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Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

The latest issue of Famitsu landed an interview with Nomura where we get an update on some of the major titles under his supervision. In regards to KH3D, Nomura explains that the ending they were originally planning was not approved. Now instead, there will be an “unconventional ending”. There’s no telling if this means the actual story changed or if he means unconventional in how the ending is presented. In addition he also confirmed the existence of a Secret Ending for KH3D, but did not allude to what would be in it.

We’ll keep you posted as the scans begin pouring in!

Thanks to KH Destiny and ArikaMiz we now have even more scans!

Thanks to Oishii of we have some interesting tidbits of the Nomura interview:

  • – KH3D is in the final stage of production.
  • – There will be a special 3DS package announced but we’ll have to wait for it.
  • – A surprise announcement for the 10 year anniversary will be coming.
  • – KH3D has an ending that will be unconventional for the series.
  • – The ending that was originally planned for the game was not approved.
  • – KH3D’s secret ending will connect to a future game in the series.
  • – The secret ending of Re:coded, and the secret ending of KH3D will tie in together.

Thanks to duckroll from Neogaf, we have even more information:

  • In the opening movie, the top screen will feature a VisualWorks CG movie, while the bottom screen depicts traditional 2D animation of Mickey’s silhouette moving around! This was inspired by his actions in Sorceror’s Apprentice. As such, what he does at the bottom screen will influence what happens at the top.
  • You can use the Dream Eaters you’ve collected to battle against another’s via adhoc communication! The battle system is different from that of the in-game command deck, like a minigame of some kind.

Thanks to SQEXGAL we have more clarifications on the Nomura interview:

—So will KH3D will be equipped with a system that utilizes wireless transmissions?

Nomura: There is a mini game where you can compete against other player’s Dream Eaters via ad-hoc wireless to upgrade your Dream Eaters. These competitions occur differently than normal battles. It’s a system that we’ve wanted to try before.

—The expectations are rising for fans who want to know the release date and whether or not there will be a special edition release.

Nomura: Please wait just a little while longer for a formal announcement.

—Will the ending of this title also be a heart wrenching one?

Nomura: The ending for KH3D is a little unusual, the plan up until now had been different… But every once in a while I think, it’s good this way. In fact, the first ending I thought up quickly became no good due to various circumstances, but now the ending is something that I worry quite a bit about. As a result, we tried to do something unique for the ending this time. Incidentally, the secret movie will be shorter. Though it is short, like the Re:Coded secret movie, it will connect to the next shocking developments in the series, so please look forward to it.

  • Also it is noted that the Mysterious Figure from Birth By Sleep “who manipulates time” will be featured in the game!

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