Pinocchio World in Kingdom Hearts 3D (UPDATED)

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Jump magazine has confirmed the new world in Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance and that world is the Pinocchio world. Dubbed as “Prankster’s Paradise”, the image shows a Pinocchio in with his donkey ears (and more likely his tail) and with the quote taken from the scan (with translation thanks to Tgirl), “We’re in a circus cabin inside the stomach of a huge whale” it shows that it takes place inside Monstro again.

Jiminy also makes an appearance as he is shown on Riku’s shoulder as well as more information about the “Land of Bells” will be revealed in this scan.

As we reported earlier that the new world would be revealed in Famistu, however it is the weekly Shonen Jump that revealed this world instead.

UPDATE: A larger and better scan has appeared! It shows Sora meeting up with Count Frollo and Captain Phoebus in the Land of Bells.

Full scan!

Source: 2ch & FF-Reunion & aibo_ac7 twitter

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  1. Ryan Says:

    I’m interested to know how this will all work out, because aren’t the worlds in this game supposed to be worlds in dreams?

  2. Ryan Martinez Says:

    But Monstro TECHNICALLY isn’t a new world, as he is in the 1st and CoM. Unless maybe it takes place prior to Pinocchio getting eaten. 

  3. Jimathy Says:

    Terra and Aqua had to fight some glowing orbs and then duel each other to win their Mark of Mastery. Yet Sora and Riku must enter the world of dreams to become Keyblade Masters??

    You’d have thought that Riku falling to darkness and then overcoming it throughout his epic journey, taking the form of Xehanort (Heartless) and regaining his image would be enough of a test of his mastery. And Sora has saved the world twice over never once sucumbing to darkness. Even sacrificing himself to save Kairi’s heart… If he isn’t a Keyblade Master yet then i don’t know what more they want from him.

    You can see the difference in challenges. Sora and Riku’s journey from child to maturity is 100 times more powerful than having to fight some orbs to be recognized as masters… Or is that just me thinking this?

    Any thoughts?

  4. Arturo Molina Says:

    The story is still developing, the translations aren’t that perfect right now. Also, the entire scan hasn’t be revealed, that’s only a piece of the full scan. The “world” inside Monstro can change as it did with Traverse Town.

  5. Drace Says:

    We know nothing about the Mark of Mastery Exams right know. I find it’s hard to imagine that these are regular tests to get a regular title. Sora’s first adventures weren’t meant as tests and Rikus struggle with the darkness would rather be a fail than a success in a real test anyway. (Didn’t Terra flunk because of that?)

    I guess, we just have to wait for 3D until wie get to learn more about the Mastery Exam.

  6. Drace Says:

    Hmm, I just got another thought. As far as we know, Aqua and Terra were raised by Eraqus while training with their Keyblades. So they must have trained for years. But Sora and Riku always used their Keyblades intuitive, without any special training. So, maybe this “entering and awaking sleeping worlds”-thing is more of a crash curse-training than the actual exam. Nomura stated that the game won’t focus on the Exam most of the time.

    But as I said before, we know nothing about it at the moment. Though I’m quite sure, there will be a deeper logic behind the exam again.

  7. Drace Says:

    What do you think how many worlds will this game have?

  8. Peter Says:

    To tell you the truth, I’m a bit disappointed. Y’know, there are SO many new worlds they could introduce and they are just taking an old one with a new point of view. The list of Disney Animated Movies is large: One Hundred and One Dalmatians (ok, they appeared before, but not their world), The Sword in the Stone, The Jungle Book, Robin Hood (this would perfectly fit to KH world), Pocahontas, Fantasia, Dinosaur, Atlantis, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Enchanted, Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, The Incredibles… Not to mention that now, Disney owns Marvel’s copyrights.

  9. TepidShark Says:

    “We’ve been spend’n most are lives, livin in a Prankster’s Paradise.”

  10. Jimathy Says:

    Do you think that Nomura had these ideas in mind at the concept of Kingdom Hearts. I’m all for progression and elobarting the story but i find myself growing tired of the franchise. I don’t want to cause I’ve been ahuge  KH fan from the start… I just feel that it may be losing it’s way. I’m sure i will get a lot of dislikes for this statement but it’s just the way i feel. Every good story has a beginning middle and end but it feels like this is just going on and on. Across different consoles with different side stories, it feels a bit greedy money grabbing to me. “Want to know more about the story, you’ll have to buy this console and this console to find out more.” Not for me i’m afraid. Time to wrap up the KH story and move onto something new before it is ruined.

    Again , just my thoughts. Don’t grill me too hard for it. Any criticism or appreciation is greatly appreciated.

  11. a random person Says:

    I think Nomura did have some idea where he was going at the start of all this. The reason why I think this is because I’ve recently been playing KH1 again, and in Tarzan’s world when they were looking through the slides they came to one of a castle and Sora was confused as to why it looked familiar to him because he’d never been off of the islands before. I think that it looks familiar to him because it’s someplace the Ven has been and since Sora has Ven’s heart inside him, that’s why it looks familiar.

  12. TheBlitz Says:

    As much as I like him: PLEASE NO MARVEL CHARACTERS IN KINGDOM HEARTS! That can’t work. And by the way: Disney doesn’t own Marvel’s copyrights. Disney owns Marvel. That’s a difference. It’s not like Disney can do anything what they want with Marvel’s property.

