Kingdom Hearts 3D Gameplay Videos! – TGS 2011

Kingdom Hearts 3D Demo Vids!

Gamespot has put up a couple of gameplay videos of Kingdom Hearts 3D! The first video shows Riku‘s playthrough in the Hunchback of Notre Dame!

The second video is Riku’s boss battle!

Source: Gamespot

16 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts 3D Gameplay Videos! – TGS 2011”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    oh lucky me just came here two cool

  2. John-Paul Prusak Says:

    Nice, looks like KH2 but portable. Though i want to see some Sora gameplay like this, with Neku too. also maybe its just be but Riku’s voice sounds different, idk, cause you can barely hear, maybe. but it doesn’t sound as cool to me.

  3. Andrew Stander Says:

    It has a BbS-esque feel to it. It looks like Riku is using the Blade Charge command style in that boss fight.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I just love how thay can make ps2 graphics on an handheld SQUARE ENIX takes time on there games is what i like when it comes to games and music in the games thay no what the heck there doing same with Nintendo. great gameplay btw wish it was sora in one of tham  its sill hard to believe that this is all in a dream crazy ha i bet you its training for the mark of mastery like yin sid put riku and sora in a deep sleep or something i bet.

  5. Lizzie1238 Says:

    Riku’s voice probably sounds different because it’s Japanese, so it’s his Japanese voice actor and not the English we are used to hearing.

  6. Kaidoku Says:

    This Dual Link thing is like a Commend Style mixing with a Drive because Riku and Sora is using their allies power to use Commend Style like power 

  7. Fan Says:

    IM SO EXCITED! i only wish we had a better player…

  8. Mahael Says:

    This looks pretty cool actually.  I’ve been psyched about KH3D for months, and yesterday when they showed that poster with the “Happy Heartless” or Dream Eaters (colorful goblins that eat dreams)  I was a little turned off.  But this looks basically like KHII+BBS+Drugs=KH3D, and you know, I’m fine with that!

  9. Donovan Says:


  10. Brady O'Neill Says:

    Riku looks younger than he was in Kingdom Hearts, but older than he was at the end of Birth By Sleep. Very interesting…

  11. Rosita Says:

    I found it funny when u said “But this looks basically like KHII+BBS+DRUGS=KH3D” that made my day …dam homework well better get on to it before it is school time again I hate an all nighter but Kh sugar coats this bad day. That is why I love this game.  I also though of that when I saw the brightly color pets Sora and Riku had. No offense meant to anyone if anyone found this offensive.

  12. Jd_art Says:

    This is terrible! I have been an avid KH fan since its first release, but does nobody else think that this has started to become a little silly? Don’t get me wrong, I think BBS was a great game and a fantastic prequel to the KH mythology but Dream Drop Distance? I can’t help but feel that Kingdom Hearts has turned into another one of those computer game franchises with no end, 

    Please stop producing these spin offs and extras to elaborate a story that essentially isn’t there. Do you all think that BBS, DDD, RE:Coded etc were all envisioned from the inital concept of KH? If they weren’t then the creators are simply thinking of new ways to over complicate what effectively was just a very simple collaboration of Disney and FF. Every good story knows when to end and I can’t help but feel that it should all be ending now. If they don’t, this could really ruin the series for me,

    I don’t want you all to think that I’m slagging off the KH series cause I’m not. I’ve loved every step of the journey… but I’m starting to get a little tired. Quality over quantity surely?

    Please tell me that someone else agrees with me? I just have visions of the KH team sitting in ther conference room going “Ummmm… well… how about they… you know… go into a dream and like… you know…. become keyblade masters… but don’t know it… BUT… an alternative self knows what is true… so they like… ummmm… travel back to see themselves to tell them that they are masters…. meanwhile… The hearts of the lost become one to form Mecha-Nobody who… like…  will destroy their world. Until, their heart is realised and then we go through eveything else again… Umm… across 7 games and 3 different playforms we could make about $30,000,000.” Success!!!!

    Stop this silliness and just make something decent!!! OR something NEW!!!!

    Again, much love to KH but no more! Please just get on with it.

  13. Clever4231 Says:

    Dude, dont think of kh 3d as a side game but a main game. If it happened to be as long as called 33it would be no different. WHAT IS KINGDOM HEARTS 3 BESIDES THHE PLOT BEING SIMILAR TO 1/2 (EMPHASIS…)

  14. Morgan Tiberius Rangel Says:

    I say they’ll be in a dream state, making them look younger but maybe with there KH3 outfits, there has to be a reason why they look young, My two cents is just that.

  15. Oniawa Says:

    i am so excited about this game!!! it just keeps looking better and better with every video, when i first saw those new sidekick guys i thought they were the only ones you partnered with but it looks like maybe all dream eaters can be ‘caught’ in a way and made a friend. i am loving the quality of the handheld games now. you just know its gonna filled with great story and cut scenes, bbs was better than kh and kh2 in my eyes and this looks set to beat bbs!!! x

  16. John-Paul Prusak Says:

    Well no, cause i’ve heard his japanese voice too, enought to know that it sounds different from what i heard here. when Re:CoM came out i saw an entire playthrough of it in japanese and it doesn’t sound like it did in that. Also i know that the guy who voices him is the same guy that voices Light from Death Note in japanese, and it doesn’t sound like him either, but idk maybe its like i said, because you can barely hear it, but from what i’ve heard of Sora’s voice he sounds exactly the same.

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