Nomura Talks About Kingdom Hearts 3D!

Hello again folks!!

Today at the Nintendo conference, Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura made a brief appearance at the end of the Nintendo 3DS press conference to talk about  Kingdom Hearts 3D!

Big thanks go to miiworld2 of KHI Forums for recording and uploading the video!

Source: Miiworld2 (KHInsider)

10 Responses to “Nomura Talks About Kingdom Hearts 3D!”

  1. Age Says:

    Didn’t you post this 5 minutes ago?

  2. Shinozou Says:

    Was elaborate and wanted to look! Thank you!

  3. Donald K. Says:

    Why do I get a feeling it’s “Data Sora” with “Data Riku” staring in this game?

    “Sora whom you’re not familar with” Erm…

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t like how he’s saying it’s 3 which may suggest the third iteration of the game… PS3 for the next big title please…
    Agreed with Donald K though, I assume this is going to be Coded part 2

  5. Ninkoro Says:

    My theory is that this tells the story of Riku in kh1. Though he also says “you will experience growth through the effects of someone else.” Also makes it seem strange….Im sure more will be relesed after the north american relese of kh re:coded.

  6. Ninkoro Says:

    He means viewpoint, not the sequel to kh2(which would be kh3).

  7. Cody Cameron Says:

    Here’s my theory…

    It takes place after Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded and will feature a Sora and Riku that will be redesigned (thus a Sora we are “not familiar with”). And basically it will be Sora and Riku trying to piece everything together from Birth by Sleep to Kingdom Hearts II and will set the stage for KH3!

    (The reason why Sora and Riku look like they’re from KH1 is because Nomura said the game was still a work in progress. He just used those character models to show people at E3 what the game would look like on the 3DS)

  8. Brian Says:

    Does anyone else remember the data that Ansem the Wise implanted in Sora? I think this is Data Sora (or some similar iteration) discovering it.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Video is backup.

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