New KH3D Images From Famitsu

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Famitsu on their website has uploaded high quality images of Kingdom Hearts 3D! Some of the images were shown at the Tokyo Game Show via trailers and gameplay videos and now here they are in a clear view! A few images shows Sora in Traverse Town interacting with Neku and his new companions as well as Riku interacting with Quasimodo in the Land of Bells.

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  1. Jmoney003 Says:

    I’m in despair because the game is slated for a spring release in Japan which would put the U.S. release with a Late Summer/Fall Release. I honestly don’t think the 3DS will survive by then the way its currently going which would result in the game being cancelled at least here. Plus, the 3DS is region locked so there would be no hope for north America playing it. I just hope I’m wrong.

  2. Jmoney003 Says:


  3. Jameslukas39 Says:

    Why did i think Neku was a girl for a moment?

  4. Drace Says:

    What do you think? Will Shibuya from “The World Ends With You” be considered as an actual world in KH3D? Guess that would be cool.

  5. Debenz Says:

    But the Reapers game is in Traverse town in Districts 4 and 5.

  6. Mahael Says:

    No it won’t.  Sqaure Enix is pretty solid on the fact that it will only have worlds from Disney or created by them specifically for the game.  And as was said, the Reaper’s Game takes place in Traverse Town anyway.

  7. Mahael Says:

    I’m pretty sure you’re wrong.  There are lots of games slated for next year for the 3DS.  This is Nintendo’s new baby, they’re gonna keep it.  Besides, SE is fond of releasing games in America as the system is “dying”.  I’m sure we’re gonna get an American release (and if by a miracle we don’t get it, I’m gonna go freakin’ anti-form on their asses).

  8. Thea Larson Says:

    … Neku looks pretty. 2D didn’t do him justice.

  9. Hifive6 Says:

    Hay u can download these to your 3DS to get a really good feel for the game

  10. Andrew Stander Says:

     What is the area in that last pic.

  11. Irfansyahm Says:

    i really hope they’ll make the ps3 re:coded from docomo to ds….this is like birth by sleep sora style….I really hope for one more character to be playable

  12. Anonymous Says:

    It could be Traverse Town seeing as they are adding a 4th and 5th District.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I’m tired of people saying that the system is dying. It hasn’t properly kicked off yet, there are many games coming out soon and it’ll do the system good. KH3D won’t be cancelled at all it’s too far in production and if the story is as important in bringing it forward then it will get released outside Japan.

  14. Andrew Says:

    I still don’t understand why they look younger..

  15. Matt Says:

    But you are wrong. With some major games coming out between next month and December, the 3DS is not going away though they should have released more solid games when the system came out. Anyways SE is going to release KH3D in the states though it will be quite a pain having to wait till late summer/early fall 2012 to be out in the US which I think they might work on the English version right before the Japanese release so it may be early to mid summer before it comes out. Plus, once the US release comes out you know there is going to be a Final Mix.

  16. Matt Says:

    Very nice, though it is going to be torture to wait another few months before we find out what all the worlds that will be added.

  17. Matt Says:

    Very nice, though it is going to be torture to wait another few months before we find out what all the worlds that will be added.

  18. Ousmandiallo45 Says:

    there is not going to be a final mix. thats only for the console games

  19. Ousmandiallo45 Says:

    im not too sure who exactly neku is, since i didnt play nor did i even heard of “the world ends with you”. but DAMN that guy gots the skinniest arms i’ve ever seen O_o

  20. Drace Says:

    Neku has these thin arm to fit the artworks from his game.

    “The World Ends With You” has a very special art style. Pictures of the characters are shown through dialogues, similar too Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded, but Manga-like. As far as I know, Neku never had a three-dimensional artwork, till now.

  21. Drace Says:

    Neku has these thin arm to fit the artworks from his game.

    “The World Ends With You” has a very special art style. Pictures of the characters are shown through dialogues, similar too Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded, but Manga-like. As far as I know, Neku never had a three-dimensional artwork, till now.

  22. Drace Says:

    I know the Reaper’s game takes place in Traverse Town this time and we won’t see Shibuya in KH3D. But Neku still does come from Shibuya right? So where *is* Shibuya then? As I see it, it can only be another world or part of Traverse Town. Can’t imagine the last one… but I find it quite logical, if Shibuya was actually another world in which “The World Ends With You” takes place, and the Reapers decided to set a mission in Traverse Town this time.

