KH3D Japanese Release Date Announced/Special Nintendo 3DS Bundle/10th Anniversary Box

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

4Gamer has put up an article announcing the Japanese release date for Kingdom Hearts 3D along with an image of the special edition Nintendo 3DS made for Kingdom Hearts 3D!

The release date will be on March 29, a day after the 10th year anniversary for the series! The price of the game will be 6090 yen which is $79 US. The price of the bundle has not been released at this time but we’ll update you when it is. As well as a limited edition of the game with an AR card, that unlocks a rare Dream Eater that is difficult to obtain through normal circumstances.

You can also find the image of the 3DS below, the other contents that go inside the box will be revealed at a later date:

Also, in the article it is stated that a “10th anniversary box” will be released on the same date as KH3D, details are currently unknown but will be revealed at a later time.

Source: 4Gamer & aibo_ac7 & andriasang

21 Responses to “KH3D Japanese Release Date Announced/Special Nintendo 3DS Bundle/10th Anniversary Box”

  1. Jroc247 Says:

    no……no no no…i dont care about this…..i want to know when Nomura’s gonna stop trollin with the damn final mixes and release them over here and there, US and europe.

  2. KingdomheartsFTW Says:

    probably if when he decides to make HD remakes

  3. Hor'Yu Says:

    Dude, calm down! -.-

  4. Anonymous Says:

    OMFG THIS 3DS LOOKS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!! Now I regret not waiting to get it till the game was released! I got mine last October on my b-day and now I want this KH themed one!!!!!!!!!

  5. Rober_XD Says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U_U I recently bought the 3DS… BUAHHHHH!! Stupid Mario with his 3D and his stupid kart… I was totally sure about the release of a bundle pack….

    Let’s pray not to be released in Europe, so I won’t buy it again… 

  6. theking Says:

    no i will pay it i didint pay 3ds for this

  7. Josh Isaac Says:


  8. anon Says:

    same here. Im probably going to sell mine, and get this one

  9. anon Says:

    I totally would too, but im just waiting till someone subs it and puts it on youtube.

  10. Lan Says:

    there better be an English version of one.

  11. DimiDome Says:

    wait… will the US version of the game also be 80 dollars?????

  12. khultimafan Says:

    Will there be an English version of the 3ds?

  13. ninkoro Says:

    The 10th anniversary box BETTER NOT be released in Japan ONLY…….-_-#

  14. Fireblazer Says:

    I hope not and I have a hunch that it won’t. If you look at new games that are for the 3DS, most are max $50. Gamestop is already prepping for this games’ release and they have a rough estimate so far, but with the games’ release coming sooner it looks like the price may change.

  15. Mahael Says:

    I’m sure there is going to be an English version of the game, the real question is whether or not they are planning to release the bundle in the US, which is what I really want.  Can’t wait to find out what else will be included with it!

  16. Arturo Molina Says:

    Keep in mind that the special JPN bundles were never sold outside of Japan. If you decide to import, it’s region locked to play JPN 3DS games only.

  17. Matt Says:

     Um, don’t forget that the Japanese 3DS is region locked so it can only play Japanese 3DS games.

  18. Matt Says:

    Sorry, but as like with Final Fantasy X and X-2 international, they will never be released outside of Japan since Japan always like keeping the best things for themselves.

  19. Daydrianlewis Says:

    Ahhh… Reload!!

  20. Roberto Emanuel Says:

    I bought zeldas edition 3ds just for play these game, it is unfair that in mexico these special offerts are not so easy to get

  21. Heartless_xv Says:

    is that 3ds limited edition going to be available in usa???not the aniversary box i want the 3ds :C

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