Nomura Interview From Famitsu: Talks KH3D & KHIII

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

That’s right folks! It’s been a long while since we had some news about Kingdom Hearts, in fact the newest issue of Famitsu magazine has an interview with series director Tetsuya Nomura and he talks about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D and a tiny bit of Kingdom Hearts III! Here is a summary of what the interview consists of:

  • Kingdom Hearts 3D is a mysterious title
  • There will be answers about Kingdom Hearts III
  • Explores the hidden data inside Sora
  • The game will have a secret movie
  • Sora has not changed (very vague on what this means)
  • Traverse Town to feature two mysterious characters in which Nomura didn’t reveal.
  • KH3D will be the “initiative” before KH3
  • The game is about 40-50% done
  • KHIII marks the end of the Xehanort Saga
  • Sora will continue being the main character even after III
  • HD remasters of previous titles are still in consideration
  • For gameplay aspects, you can work your way up to rooftops

I will be posting more news as they come out including scans. But of all else, stay tuned!

Source: KHInsider / Nintendo Everything / Andria Sang / FF-Reunion

43 Responses to “Nomura Interview From Famitsu: Talks KH3D & KHIII”

  1. Ian Manning Says:

    Hopefully, the Traverse Town newbies are either important original characters, or even the Mad Hatter and the March Hare. Heck, I’d like to see Gilgamesh in the franchise as a new rival for Sora, or even better…Terra from Final Fantasy VI, as a second love interest in Sora’s life. Let’s face it, Sora and Kairi need a way to finally get closer, and what better way then to make up a love triangle with another girl character?

  2. Cthulhu77 Says:

    “HD remasters of previous titles are still in consideration”
    I hope they’ll do it before KHIII :)

  3. Thad H. Says:

    I’m just happy they have news. I was alittle worried If they had neglected it. Thank God!!

  4. Alviss Says:

    So far, so very, very, very good. 

  5. KEVINCM_11 Says:

    I’m just very happy too, because the news are very interesting and about KH3 O_o

  6. Jerold Says:

    I am very happy about hearing this information, but there is one problem that I have with one of the details: Sora being the main character after KH III. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sora as a character, but since this is the end of the Xehanort Saga, it should also be the end of Sora’s story. What else will Sora and Co. can do beyond that point? I think Nomura should create a new main character, and an entirely new story for this new threat after Xehanort.I don’t know about everyone else, but I think that would be interesting. That’s just my opinion though.

  7. SeptemberTheObserver Says:

    *looks at images*

    What the hell.

  8. Fan Says:

    I think what they mean about Sora won’t change is like how Sora changed physically from 1-2 and from 2-3 he will look the same perhaps….And….THE FUCK IS THIS????!!! 40-50% done, what the fuck is taking so long!? Other gaming companies manage to get more than two games out a year, but Square Enix can only squeeze out one title per series in every 2-5 years

  9. vinicius Says:

    it’s good that the game take too long to be finished,
    because create a game with high quality take some time.
    (Sorry, poor English, i’m brazilian)

  10. Brooser Says:

    Per series, maybe, ignoring the fact that we three complete KH games over the course of a year and a half. They’re also working on Final Fantasy VS XIII, FF XIII-2, FF XIV, KH:3DS, KH3, and a slew of other things. KH Coded just came out in October, less than a year ago, and that was right after FFXIII in March and KH:BBS in January. They’ve been releasing major games every half year or so. Not to mention tons of other side projects. Exactly how long do you think it takes to write, design, develop, program, test, and translate a GOOD video game? 40-50% by now sounds about right.

  11. Roth Says:

    I don’t know… Do you think there could have been some kind of a semi-apocalyptic chain of natural catastrophes in Japan and including Tokyo? You know… earthquakes, floods, nuclear disasters, contaminated air, blackouts, panic on the streets, lasting several weeks or even longer. I don’t know if the development on KH3D would be my biggest worry in such a scenario.

    (And please don’t try to belittle it. That was the mistake Japan made itself.)

  12. Roth Says:

    Sorry… something went wrong. That was a reply to the comment of “Fan”.

  13. Amelia Majors Says:

    Excitement face!!!!!!! ^_^ Hopefully one of the new characters will be considered a love interest for Riku because he just seems very lonely.

  14. cloudy Says:

    ive heard him say all this before….. this aint no news!

  15. Socks Freckles Says:

    i think it’s because Nomura is attracted to Sora and the gang in the sense of, these are my characters. like, with Final Fantasy, he really only designed the characters. for Kingdom Hearts, he designed the whole concept. so he probably doesn’t want to let go of his creation

  16. Socks Frekles Says:

    don’t forget the rumors of previous Final Fantasy remakes. i say rumors because they haven’t really clarrified a yay or nah on them. i would love a remake of seven

  17. Debenz Says:

    This is why Square has different teams working on these games. The Osaka team is working on KH3D, nothing else, and as usual Nomura is a character designer for the FF games, which really doesn’t affect his part in KH3D.

