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With less than two hours away until the start of the Kingdom Hearts 3D premiere event in Japan, some photos have been appearing! We have three photos, one from the official KH twitter, one from the official JP Square Enix Facebook page, and one from aibo_ac7. The twitter and facebook photos show off the Recoded statue that made it’s debut from it’s own event a couple of years ago. Aibo’s photo is a snapshot of the advertisement of the premiere event. You can check out the photos below:

Keep checking back on this specific news post as we update it  as the event goes on!

Update: aibo_ac7: Shinji Hashimoto is at the event, however Tetsuya Nomura is not. He left earlier after working late. A promotional video of the 10th Anniversary Bundle is shown, but recording is not allowed. Fantasia Mickey is shown to start the event!

Update 2 aibo_ac7: Pre-render scenes are shown featuring Aqua, Axel, and Roxas. Mr. Hashimoto is seen with a Keyblade.

Update 3 aibo_ac7: An opening scene shows Terra, Aqua, Ven in the Keyblade Graveyard and Xion, Axel, and Roxas up on the Clocktower eating ice cream.

Update 4 aibo_ac7: An image from the event!

Update 5 aibo_ac7: Wondermeows!

Update 6: The Keyblade that Mr. Hashimoto holds is some sort of motion sensor device, it was used during the Cloud and Sephiroth scene.

Update 7: Special edition KH3D postcard!

Update 8: Sora bear!

Update 9: KH3D large size cut out board!

Update 10: Sora and Riku wearing The Grid clothing!

Update 11: Cloud and Sephiroth from the opening!

Update 12: More images!

Update 13: Lots of new images from from the event!

Update 14: Famitsu has posted images from the event!

Update 15: KH Destiny had a member that attended the event and gave their own impression!

“I had a great day at Kingdom Hearts Premiere Event. This day devoted to the new Kingdom Hearts on Nintendo 3DS, but also the 10th anniversary of the series was held in Odaiba. When I heard that, I was already very satisfied. Odaiba, the artificial island in Tokyo Bay, is one of my favorite places in the Japanese capital. It is an island featuring tunes resorts hosting one of the most futuristic architecture and landmarks such as the Tokyo Big Sight or Sega Joypolis. Nothing but the train line that is leading, most scenic and run on rails in height slaloming between the buildings, is an attraction by itself.
But back in to Kingdom Hearts. The event was held at the Venus Fort shopping center designed as an Italian city. The place itself is gorgeous, with a beautiful fountain and magnificent architecture. Held there in prime time in the Winter Illuminations, plunging the center in a magical atmosphere, but the pictures make it more difficult.

The event was not easy to find. Not really said, I had to move randomly in the huge mall before seeing, not without great excitement, the famous statue of Sora, Mickey, Donald and Goofy, who had already been used at Disneyland Tokyo. It’s been a while since I was looking for information on the current location of this statue so you can see it, so I literally ran up to her to see it.

So I blithely strafed like all Japanese at 100m around, before I look at my surroundings. Before me stood all the posters advertising the various games Kingdom Hearts, and a TV broadcast images of each game, as well as videos on Dream Drop Distance. Everything was grouped in a fairly narrow scope of the center hallway leading to the stage where the main event would take place.

I then struggled to understand how it worked for a place. The Japanese still speaking little English, and I always as bad Japanese, I had to cope virtually alone. Luckily, I managed to find the line that led to divine ticket granting you a place for the main stage. It was a miracle, we can say, as the queue was incredibly located near the scene of the event, and especially it was not mentioned at all. I was ass enough to hear lined with a Japanese noodle ask the staff of the center where he was to date info on severe obtain a ticket, which allowed me to follow. Without that, I’d probably miss the event. Thank you, anonymous Japanese lost. It was roughly 14h when I got back in the queue, which was not very big: a little less than fifty people in front of me. The first session began half an hour, so I thought to queue for the second. Patient, I pulled out my 3DS to play a little to 358/2 Days, just to stay in the theme of the day. Barely time to do a mission that the tail was already advancing. So I could get my ticket, announcing the number 47. I was amazed by against I had to get a place for the session is the last … 5:30 p.m.! Good god it’s not gone away! I admit I was naive enough at the time. So here I am with 3 hours to wait! No problem seeing how the Venus Fort is great. And I also noticed the train coming they had installed a gundam GEANT to a neighboring building.

