Kingdom Hearts 3D HD Trailer Now Online!

Kingdom Hearts 3D, the next chapter in the series!

Square Enix has updated the official site to Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance by adding an HD version trailer that was shown at the Square Enix 1st Production Development Premiere event!

To watch the trailer on the official site click the link below:

[Kingdom Hearts 3D Official Site]

In addition the trailer was also added to their official youtube page as well:

7 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts 3D HD Trailer Now Online!”

  1. Debenz Says:


  2. PieGuy Says:

    treasure planet
    robin hood
    james and the giant peach
    dark wing duck
    chicken little
    monsters inc!!!!

  3. PieGuy Says:

    lol sorry multiple KH pages open >_>;

  4. shineewins Says:

    You gotta love it. <3 ^^

  5. Mc Steven Torres Says:

    Really awesome.. Can’t wait for more gameplay actionz…

  6. Preludeoflight Says:

    You guys, I think the world with the bells and the city Sora oversaw when he jumped of the edge is The Hunchback of Notre Dame!!! O.O

    Yeah it’s gotta be!

  7. Carlos Chan Says:

    Guys I think the point of this game is the mastery test for sora and riku

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