Nomura Interview from KH3D Ultimania

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

The Kingdom Hearts 3D Ultimania is out and Japan and you know what that means, a new Nomura interview! The Ultimania is a guide that had detailed maps, boss information, main scenario guide, and much more data!

There won’t be any spoilers regarding KH3D in this news post.

Here is what we have so far, we will keep posting as news is released:

-Does the secret message hint at Kingdom Hearts III?

Nomura: Use your imagination, the correct answer will come to you.

-Will there be a KH3D Final Mix?

Nomura: There are currently no plans for this.

-What about Birth By Sleep Vol. 2?

Nomura: There is a story that exists however producing a sequel isn’t possible at this time. (It goes on to state that the Osaka team is currently working on several projects.)

-The series producers states that he would like to see Pixar worlds in future Kingdom Hearts titles.

-Nomura plans to have an announcement regarding a new Kingdom Hearts title in the near future!

Keep checking back as we continue to update!

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