Kingdom Hearts 3D TGS Trailer! (Updated)

Kingdom Hearts 3D

The moment has finally come at last, a tumblr user by the name of Sora Syndrome has recorded the Kingdom Hearts 3D trailer from the closed mega theater!

Hit the link below to watch it!

KH3D TGS 2011 Trailer

Youtube version:

An updated version of the youtube trailer:

Source: Sora Syndrome Tumblr

27 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts 3D TGS Trailer! (Updated)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ha!! i knew that kh2 sora would be in here i saw him!…          if Ryan reads this  IN YO FACE!!! xD

  2. David Quiroga Says:

    jajaja i cant wait anymore, does anybody knows when is release?

  3. David Quiroga Says:

    jajaja i cant wait anymore, does anybody knows when is release?

  4. Irfansyahm Says:


  5. Andrew Stander Says:

     Oh my gosh! Thanks you so much! THIS! IS! AMAZING! Thanks to the translation portion, we know what is going on and what they are saying. MX’s Keyblade. How else would Apprentice Xehanort “open the door?”

  6. Ousmandiallo45 Says:

    they said “spring 2012″ u know what that means :(

  7. Ronldbx6 Says:

    Wow! The ending really knocked the wind out of me. I
    wasn’t expecting that at all. Now hopefully now we will be able to see
    how Xehnaort (under Ansem the Wise study) fell into the darkness and
    gave up his heart. I was hoping Birth by Sleep would  explain that but
    it didn’t and I was dissapointed, so now I’m really excited for this
    game! MORE!

  8. hakirostudio8 Says:

    The dude from The World Ends With You was there. But no one knows or played that game so we’ll see what happens…

  9. Ronldbx6 Says:

     I thought it was a flash back from when Xehanort was working under Ansem the Wise; he started to gain his memories back.

  10. Isharne Says:

    You saw kh2 sora in the beginning, no doubt. But it semms like both he and riku has new styles :) sora looks cool, but riku looks more like he did when he was young :(

  11. Lizzie1238 Says:

    It sucks how the person who took the trailer doesn’t seem to know what they were doing. They talked, shook the camera, and recorded it holding the camera vertically. But at least we have a trailer. Let’s hope the next person to record this has a decent camera.

  12. Christopher Bryant Says:

    We won’t be getting our english version until Fall 2012.

  13. Molly Hodgson Says:

    Riku’s hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my gods cries :(

  14. Jakobish Says:

    Indeed :)

  15. starryeyedwonderer Says:

    just a theory but maybe Riku and Sora look a little younger because as part of the exam they are temporarily weakened and gain their strength as they move forward, and thats maybe why riku looks so much younger? just my thoughts. x

  16. Kyon Says:

    anyone else find it weird how when Sora is shown in his KH2 outfit his hair looks darker? like the shade it was from KH1 and not as blonde as in KH2. idk maybe its just the lighting of the place, but i liked it better when it was lighter like in KH2.

  17. Lizzie1238 Says:

    You kidding? Lots of people have played TWEWY, and 99% of the people who did loved it (myself included)!

  18. Boxman_man Says:

    So yeah, they begin looking like they’re meant to, older. So, I guess the dream world must make them younger somehow…

    And yeah, Riku’s “haircut” is weird. Hahaha.

  19. Fan Says:

    I hope it comes out on the website soon

  20. Irfansyahm Says:

    O…Good point…
    But at the trailer description of the final part,it’s said that Xigbar asks xehanort regarding his lost memories??? Xigbar is Nobody of Braig right?? So i thinkk it’s after sora beat the nobodies….

  21. Ronldbx6 Says:

    I think they meant to say Braig. Xigbar isn’t in the video, just Braig. You can see him in his normal clothes.

  22. Redandblack Says:

    Are you nuts? The game is *awesome*!

  23. Andrew Says:

    If they were going to trim Riku’s hair, they should’ve made it look put it up or looks more awkward now :/

  24. Thea Larson Says:

    I am liking the new clothes a lot. It’s a nice meld of both characters’ first and second outfits and it suits them well. I just wish I could have heard the video better D: but we’ll get a good quality trailer after the show no doubt.

    One thing I’ve realized is that, with the inclusion of Neku, Squeenix’s list of potential characters suddenly skyrocketed. Now any Squeenix-developed character can be included in future installments!

  25. Mahael Says:

    Yeah, it’s Braig, Xigbar is dead as a guy with no feelings can be.  

  26. Mr O Says:

    You are exactly right! Because when you think about it Ansem the wise even said something about a door and it had to be open with a keyblade! So yea before anyone get to excited that was nothing more than a flashback!

  27. Irfansyahm Says:

    Okay….Which means that’s related to either birth by sleep 2 and/or kingdom hearts III..
    And Xehanort is not alone????Wonder who’s his allies this final time??? 

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