Official KH3D Site Updated! (Traverse Town, Reality Shift, Dream Eaters)

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Square Enix has updated the official Japanese site for Kingdom Hearts 3D! In this update, they added a new Spirit and a new Nightmare dream eater, a new video in the System section featuring Reality Shifts and they finally added Traverse Town to the worlds section! Check out the new dream eaters and the reality shift video below:

Source: aibo_ac7 & Official KH3D JP Site

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  1. Drace Says:

    I wonder if they will reveal the last of the seven dream-worlds before the game comes out. Atleast I suppose there will be seven dream-worlds, because there are also seven keyholes of sleep. But maybe they do it like with the princesses of heart, and one of them will be an original.

  2. Architecheroes Says:

    1. City of Bells (Hunchback of Notre Dame)

    2. Prankster’s Paradise (Pinocchio)
    3. Country of Muskateers (MDG: Three Muskateers)
    4. Symphony of Sorcery (Fantasia)

    Due to various reasons/theories I don’t believe the Tron Legacy world is a “sleeping world”. I’m not entirely sure about the status of Traverse Town, but even if we did include that, we still have at least two dream worlds. Hopefully that doesn’t include some kind of original final dream world (ex. End of the World, World that Never Was, and Keyblade Graveyard)

    Not to pick at your post or anything, I just want as many new disney world as we can get! XD

  3. Architecheroes Says:

    Could someone who has played “The World Ends With You” give me their best guess please? I always find it fun to see when Sora meets Disney characters (i.e. meeting them before their film, during it, or afterwards). So I was curious on the TWEWY characters as well. Based on trailers and scans, are we meeting Neku and the gang before their game, after, or right in the middle of when they’re playing the Reaper Game thingy?

  4. KingdomheartsFTW Says:

    i never played the world ends with you. but from what i’ve seen in the trailers. their meeting takes place during when they’re playing

  5. Rick Says:

    Dude, if you read the interviews, you would know.

  6. Drace Says:

    Hard to say. Neku was shown to be in the Reapers-game while he is in Traverse Town. So it’s unlikely that this is set after the events of TWEWY, because at the end, Neku was out of the game. On the other hand, he already met Joshua, who only appeared in the second week (except for the ending). But in the second week Shiki and Rhyme were taken away and Beat went over to the Reapers
    Simple put, there was no point in the story where all main characters were completely assembled (like here in KH3D) except for the ending. But the events of KH3D can’t be set after TWEWY, because Neku shouldn’t be in the Reapers-game anymore. So I don’t really see a point where this could work. Maybe Neku entered the game again after the events of TWEWY, or maybe Nomura forgoes a proper explanation, just to make an appearance of all TWEWY-main characters possible.  
    Simple put:

  7. Shadowbane2009 Says:

    well for all you bronies out there…well that middle horse is for you but I think rainbow dash might get jealous cause she’s been copy catted lmao.

  8. Drace Says:

    I have one of these theorys myself. I assume, the Tron: Legacy-world will be the embodiment of the Data that is hiden inside Sora’s head. It’s only that we’ve seen a dream dive-sequence for Tron: Legacy in a trailer.

  9. aXel1221 Says:

    I havent play TWEWY, and I know nothing of it. But the characters from it could be placed in the KH realm in a similar fasion as the Final Fantasy crew. Almost all characters from the FF’s resided in Traverse Town and had their own KH storyline with no connection to their FF storylines (i.e. all came from Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion, not their respective homelands…midgar wutai garden.) Once again I havent followed the recent updates on KH:3D and I dont know much on TWEWY…but I read these comments and thought I’d put my input.

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