Square Enix Opens Jump Festa 2012 Site

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Square Enix has officially opened their Jump Festa 2012 page on their Japanese site, with Kingdom Hearts 3D having their own section with a few pictures and caption to go on there. As with Tokyo Game Show, they’ll be adding more to it as Jump Festa begins in December.

Jump Festa will be held in Makuhari Messe on December 17th and 18th. We’ll let you know when this page updates!

KH3D Jump Festa 2012 Page

Translations of the caption on the page have been done by Tgirl and Oishii:

The protagonists, Sora and Riku, jump around alternatively as they make their appearance in the newest “Kingdom Hearts” series addition for the Nintendo 3DS! So please stop by, in Jump Festa, and get ready to try out the demo and enjoy the new world(s).

Source: aibo_ac7 & Tgirl (Gamefaqs) & Oishii (KH13.com)

7 Responses to “Square Enix Opens Jump Festa 2012 Site”

  1. Drace Says:

    I hope they finally reveal Atlantis as a new world!

  2. Roberto.tito.bob Says:

    Dou you think that theres going to be a 3DS special edition of KH 3D?

  3. Tart Says:

    probably, they did it for the ds, gameboy, and psp

  4. Anonymous Says:

    It should be worth pointing out though that the gba sp was the only one to leave Japan :P

  5. Daydrianlewis Says:

    On it’s release, it’ll be time to “Drop” in You Tube. Watch the cutscenes and gameplay because I can hardly “Dream” of what’s going to happen from a “Distance.”

  6. Neohartless Says:

    They will not. New worlds only, remember?

  7. Roberto Emanuel Says:

    Dream Drop Distance

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