    I suppose there won’t be a clear explanation from Square Enix. I’m just saying it would be interesting to know.

  23. Mahael Says:

    It hasn’t been released yet, in either America or Japan, so no, you can’t download a demo.  These images are mostly from a private showing of the demo, and the public trailer, both of which were at the TGS.

  24. Irfansyahm Says:

    A question, the conflict in birth by sleep is caused by xehanort’s obsession towards kingdom hearts,darkness, and the keyblade war that destroyed the world…Means that, everything began from the war…Birth by sleep comes into play after the war ended…Do u all think square enix will make a prequel to birth by sleep concerning keyblade & their war??

  25. LordOne Says:

    Actually it goes much deeper. Xehanort wasn’t just succumbed to darkness, as Riku was for example. Xehanort was of the opinion, that Eraqus and the other Keyblade masters furthered the light too much and brought darkness to near extinction. He saw himself as some kind of a “chosen one”, with the destiny to regain the balance. To do that, he planned to open Kindgom Hearts, so everyone would fight selfishly for the power within it and feed the Darkness, as it had happen in the first Keyblade War.

    As for the prequel: I highly doubt it. It was described, that all worlds were originally one, until the Keyblade War destroyed it and new worlds were born out of the fragments. So we wouldn’t see any Disney based worlds in such a game. But that’s an essential feature in the series. Square-Enix and/or Disney wouldn’t allow Nomura to produce a Kingdom Hearts-title without that feature.

  26. Irfansyahm Says:

    Let’s see..Xehanort  said opening kingdom hearts bring about a creation of worlds..and he dreamed of himself opening it and balance the world,not turning it to darkness…there must’ve been something happened…. I think the end will be about destroying kingdom hearts itself

  27. LordOne Says:

    Uhm… I kninda want a happy end for the story.^^

  28. Hifive6 Says:

    No u can download the pictures from your 3ds

  29. Clermondo Erisme Says:

    whoa new clothes,new people,new system,WHEN IS THIS COMING OUT!!!!

  30. Irfansyahm Says:

    spring 2012 in Jap….Maybe it’ll hit USA by end of 2012

  31. Irfansyahm Says:

    What’s your happy end for the story??? I wanna know…4 Me, Kingdom Hearts is source of conflicts, so better off without it….that’s what i think though…

  32. LordOne Says:

    Kingdom Hearts is also the source of light, positive emotions and everything what’s good. It connects every world and every people. Without Kingdom Hearts, there would only be darkness. Would that be so happy? For me, the source of conflicts is rather the human greed for power (which directly feeds the darkness). At the end of KH1, Kingdom Hearts was ultimately locked, so that it can still be there, but noone can reach and abuse it anymore. (Atleast that’s the plan.)

    I don’t really have a preferred Happy End, I hust hope it doesn’t end with the ultimate destruction of all existing darkness, or something. The Xehanort-saga should, of course, end with the final defeat of Xehanort. I don’t know what’s going to happen after that, but It should always be about the protection of the balance.

  33. Blade Says:

    OMG love the game The World Ends With You! If neku is in this todally gonna get this

  34. Irfansyahm Says:

    There’ll be a 2nd Game of TWEWY

  35. Irfansyahm Says:

    There are more than one Kingdom Hearts throughout  the series, right??
    One being created by gathering hearts, one opened by Gathering 7 of Pure Hearts, and One almost opened with X Blade…So,are they different??I think so, if u lose one, there are others…and i want a prequel where kairi’s grandma is still young & live in the era where the first war happened, so that we can understand what based her story to kairi 

  36. snackless Says:

    this just makes me hope that KH 3 and Twewy 2 become release on the wii u. A lot of nintendo and kingdom hearts interaction.

  37. KeybladeR Says:

    this was the only reason why i got a 3ds glad to know that there are more good games comming to the 3ds but nothing will beat kh mario and zelda and pit ore only millimeters away

  38. LordOne Says:

    To the date, we only saw two Kingdom Hearts. The original Kingdom Hearts is a natural one. Noone created it. It’s the heart of everything, purely made out of light. Every heart came from it and will return to it, after the death of its owner. With that, every heart of all worlds and people are connected through Kingdom Hearts. That’s why it’s also called as “the door to all worlds”.  It can be reached through the final Keyhole in Radiant Garden, which at first must be finished by the hearts of all seven Princesses of Light. Ansem, The Seeker Of Darkness tried to open Kingdom Hearts in KH1, because he thought it is pure darkness. His original being, Master Xehanort, wanted to forge the mighty X-Blade, as an alternative way to open Kingdom Hearts in BBS.

