UPDATED: New KH3D Japanese TV Commercial/Recap Video

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Square Enix has updated their recently opened “Dream or Drop Campaign” website with a brand new 15 second TV commercial! This commercial showed footage of the KH3D event that occurred a few weeks back. From what the site has show, this is the first of four commercials that will be uploaded to their site. You can check out the commercial below:

Square Enix has updated a 2 min video recapping the events of the Premiere Event:

Source: aibo_ac7

4 Responses to “UPDATED: New KH3D Japanese TV Commercial/Recap Video”

  1. Ian Manning Says:

    Hopefully, they’ll start putting more Sora x Kairi stories into the future Kingdom Hearts titles. Sora’s been spending too much time with Riku, and if this keeps going, Sora’s going to die in KH3 without kissing his supposed girlfriend.

  2. Cabaniuk M Says:

    Square Enix done A great job on the advert using the kh event with the actual game mixing real life with fictional events linking to the same product! Amazing! :) can’t wait to playthe game and continue this journey!!

  3. D3xus Says:

    The event looked pretty sick.

  4. Irfan Says:

    If u look closely @b88459004212545c21dea28152baa65b:disqus  the premiere event at 2:01, there’s sora fighting alongside aqua

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