Nintendo 3DS Lineup Video Shows Off Kingdom Hearts 3D!

Howdy folks!!

The official Nintendo 3DS youtube account has uploaded their line up video and in that video contains footage from Kingdom Hearts 3D! The footage is only seconds long but it’s definitely worth the look! The footage starts at around the 0:28 seconds mark.

17 Responses to “Nintendo 3DS Lineup Video Shows Off Kingdom Hearts 3D!”

  1. Slurms_McK Says:


  2. Christopher B. Says:


  3. Psi-Leo Says:

    I want Resident evil revations!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Why the fuck is everyone so excited? That was ten seconds of nothing.

    It amazes me just how fucking stupid Faildom Hearts retards are. They find a Sora t-shirt, and they have a orgasm in the middle of the store.


  5. Debnez Says:

    Then why are you on this site disrespecting the name of the game and fans? Retard.

  6. Iggy v H. Says:

    I found the video to reveal incredibly little :(

  7. Ryan Nguyễn Says:

    really want Tales of Abyss and that One Piece game available for US!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    No matter what I say or what I do, I can’t possibly disrespect the game, or you, the fans, any further.

    You all have sunken lower and more fucktarded than anyone thought possible.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    The question still remains: if you think that Kingdom Hearts is soo dumb, and the fans even worse, why are you viewing this site?

    Anyways, it’s stupid that Nintendo removed this under copyright. :/

  10. Zen Says:

    troll comment is troll.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Per usual, the moment a Kingdom Hearts fantard gets asshurt, it must be the work of a troll.

    Be more creative.

  12. ORLY? Says:

    tudisp chibt. gtfo the internetz.

  13. Debenz Says:

    I’m not asshurt, but common sense would tell you that if you leave a negative comment, obviously someone will reply, but then again you already knew that since your a hater, and what do haters do best? They acknowledge what they hate giving the game more props.

  14. Arcane Says:

    1) Of course fans are going to be excited over 10 seconds of video that doesn’t mean much to them at the time. Fans extrapolate and hypothesize. It’s like when kids do the same thing over their Christmas presents. Quite often, it’s one of the more entertaining parts of being a fan of any series.
    2) Blanket statements about fans don’t help us have an unbiased opinion about your opinions. Some people are simply pleased while others are orgasming, and others only care that it means we are getting updates. Just a note.
    3) I can understand being annoyed at fans, but I have trouble getting at how you seem to have taken personal offense from the game. If you think it’s bad, more power to you. No need to act like it raped your sister(Unless it miraculously did, in which case, you gotta share this story).
    4) I think people are asking a legitimate question about the placement of your opinion. If we, game, community, and everything in between, have ‘sunken lower’, why are you even following updates, why do you care about fan responses, and why are you subjecting yourself to this ‘lower’ group by talking to us at all? The logical response seems to be that you are looking for us to get a response from us and enjoy the shocked reactions, which psychiatrists would call a plead for attention, but I’ll let you state your own reasons.

    The nutshell? Why the hell are you getting all butthurt over us reacting to the news and you the way you knew we were?

  15. Debenz Says:

    You brought a tear to my eye. lol I’m kidding.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Not butthurt. If I was butthurt, I’d be whining. :3

    I’m intrigued, is all.

  17. Arcane Says:

    You have one hell of a way of being intrigued, thas all I’ll say for now.

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