    The second Kingdom Hearts was created by Organization XIII in KH2 and 358/2 Days. But that’s an artificial one, magically created out of gathered hearts from the Heartless. Not to compare with the real one.

  39. Irfansyahm Says:

    Hmm…I am hoping that there will be a pre/sequel regarding the first keyblade war…
    Hopefully the origin of kingdom hearts will be further explained…And, if u said that KH was of light…howcome it became an object of interest even for the dark bladers??
    Light and darkness is very contradict to one another….My Theory…What’s inside Kingdom Hearts is the old world that was casted into oblivion along with the loved-by-all light… 

  40. LordOne Says:

    What are dark bladers?

    If you mean Xehanort and his incarnations: I already described that in my previous posts.

  41. Irfansyahm Says:

    Umm.. not Xehanort…But, in one of xehanort report it’s said that kingdom hearts was the object that caused the war between keyblade users of light realm and dark realms..So before xehanort, there must be a lot of dark keybladers…Possibly died in the first war…

  42. Irfansyahm Says:

    Will there be another event that will show more of Dream Drop Distance??? Maybe this December??? 

  43. Mahael Says:

    Although it might be interesting, I doubt they’ll make it.  There wouldn’t be any familiar characters in it, even Eraqus and Xehanort weren’t around then, and it would also kinda ruin the mystery behind Kingdom Hearts (the object) and the series it was named after.

  44. kareem Says:

    they beter put it on ps2,dsi,ds,ps3,xbox360 because ninteno 3ds blinds you ist shit

  45. KH BRAZIL *-* Says:

    traverse town is amazing *-*

  46. Zaqareemalcolm Says:

    Bull. Quite the contrary, its been speculated that the device actually IMPROVES eyesight.
    Better get your facts straight.

  47. Zaqareemalcolm Says:

    In theory, the Final Keyhole could be formed anywhere as long as the Seven Princesses of Heart are gathered in one place.
    Ansem (Xehanort’s Heartless) didn’t think that KH was pure darkness. He only thought it contained Large amounts of darkness as it was, after all, a heart.

  48. Irfansyahm Says:

    I am wondering…In Dream Drop Distance, Sora & Riku have to find The “Key to Sleep?” Is it just a trial or an important device to wake some one/thing up??

    Who the heck is Kairi’s Grandma, she sure knows a lot about Light & Darkness??

  49. DJ Says:

    Hey, we don’t know that yet! Tetsuya hinted a possible sequel, but we can’t jump to conclusions yet!

  50. Strawberryfriendship Says:

    I like Riku design but sora looks younger in this game! >:(

  51. Soralief Says:

    Perhaps you should get your eyes checked, yes if you play for ten hours straight it will lead to headaches and the like, but thats normal for any platform. Also did you see the title, “Kingdom Hearts 3D”, of course it’ll be on the 3DS you dumbarse.

  52. Soralief Says:

    It would be nice to see a game like that, however Nomura has said that KH is Sora’s story. So if the game doesn’t involve characters related to Sora at some point, it wouldn’t look like it. Personally i’m looking forward to Sora remembering Castle Oblivion and rescueing Ventus.

  53. Soralief Says:

    One thing i don’t get. Mickey must be a retard not to remember the stuff that happened in BBS. I mean, he must of known about Xehanort, or the fact that he saw Xehanort in a white haired Terra when he went to see Ansem the Wise. Did he really not figure it out? Like dude, it’s not that hard. A fucking 5 years old could get it. Also, he saw Roxas. Did he forget about Ven as well? I mean, WTF Mickey?

  54. Anonymous Says:

    When you first saw that clip of Mickey going to see Ansem the Wise did you know it was Terra? No. Also, isn’t Terra-Xehanort darker skinned then Terra? Okay it’s not that much of a difference but enough to slip the mind. When did he see Roxas? I only know of Riku seeing/battling him and Riku never met Ven. Plus, at the end of Re:coded Mickey does mention Terra, Aqua and Ven (or implies it) to Yen Sid, thus sending the letter to Sora at the end of KH2 which is about them.

