Square Enix North America Announces Mark of Mastery Bundle

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Square Enix has officially announced a Mark of Mastery bundle to be released on July 31, 2012 in North America for $54.99!  The bundle will include the KH3D game, a set of 5 AR cards (same pre-order bonuses with the inclusion of Frootz Cat and Kab Kannon), as 3DS protector case, KH3D stickers, and a set of KH images that detail the history of the series!

You can check out the pre-order image below:

Amazon has updated their page and is taking pre-orders, if you’d like to pre-order hit the link below:

KH3D MoM Bundle (Amazon)

Gamestop now has a pre-order page as well:

GameStop KH3D MoM Bundle

17 Responses to “Square Enix North America Announces Mark of Mastery Bundle”

  1. Robin Burrows Says:

    When will this be available for pre-order? I switched it over to EBGames.ca for the cards and hoping that they will add this so I can switch it.

  2. Victor Martinez Says:

    so im guessing north america isnt getting the kingdom hearts 3ds?

  3. Tracy Webster Says:

    I’m gonna be SO annoyed if this isn’t also offered to EU/UK buyers.

  4. Gilbert Says:

    i’ve been holding off on getting a 3DS just for this very same question. :( *holding breath*

  5. Churro Says:

    I updated with a link to Amazon taking pre-orders for the bundle. Refresh the page to see the link.

  6. Andres Says:

    55 dollars? Isn’t it a bit too cheap? Hmm… something’s gotta be wrong.

  7. Prprime23 Says:

    Is this already available for pre- order

  8. Josh Isaac Says:

    SIGN ME UP!!!

  9. Thomas Tucker Says:

    ahh i already have a preorder at gamestop i hope it goes there to so i can upgrade

  10. Gunsoul1991 Says:

    It’s up for pre-order on amazon.

  11. Kiki Karnivore Says:

    I already paid it off at Gamestop :)

  12. Tanzorz Says:

    Will it be released in Australia???

  13. Takeya Says:

    how much is for that pre order O.O

  14. Takeya Says:

    because the orher one is $5 bucks

  15. Mahael Says:

    Well, I know how I’m spending my money this summer!

  16. Mikal Says:

    Can I buy this at the store or only online.

  17. Sakuramihara Says:

    I got my anniversary box :D

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