    But I share your disappointment regarding Pinocchio as a 3D-world. It’s not really new, is it? But on the other hand, I don’t see how 101 Dalmatians and Who Framed Roger Rabbit could work as a Kingdom Hearts world. They are a bit… uhm… to close to reality.

  13. Peter Says:

    I guess a Marvel Comics world would work fine on KH. It’s not necessary to make Spiderman and cia part of the main plot, however, a world introducing the characters would be great.

    And I couldn’t see how Tron or Pirates of Caribbean could work out on KH World until KH II was released, so I don’t think the ideas I presented before could be rejected.

  14. Drace Says:

    I’m an author myself and I´m quite familiar with dramaturgy. And I don’t have such a feeling about Kingdom Hearts. The story is very deep and very hard to get, but well-wrought and ingenius. I think, Nomura thought of KH1 as kind of an experiment. (I’ve read an interview once in which he phrased his surprise about the popularity of the game.) But he also decided to give it an open end. Obviously he planned a bigger story at that time, but first thought of it with his work on Chain of Memories. That game was the start for the deeper KH-story as we know it today, with Xehanort and the Organization and Roxas and Xion (which will surely get their point later in story). According to Nomura he plans to end the ”Xehanort-Saga” with KH3. And that’s it: Beginning (KH1) – Middle (KH2)  - and end (KH3). Everything Nomura did so far had a deeper meaning and seems to amount the final. The only exception would be KHBBS. That’s why it is the only game, I would consider as a Spin-off.
    And by the way: Calling the creators money-grubbing is easy for a consumer. But I don’t see how Square Enix would get any extra-money for developing their games on different platforms. The owners of the platforms would rather get the bonus. If you want to experience the story without buying new systems: Easy. Do the same thing as I do: Watch Walkthroughs. It’s legal and entertaining.
    But if you are *that* tired of the franchise, remember that no one really forces you to buy these games. XD

  15. Tyeron Holmes Says:

    I agree with your statement minus the Marvel. It should be noticed by now that Nomura and his team are running out of worlds to use at the moment, but don’t worry, most likely in KH3 we would be visiting world form other Disney movies and hopefully Pixar.

    So lets just hope that Nomura takes in Fan-considerations this time while they’re under developement  

  16. TheBlitz Says:

    No, please not! I always could imagine real-life movies like Tron and Pirates as a KH-world, but Marvel and Disney were always completely different things. You can add several square-enix games to the KH-universe, or several Animés… for my part even the Muppets, Mario, Sonic, Pokémon or the Smurfs. But please no meeting between Spider-Man and Mickey Mouse! That would just don’t feel right to me. I love Marvel, I love Disney, but please no weird mixing between these two!

    But however… it won’t happen anyway. As I recall, Disney doesn’t have the properties to put Marvel characters into a KH-game.

  17. Adrina Says:

    I agree that Pinocchio was a bit of a letdown, but maybe that was Square’s intention. What I mean is, maybe they’re announcing the not-so-exciting worlds first and then they’re going to introduce the more anticipated worlds later on. Although then again, Hunchback was an really anticipated world, and it was the first one they announced. So maybe I’m wrong.

    On the Marvel front, I’m on the fence about that one. It would be cool, but ONLY if they did it well. If they put it in and totally screw it up, I and probably a lot of other people will not be happy campers.

  18. TheJackeh Says:

    Once they run out of the worlds that are easiest to get licensing rights to, I’m sure Nomura would be forced to try for the more interesting worlds that we’re all waiting for.

  19. IanM Says:


  20. Kevin Eget Says:

    I thought they said all new Disney worlds and it is not inside monstro

  21. Architectheroes Says:

    Oh, is that why? I thought it was because Sora had Kairi’s heart in him and it was her hidden memories of Radiant Garden’s castle that made Sora feel nostalgic over the slide?

    Oh, and I think the voice at the beginning of Sora’s dream is either Ven or Aqua’s! :3

  22. Irfansyahm Says:

    Um…Guys, in Kingdom Hearts 3D, the setting’ll be the world covered in sleeps right???
    So, there’s maybe a little to no connection at all to the real world…Like example, in KH1 all of you’ve seen Monstro right??? If it’s connected from KH1.Pinnochio shouldn’t be in there…
    And so i think it’s an old world with a new twist for me…. Personally, i want more Square Enix Characters to appear (especially Lightning & Crew, or Vaan & Penelo)

  23. Xagzan Says:

    With as many games as the KH series will probably have in the end, it’s better that they don’t use a whole bunch of new worlds at such a fast pace.

  24. Ice Blazer Says:

    i dont want any marvel heros on the kingdom hearts story because it just wont fit i mean think about it in your mind.

  25. Ice Blazer Says:

    that’s right cause u get eaten by the whale in kingdom hearts one then u find pinnochio stuck on the whale then u save him and take him to travis town

  26. Ice Blazer Says:

    like seven

  27. Irfansyahm Says:

    Any theories regarding the world covered intest sleep besides “the setting for the mark of mastery test ?”

  28. Anonymous Says:

    The worlds in the dream state are not unconnected to the real world. It’s not like in Coded, where the worlds are data worlds recreated from the real thing. The worlds of sleep were worlds that did not fall into darkness nor into light.

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