Square Enix Reveals TGS ’11 Map

KH3D at TGS 2011

Square Enix has just reveal their floor plans for this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

As you can see, a nice portion of their area is for Kingdom Hearts 3D as well as the closed mega theater is close by. The KH3D area will have stations for attendee’s to try their hands on the demo! The Kingdom Hearts series in the past few Tokyo Game Show events have had certainly a large draw causing wait times for up to 45 mins or more. We hope to have lots of fans and press impressions starting in only 8 days!

Click the image below to enlarge the map:

Source: Andriasang

7 Responses to “Square Enix Reveals TGS ’11 Map”

  1. Lizzie1238 Says:

    The ??? is too far from the KH/FF section to be a KH game (and I still don’t believe bbs v2 is a real game anyways), so I’m guessing it’s something like a Dragon Quest X demo. It’s right across the hall from the other DQ games too.

  2. Jameslukas39 Says:

    Are they about to make another ff dissidia? WTFOOK

  3. Lizzie1238 Says:

    What are you talking about, there is no dissidia anywhere on that map.

  4. Lizzie1238 Says:

    I think I may be right

  5. Jameslukas39 Says:

    oh… I thought I saw cosmos and chaos beacause on my ipod i can barley even see the map. by the kh4 eva hahaha and Nomuro and the whole cast who took part of this fantastic game rocks!

  6. Lizzie1238 Says:

    Cosmos and chaos is for Theatrhythm final fantasy.

  7. Christopher Bryant Says:

    I’m glad Kingdom Hearts 3D is finally getting some attention, kinda sad Final Fantasy XIII Versus is still nowhere to be found.

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