Official Kingdom Hearts 3D TGS 2011 Trailer

Kingdom Hearts 3D

Square Enix has at last uploaded the Tokyo Game Show 2011 to the official Japanese Kingdom Hearts 3D website  in which you can check out the link below:

KH3D Official Site

Or you can watch it below:

Kingdom Hearts 3D TGS 2011 Trailer (HD) by kidchurro

19 Responses to “Official Kingdom Hearts 3D TGS 2011 Trailer”

  1. Ian Manning Says:

    Looks like a flashback of how Organization XIII started, with Xehanort snapping like Hannibal Lector and tearing the hearts out of Even, Ienzo, and Braig.

  2. Ian Manning Says:

    Looks like a flashback of how Organization XIII started, with Xehanort snapping like Hannibal Lector and tearing the hearts out of Even, Ienzo, and Braig.

  3. Fan Says:

    Anyone else see the darkness seeping from Even and Ienzo? And at the end where Braig is attacked with Xehanort’s keyblade (probably releasing his heart)? This is probably when they all turn into heartless and nobodies. I can’t wait to get some in depth story and revelations in this next game, and the gameplay looks amazingly smooth and powerful! I CAN’T WAIT! If only it would come out sooner.

  4. Ryusuke Says:

    I’m convinced now. Kingdom Hearts is a trap. XD

  5. Patrick McDermott Says:

    Translation………..  NOW!!! haha

  6. Mycoldcow14 Says:

    There’s translation for this from the past posts!

  7. Thea Larson Says:

    I knew this would be coming along. If only I could understand it! Time to open up a past update and read along…

    This looks amazing. Riku’s haircut makes him look more like he did in the first game so I’m not complaining. Sora’s just… Sora XD Is the 3DS region locked? I might import this D:

  8. Sakuchan Says:

    Sora says the darndest things!

  9. Vasquez7636 Says:

    Your are so right!

  10. Nick Says:

    3DS is region locked :’(

  11. Mahael Says:

    My only real problem with this (so far) is that they seem to be moving away from Disney.  Not that I mind a little more creativity in SE, but the Disney aspect of Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite parts, so I hope they don’t move too far from it.  On the flip side, the moving away from Final Fantasy and into other games is totally fine with me.

  12. Lbsummers Says:

    The riku hair cut will have to grow on me but the game is moving in the wrong direction. i feel like there aiming towards a younger audience to sell the game kh and kh2 were gear towards kids aged 10 now with this it seams more colorful and playful for like kids around 5 or 6. Its lost its dark edged and its creative disney look and feels more like pbs game

  13. Zaqareemalcolm Says:

    LOL, judging a game before it comes out.
    I only have one thing to say: fyxhgjucjfysysdhkjphydgzfjggsgdhflolfandumb

  14. Kai Says:

    Well, Birth By Sleep was completely the opposite: They moved away from Square Enix completely, with only one of their characters (Zack) making an appearance. I think KH needs to find a good balance between Square Enix characters and Disney stuff. The only game I think had managed to do this right on the spot was the first KH.

    I really hope that if we ever get KH3, it manages to strike a balance between those two universes.

  15. Soralief Says:

    Holy shit. So Xehanort remembers his true self then. Plus, Riku looks older still. Soras hair and face at least are younger. Like from KH1. WTF NOMURA!!! Thats the only thing i don’t like about this game. I mean KH is AWESOME. No-one can argue with that. But come on get the bloody character design sorted man.

  16. Alex norman Says:

    They need to add more characters from different universes. I heard a rumor about including Marvel characters

  17. Juicey Joose Says:

    Can someone help me verify this?  At 2:12 in this video it seems to be set in the basement of the Radiant Garden castle and somebody’s hand appears on screen and summons a keyblade.  To me it looks exactly like Aqua’s hand,  did anyone else notice that or am I crazy?  What keyblade did she summon?

  18. Pepe Says:

    That was Xehanort’s Keyblade, I’m not sure whose hand it was though >_>

  19. Ryan Martinez Says:

    It does resemble Aqua’s outfit, but I think it more resembles Terra/Xehanort’s lab coat, as seen prev when Braig and Terranort are walking down the hallway in the ending of BBS. The keyblade was probably Xehanort(in Terra’s body at this point) unlocking the hearts of them(lying on the ground), thus creating the first 4 Org members(including himself). IMO.

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