Square Enix Launches Tokyo Game Show 2011 Site

KH3D at TGS '11

Square Enix has opened up their official Tokyo Game Show 2011 website. Though the site may seem empty right now, but there’s no doubt that it will get filled up with information as we approach the event. Square also has revealed their full line up in which again it includes Kingdom Hearts 3D with a new trailer and a playable demo on the show floor.

If you want to check out the official site click on the link below:

Square Enix Tokyo Game Show 2011 Site

If you want to check out the Kingdom Hearts 3D section of the site click the link below:

KH3D Tokyo Game Show 2011 Site

The Tokyo Game Show 2011 will be held at the Makuhari Messe Convention Center in Chiba, Japan on September 15-18.

6 Responses to “Square Enix Launches Tokyo Game Show 2011 Site”

  1. Lizzie1238 Says:

    So I guess this means the playable demo will be open to the public, but only those 80 select members will get to see the trailer there?

  2. Drace Says:

    This makes no sense to me… Only 80 people are allowed to see the trailer? Don’t they want to plug the game? I don’t get it…

  3. cameron Says:

    I checked this right before I went to school, glad I did.

  4. Arturo Molina Says:

    As far as what I read, that’s correct.

  5. Arturo Molina Says:

    I’ve been asking myself the same question with Square Enix for over 10 years. It’s just their way of “hyping” things up, I guess.

  6. Andrew Says:

    So excited :D

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