is fallin in darkness now idk looks amusing

  47. Iggy van Hoof Says:

    How do you mean that? Aside from re:coded, it seems the same as the others

  48. KingdomheartsFTW Says:

    well indeed he didnt exactly say the words “oh the mysterious figure is young xehanort”. but he did hinted, and the pics on magazines do look like him

  49. Venetus16 Says:

    I think sora slipped over a banna

  50. Venetus16 Says:

    I mean banana

  51. saXom Says:

    My thoughts exactly. We are already told “Darkness becomes light, light falls into darkness,” so this fits perfectly.

  52. David Says:

    Can someone please explain to me why Sora looks young and Riku has a bob haircut? I guess I missed the explanation somewhere along the way.

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