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New KH Play Arts to be Shown at San Diego Comic Con

At San Diego Comic Con 2012, there will be new Kingdom Hearts figurines to be displayed at the event. This information comes from hidemi_mad_dog, who works on the Play Arts. Could this be the KH3D Play Arts announced a few months ago or something completely new? I will be attending the event and it begins […]

Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary CD Update

An update has arrived regarding the new Kingdom Hearts 10th anniversary fan selection CD. If you haven’t heard before, the CD is titled “Melodies & Memories” and will be released in Japan on September 19, 2012 for 3500 yen ($43.89). What makes this CD so special is that us, the fans get to decide which […]

KH3D Novel “Side Riku” to be Released in August 2012

On the back of the first KH3D novel “Side Sora” gives us news that the second part to the Kingdom Hearts 3D novel “Side Riku” will be released in August of 2012 in Japan. Fans of the novel can expect to see Riku’s side at the end of summer!

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Eaters Trailer

Square Enix has uploaded another trailer this time showcasing the cute and lovable Dream Eaters! The Dream Eaters are Sora and Riku’s ally as they fight beside them for this entry in the series.

1Up Interview with Yoko Shimomura

1Up has conducted an interview with Kingdom Hearts series composer Yoko Shimomura. They ask her about how she composed for the latest entry in the series Dream Drop Distance. The title of the interview is called “The Evolving Sounds of Kingdom Hearts 3D”.