  18. Nick Says:

    Now were cooking I can’t wait to see how it all turns out and don’t mess with my Sora he cool

  19. Jack Mowat Says:

    Oh sweet! I’m definitely going to mimic Batman as I run across rooftops throughout the game.

  20. Jerold Says:

    Wow that makes sense. Never thought of it that way. 

  21. Christopher B. Says:

    So how about that Birth By Sleep Vol 2?

  22. Lizzie1238 Says:

    I still can’t believe people actually think that’s a game…

  23. Roth Says:

    “What else will Sora and Co. can do beyond that point?”

    I don’t know, but i’m sure Nomura has his reasons for this decision. Only because we can’t imagine a story after the Xehanort-saga doesn’t mean that Nomura can’t do it either.

  24. Christopher B. Says:

    Remember when Square Enix worked on the PS2 games for Full Metal Alchemist?

  25. Roth Says:

    What should it be then? XD Do you think it’s a movie, or something?^^

  26. Guest101 Says:

    Nomura probably just wanted to have fun playing with people’s head with the BBS vol. 2 video in BBS FM.

  27. Lizzie1238 Says:

    Exactly, that’s what I think.

  28. Roth Says:

    Sorry… but that’s the stupidest I’ve heard the whole week. (Yes, that means much. XD)
    When will the people get it? Nomura can’t allow himself such jokes or messing with the fanbase. Working on these games is his *job*. He’s making his bread with it just like everyone else. So he got to be serious. He can’t just take the piss out of the people who are consuming his work for fun.

    Or do you believe a taxi driver would pretend an engine damage, only to stultify his customers?

  29. Jerold Says:

    That’s true. Wonder what Nomura has in store for the next Saga,

  30. Guest101 Says:

    Well excuse me for having a little fun dumbass. Sheesh, I wasn’t being serious about that comment :-(

    By the way, I’ve given up hope waiting for some announcement on a BBS volume 2 game. Reason: about a month or two after the fanbase erupted with a possible sequel to BBS, Square-Enix reported huge losses that they decided to cancel develoment many unannounced titles to save money. Seeing as how BBS v2 counts as “unannounced,” I expect that we’ll never see such a thing (maybe some time in the future when Square-Enix has less financial troubles).

  31. Roth Says:

    XD Whatever you say, sir.^^

  32. DaughterofLight Says:

    Also, while it would be fun to explore a whole new story arc, and maybe a smart move business-wise, Sora is and probably always will be the heart of Kingdom Hearts. He’s what draws it all together, and what balances all of the complex elements the games juggle. 
    As an aside, I really miss playing as Sora. He hasn’t been a playable character since KHII. (Data-Sora does NOT count!! >< *hated Re:C*)

  33. Ktmobley Says:

    Finally some good news about KH3 and KH3D. I was worried I’d grow out of my fandom!! 

  34. Vince Seven Washington Says:

    Well in the secret ending Xehanort did say Terra wasn’t his only path towards the darkness he had set up. For all we know this could lead to a new enemy in itself. Just have to wait and see.

  35. kutlessrocker Says:

    Very nice.  I have a feeling that the Unknown from Birth by Sleep will be one of those mysterious characters in Traverse Town mentioned.  I can’t wait! :D

  36. Ian Manning Says:

    Sorry they stink so much.

  37. Ian Manning Says:

    Yeah, but it’s too bad they couldn’t bring in the 3rd game.

  38. Ashley Welsh Says:

    I agree with Vince, Xehanort isn’t the only big bad guy around. There are still others who side with darkness and the story in KH3 could bring about another villian, who will try to bring about darkness like Xehanort’s Heartless and Xehanort were trying to do.
    And Sora will still be the main character because he has the Keyblade along with Riku.
    I would actually like it for Ven, Aqua and Terra to help out after KH3. That would be pretty cool.

  39. Bigjarnold Says:

    were does vintus and aqua fit into this

  40. Jordan Arnold Says:

    where do Ventus and Aqua fit into the story and what role does ventus have to play in defeating mr. x (Xehanort) him being the x blade and all

  41. Darius Colon Says:

    I think KH3D will help me get through having to wait for KH3 because from the looks of it KH3D is basically introducing KH3 in a way.Plus it’ll give us even more answers to anything we don’t understand.

  42. Renkietsu Says:

    when they make three they should re-release all the HD remakes in a bundle

  43. jann Says:

    Just make KH3 and be done with it. Too many spin-offs. Remakes later. :D Oh, Nomura.

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