Kingdom Hearts 3D North America Release Date Announced

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Square Enix Members NA and various Square Enix PR twitter accounts have officially announced that Kingdom Hearts 3D will be released in North America on July 31 2012! Take a moment to let that news settle in and then celebrate for this announcement!

31 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts 3D North America Release Date Announced”

  1. Ethan Hanbury Says:

    3 months? What! Thats after E3 =/ So i guess no Kingdom Hearts at E3 this year… And im in the UK! So I’ll have to wait more than 3 months! D:

  2. Kyle Says:

    @Ethan Hanbury, it’s only the 5 of April.  We’re looking at an almost 4-month wait time.  And UK gets it on 7/27/12.  That’s 4 days before us, not after us.

  3. Ryan Says:

    Dude, UK is getting it before US, don’t complain. 

  4. Anonymous Says:

    The release date for Europe is supposedly 3rd August. So…. can you wait 3 days? I know I can. 

  5. Anonymous Says:

    This is *awesome* news!!!

  6. jp72992 Says:

    First of all, sweet its 2 days after my birthday so i know i’m getting it at launch. And second, are people really complaing? I mean 4 months seem like a short time to wait for me, especially when it was originally thought to be coming out in august or september. well whatever the case i’m glad, now its time to pre-order.

  7. Guest Says:

    “no Kingdom Hearts at E3…” Not unless there’s a 0.2% chance of KH3 being announced. Or at least something with Versus XIII’s development production.

  8. Fan Says:

    of course it takes nearly 4 months to get the game. :(

  9. Tanzorz Says:

    Anyone know when it will be released in Australia?

  10. ninkoro Says:

    Or kh bbs Vol.2 is announced…

  11. Tinesh Ragupathy Says:

    Same time as Europe traditionally

  12. Anonymous Says:

    wow that was sooner than i expected, none the less still very excited!!!!!!!!

  13. Born Says:

    KH3 is the next KH game

  14. Christopher B. Says:

    I was expecting a fall release, but this is good news.

  15. ninkoro Says:

    fortunately its not, or else we’d have a 3-4 year wait for the next KH game…

  16. Born Says:

    Why? Because of Birth by Sleep?

  17. Born Says:

    Yet Nomura said the next KH game will end the Xehanort saga, which is KH3.

  18. Born Says:

    You’re only happy because it’s 2 days after your birthday, which is why you think 4 months is short, etc.

  19. Christopher B. Says:

    Same for Kingdom Hearts 1

  20. ninkoro Says:

     He said KH3 will be the end of the xehanort saga, but didn’t say the next game was kh3. And if you have a source, then consider all of us f’kd cause that means 3-4 years of no KH and by that time I wont want kh3.

  21. Born Says:

    Clearly you haven’t read the new Famitsu interview.

  22. Asjfdbh Says:

    hell yeah, kh3d at comic con for sure xD

  23. Daniels02 Says:

    It should come out in uk first. I have been checking the internet every day!!!!!

  24. Daniels02 Says:

    I LUV Kingdom Hearts!!!!!

  25. Daniels02 Says:

    I’m in UK. Ha Ha Ha!!! I get it before U Americans!!!

  26. Daniels02 Says:

    AHHHHHH!!! Kingdom Hearts!!!!!

  27. Daniels02 Says:

    I am so glad KH3D comes out in UK 4days Before America! I thought UK were going to get it last!!


  28. Kairixsoraforever Says:

    HAHA!! YOUR WRONG WE GET GET IT FIRST!!  People need to double check!

  29. Guest Says:

    Maybe at E3, Nomura will simply comment how they got Pat Carroll to voice Ursula in the game. As for Versus XIII, it will be YET another graphics update. Nomura: Any questions? *many people raise hands, all of them have genuine questions in mind* Nomura: None? Going once, twice…OK that’s all for another 6-9 months if you’re lucky. *audience gives a WTF look*

  30. Martinquirley Says:


  31. Meow-chan Says:

     Zip your lips little boy.
    If I could recall…
    Kingdom Hearts —–> NA 09/1702 versus EU 11/15/02
    Kingdom Hearts CoM —–> 12/07/04 versus EU 05/06/05
    Kingdom Hearts 357/2 Days ——> 09/29/09 versus EU 10/09/09
    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep ——> 09/07/10 versus EU 09/10/10
    Kingdom Hearts Coded ——> 01/11/11 versus EU 01/14/11

    So in reality, only your side of the world receives these games in small shifts, while we always get it second, behind Japan mostly.

    Now I can say… Ha! Ha! Ha!
    Doesn’t matter if we receive the game third.
    In the end, it’s still always shipped off to the states before your country.

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