Square Enix France Updates Boutique with KH3D Merchandise

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Square Enix France has updated their Boutique (online store) with various Kingdom Hearts 3D merchandise available for pre-order! The list includes the Wondernyan Plush, the Kingdom Key Gold & Silver keychains, the Kingdom Hearts 3D soundtrack, two Kingdom Hearts wall scrolls and finally the Kingdom Hearts 3D game.

The Wondernyan plush, wallscrolls, and keychains are set for an August 2012 release, the soundtrack for a May 2012 release and the game is still listed as a 2012 release.

Source: Square Enix FR Twitter, Square Enix Boutique

2 Responses to “Square Enix France Updates Boutique with KH3D Merchandise”

  1. Mahael Says:

    I’m still waiting for those life-sized metal keyblades!

  2. ninkoro Says:

    Sucks how they took away NA’s Kingdom hearts merchandise…

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