3 hours later, after a little shopping and sightseeing, I headed for the place indicated by the ticket. Wholesale tourist, I showed up right on time required, while others elected were all brought back before long. I have been allowed to queue up like a big VIP to my place, the 47. You should know that this file was in a stairwell, about 200 meters from the main stage. Therefore, once the received signal, the whole line began to be advanced in the center next to the stage. It was very strange, one would really say a procession heading to the Messiah, probably represented by the famous giant statue of Sora. Despite being the 47th person to return, I could get a good seat in the house thanks to the large width of the stage, and especially with my size, always useful in a variety of Japanese. I actually had some rot session behind me and I am so sorry.

There the devils we do with the new wait Dearly Beloved. The atmosphere is laid. Suddenly, a “Mamonaku! Evento sutaruto desu! “(Warning, the event begins!) Sounds in the room, and the impressive scene of a church glows with the colors of the classic symbols of the series: heart, crowns, keyblades, heads of Mickey …

Presenter coated clothing Kingdom Hearts sold Square Enix Shop in Tokyo then appears on the scene. Unfortunately, because of its micro and very high flow of words, I have not been able to understand much about the speech she gave in 5 minutes. I still grasped it explained the synopsis of DDD and had the game

Following this, she called to him Shinji Hashimoto, vice president and producer at Square Enix. One, very comfortable on stage, do not hesitate to call the crowd, ask questions and make jokes.

He quickly announced that the video, the main attraction of the event, will now be released, and he and presenter withdraws from the scene.

The video is broadcast in two parts. One half is on the ceiling, and one on the facade of the church. For the most part, these are the same images as the trailer for the Jump Festa. Also note that the video is short, I would say 2 minutes. The beginning of the video is a frieze with vertical scrolling cover art for each game and their release dates. Then begins a rapid sequence of pictures in the series, again with some new pictures.

But few new images will bring the cheering crowd and make me vibrate. Already, we see a HD remake of one of the many famous scenes from 358/2 Days, with Roxas, Axel and Xion eating an ice on the roof of the Twilight Town train station, snatching a few cries impressed the crowd. The same will happen to the scene while kinematics representing the final fight of KH2, between Riku and Sora Xenmas. The following is a presentation of DDD, with images of new worlds in particular, but it’s very very short. And already we arrive at the central point of the video, and the main interest of this event . Begins a scene where Sora and Riku finds himself in what appears to be the Necropolis Keyblade. Xehanort is facing them. Sora’s Keyblade then activates and unlocks a lock. Mickey appears, carrying a large spellbook. Gradually, as he leafed through, standing out of the pages to finally reveal … Roxas, Aqua, Terra and Ven! Good and as Donald and Goofy. The front nine are so Xehanort all together, and the picture ended up on what appears to be a big combined attack. This last point remains to be confirmed, it was quick. Note that Sora and Riku are their clothes DDD in this scene, leaving much to assume that this scene takes place in the game This is too much for the crowd, which is delirious from the beginning of this scene. In the end, it was a real sound and light show projected onto the facade of the church, for a truly impressive record. But already the video ends. Hashimoto’s announcement, it seems to me, it will be the opening movie of DDD. The rest of the event will be reserved for Square Enix Members with special tickets. These tickets granted them the right to sit up front on chairs. But also to wield a keyblade size!

Indeed, Hashimoto soon to exhibit the precious artefact and shake under the nose of the crowd.

The result will be a bit long sequence where each SE Members try the Keyblade, acting as a giant wiimote on the facade of the church, prompting streaks of light in its path when the privileged agitated. Background to the effigy of a series of games appeared randomly for each person, and a photo was taken with the projection of the person alongside figures in the background. A very very nice souvenir for elected officials.

These lucky will also be entitled to another privilege in the wake, suddenly appear as dozens of Dream Eater on the facade of the church. This time it’s a giant EyeToy device that will allow members to touch and move the Dream Eater on the facade of the church. The experience must have been impressive.

On this last animation that the event ends. Each person then spring the main stage, recovering in passing its collector card bearing the image of DDD.

In conclusion: a very short event, and not as grand as could be expected with the video preparation. Finally, there was that video games and posters at the entrance of the hall … The giant statue is a bit level and gives visibility to the event. Despite the fact that in the end it there was not much to be put on the tooth, I think I speak on behalf of all the fans in attendance by saying that the scene where Roxas, Terra, Aqua and Ven appear alongside Sora and Riku will be enough to make the day magic. So many emotions! The best is that in 26 days, the game will be available, as well as its console collector and his special box. Definitely one month under the sign of Kingdom Hearts.”

Update 16: A low quality video of the opening was recorded by and found by KH Destiny!

KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance] -…

A special thank you to aibo_ac7 for her coverage!

Source: Official JPN KH Twitter, Official Square Enix JPN Facebook Page, aibo_ac7,, Famitsu, KH Destiny, ribaibu