New HQ Screenshots and Renders of Kingdom Hearts 3D

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance has uploaded 56 high quality screenshots from Kingdom Hearts 3D. Most of them we haven’t seen before, but it also includes scenes we have already seen in the Jump Festa Trailer and the latest Famitsu Weekly, but in high quality! You can view all of them below.


10 Responses to “New HQ Screenshots and Renders of Kingdom Hearts 3D”

  1. Alexander Harris Says:

    I see some Tron: Legacy world shots up in there!

  2. Phoenix Wright Says:

    Great picture!

    Does anyone know what world(s) are shown in pictures 53, 54, and 55?

  3. Ian Manning Says:

    It would be interesting if the Fantasia world was the final level.

  4. Xemik Says:

    They’re all from the Fantasia world

  5. Mahael Says:

    This game is going to blow everything out of the water that we’ve seen on the 3DS, just watch.  Can’t wait for North American release, and hopefully they’ll release the special bundle here too.

  6. RoBeR_XD Says:

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D TO BE RELEASED 7TH SEPTEMBER IN EUROPE!!!! Or at least is the release date set for this website.  They did got right the release date of Mario Party 9 when everybody thought it was later!!!Can’t wait to be finally released!!

  7. Phoenix Wright Says:

    Ok thanks I thought Fantasia was just the tower.

  8. Drace Says:

    It seems to be something special in the game.

  9. Ian Manning Says:

    I just realized something pretty insane! What if Chernabog was the influence behind Master Xehanort?

  10. Ashley Says:

    OMG awesome screenshots!!! Even tho i dont got a 3DS…I still wanna play it :( lol

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