Nomura Interview on Kingdom Hearts 3D *Update*

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Gaming site Game Jouhou has summarized the new Famitsu interview with Tetsuya Nomura about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D title!! It mentions a few points on what the new game will feature!

Andriasang has tranlasted their summary:

Players will be able to control Sora and Riku. They’re hoping to show some differences between the two characters in terms of gameplay systems.

Past screenshots showed Sora and Riku as they looked in the original Kingdom Hearts timeframe. They reason they appear like this is currently a secret. Nomura would only say that it was a necessity for the story.

In terms of development progress, the game’s central gameplay systems are all complete. They’re now going through a trial phase to see how to put those systems into the game. They’re also currently going through world selection for the game’s Disney areas. The plan is to use all new Disney worlds this time.

There could be some deeper meaning to the “3” in the title. In addition to indicating the use of 3D visual output, the game will be connected to Kingdom Hearts III both in terms of gameplay systems and story. It’s possible that the ending of 3D will lead into the story of KHIII.

We’ll post more of the interview as it is released!

Update: An image of the interview has been taken by FF-Reunion!

Update #2: has provided a more detailed translation:

“The events written in the Ansem Reports took place between Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts.”

“During Birth by Sleep, the King is in the middle of his Mark of Mastery exam. Therefore by the time of Kingdom Hearts, he has become a Keyblade Master. Yen Sid is a retired master and he can proctor the Mark of Mastery exam. Thus, this time he will administer the test to Sora and Riku. (Incidentally, Kairi isn’t taking the test.)”

Kingdom Hearts 3D revolves around the Mark of Mastery exam. At the moment we are continuing in the trial and error stage, figuring out what kind of axis the system will be based on, etc.”

“In 3D you will be able to play as Sora and Riku, but we are considering making their main operation systems different. In Chain of Memories they both used cards but they used them differently. We’re thinking about having two types of play styles like that.”

“Even though it’s a secret as to why Sora and Riku appear in their Kingdom Hearts outfits, it’s essential for the story.”

“As for the worlds, outside of Traverse Town and the other originals, we plan on making all of the Disney ones new.”

3D is connected to Kingdom Hearts III. The plan is to show how the characters level up, along with the play system and story, they are connected to KH3. It’s fair to assume that the ending of 3D will continue into the story of KH3.”

“The Kingdom Hearts series has fundamentally been a single player game. Since it’s different than the Final Fantasy series which is founded on party play, the way the characters level up is different. Because there are various things that can and can’t be done, the things I can’t do in Final Fantasy Versus XIII I’m doing in Kingdom Hearts. Still I think those sorts of differences are there.”

“The manufacturing of Birth by Sleep Final Mix is just about finished. Since the new ‘Secret Episode’ is being included, those fans who pay close attention to the mysteries of the story will want to play it by all means.”

“In the ‘Secret Episode’, you’ll be able to virtually move as the character. I think it’ll be a pleasant differance rather than just watching the scene.”

“This December at Jump Festa, visitors will be able to try a demo for Birth by Sleep Final Mix. There will be a single player and multiplayer mode available. In the multiplayer mode you will be able to enjoy battling against Monstro.”

“Other things on exhibit include demos for The 3rd Birthday and Dissidia duo decim, as well as the Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded figure display. ”

“We are continuing to prepare for the Fabula Crystallis Conference in Janurary, so please wait for a follow up report on that.”

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