  55. Anonymous Says:

    That might be because Nintendo having the full driving force in handheld department. The KH team that did I and II are working on Versus for the PS3, it would make more sense them just sticking to what they know instead of working on new technology, plus I think the PS3 has a bit more in it’s lifespan so no PS4 will be coming out any time soon. Though it’s any one’s guess to be honest :P

  56. Drace Says:

    It’s intended to make Sora look younger, while he’s traveling in this “world buried in sleep”. Same with Riku. Their age is somewhat between that of KH1 and KH2.

  57. Irfansyahm Says:

    But..just like riku said in BBS… Sora’s heart is connected to everyone..And what do u think will happen to Sora when  Ven awakes???I am so looking forward to a prequel that trancends everything…

  58. Soralief Says:

    Ive read a bit of fan fiction lately, one was with ash from pokemon going with sora and co. through basically the KH2 storyline. In it they rescue terra ven and eventually aqua. I know that fanfics are likely to be furthest from truth, but i think that seeing as Nomura hinted at KH3 being the end for Xehanort, and seeing as the bbs crew are linked to him, they must come back in kh3. I would also like to see a game where Sora Riku Kairi Terra Aqua and Ventus go on an adventure together. Perhaps with a sort of swap out party config. I also hope that the cammand system for kh3 isnt the same as bbs in any way. It was awesome with the command styles and that. But it really limits what you can do otherwise. I also hope to see more than 2 worlds that arent disney.

  59. Soralief Says:

    Im kinda guessing that the final kh game would be where sora gos to the hearts of all worlds and destroys the darkness within, thereby bringing the worlds back together as a whole. Im also looking forward to who the new antagonist will be. Anyway what does anyone think about that theory? Who do you think could be the new antagonist in “kh4″

  60. Ryan Says:

    If you play through Birth By Sleep again, you’ll notice Mickey never actually physically encounters Terra at all. The closest they came to that was when Terra first arrives at the Mysterious Tower and Mickey is just leaving. Terra saw Mickey, but Mickey never saw Terra. And Mickey never actually saw Roxas in person either. It’s funny how if he had just met them once, he probably could have saved a lot of trouble. 

  61. Soralief Says:

    Thanks :) i never actually realised that. Good thing some people pay better attention than i often do.

  62. Soralief Says:

    I wish i could find a copy of recoded. Its one of those games that if you dont get it quick, it becomes a real bloody mission. Anyway, thanks for setting me straight.

  63. Anonymous Says:

    Hmm well the game isn’t that hard to find, though I guess it depends on where you live, never rule out Amazon though, I saw it pretty cheap on there not long ago :P

  64. Irfansyahm Says:

    I don’t know…I think the conclusion will not be destroying the darkness because it’ll ruin the balance of the world..More like i think Sora will connect to everyone’s hearts and bring forth their own that everyone can shine on their own..Without Kingdom Hearts.. 

  65. Soralief Says:

    That actually makes sense, mickey did say that darkness and light coexist or something like that at kh2 end.

  66. Irfansyahm Says:

    my theory says the defeat of xehanort will unveil the truth of kingdom hearts…and sora will learn to put an end to keyblade war once & for all…the villain will try to stop him i guess???what do you think???

  67. Irfansyahm Says:

    OMG!!!Did anyone see the mini trailer???? Sadly, it’s just sora’s gameplay though…I was able to name some move liike turn – cutter, slide dive & shock dive…and the wonder cat is totally adorable…

  68. Audrey Says:

    Why does riku have short hair? D:

  69. Zian.M Says:

    cool pics i loved to have this game

  70. Zian.M Says:

    kh is a cool game except some parts about it

  71. Kotuko_pink Says:

    Thank you Nomura….for bringing back the old look to Kingdom Hearts 3DS. Like Sora’s old health bar from KH1….out of all the Kingdom hearts games number one will always be my favorite because it was simple and I enjoyed it alot. Still excited for your upcoming games. Your a master at your talent in video games.

  72. daniel Says:

    kingdom hearts 2 best game ever played

  73. Pepijn Zeegers Says:

    When is Imagine a PS3 version ?

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