Kingdom Hearts 3D Famitsu Scans (12/22)

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

ArikaMiz on their twitter account has uploaded new scans of Kingdom Hearts 3D this afternoon (Japan time).

The scans feature “The Country of the Musketeers” world showing off the beautiful layouts of the world as well as Sora and Riku’s interactions with Minnie. The scans then show off Shiki, Joshua, and Beat from The World Ends With You. Shiki interacts with Riku, saying that Riku is a knight that will protect her, while Beat is making conversation with Joshua.

The last bits of the scans show the augment reality feature with the Dream Eaters and the interaction/mini games you get to perform with them as well as more new Dream Eaters!

Source: ArikaMiz (ReBirth Wings)

7 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts 3D Famitsu Scans (12/22)”

  1. Ian Manning Says:

    Meh, it’s pretty neat.

  2. Slurms_McK Says:

    Um, more like “Excuse me while I clean up this ocean of sperm, it’s pretty neat.”

  3. Ian Manning Says:

    Sorry, It’s just not that special to see something that you know is already going to be in the game. Prince & the Pauper would’ve been a better surprise.

  4. Drace Says:

    Looking from that angle: An even bigger suprise would have been a Muppets-world, but how would that fit into the KH-universe? Same with Prince & the Pauper. I mean, the musketeer-world with a different Mickey is kinda confusing, but how could a world with TWO different Mickeys make sense? Plus the movie was very short, wasn’t it? I’m not sure if it gives that much suitable material for a KH-world.

  5. Ian Manning Says:

    Well, despite the two Mickey thing, The Prince & the Pauper’s story was how the prince became a King. If Kingdom Hearts had a level based on that movie, it would have to be a level accessible from a time machine, or Merlin’s gate. By the way, you’re right, a Muppet world would be a good surprise. But it would have to be a Muppet movie that Disney itself helped make.

  6. Daydrianlewis Says:

    They should make a word based on that one Disney movie with the Horned King. What’s it called? The Black Cauldron? Something like that.

  7. Daydrianlewis Says:


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