Synopsis of Extended KH3D Trailer

Kingdom Hearts 3D

With news of the “open” trailer being described and recorded, a “closed” trailer that was shown to a limited audience during Tokyo Game Show, has also been described. The trailer itself is slightly extended to show more of several scenes that was displayed on the public side of the booth.

This is a synopsis of that trailer that was written in Japanese by Rebirth Wings and translated by Tgirl at Gamefaqs!

(BGM – Destati)

– Mysterious Tower –

Sora and Riku are being told what the MoM test is and being approved of it.

Donald and Goofy are also standing, at that time, side by side in reserve. The side of the royal palace (Disney Castle) makes an appearance.
Mickey appears to be looking on.

Also, the current state of the main characters: Riku’s only physical change was his hair being cut, but for both Sora and Riku, their
clothing had some changes as well.

Yen Sid: “From this point onward, Sora and Riku will go and take the Mark of Mastery exam.”

Sora, surprised: “Even without taking it, no one can beat me!”

Riku, facing downward: “Having walked the path of darkness, I wonder if it’d really be right for me to wield the Keyblade. You’d have to make sure.
Sora: Riku…”

Yen Sid: “Let’s open the keyhole of sleep. If you return back to this place, then I will consider you Masters.”

Then immediately after Yen Sid speaks, a stream of imagery begins to play.
– Sora and Riku standing on Destiny Islands scene. (Blogger comments on Riku’s clothes.)
– We see Sora floating through something that looks like a tornado. (The blogger omits some words of this portion.)

Traverse Town 1st District

Sora floats down onto the second floor of the building near the place where the Blue Trinity mark was [from KH1]. (The blogger mentions again that some words were omitted.)

Sora: “Eh…. Here is…”

Sora: “…..These strange clothes!”

Sora: “Ah….Asides from that, where’s Riku?”

After this, Sora puts up his hands and calls out…

Sora: “Heeeey… Rikuuuu!!”

Neku: “Hey, quiet down.”

Sora looks around trying to find the source of the voice.

Neku: “It’s such a dangerous noise.”

The bottom half of Neku’s body appears from the rooftop.

Sora: “Uwaaah!!”

Sora falls over in surprise as Neku comes to down to his level.

Neku: “You’re Sora?”

Tgirl fast-forwards to the part after Neku comments on the real Dream Eater. No wait… *fast-forwards again because this part is the Dream Eater battle description*

Radiant Garden! —

The blogger comments that this part has subtitles.

From the viewpoint of someone who’s staggering on their feet…. (The blogger thinks this is Xehanort’s viewpoint.) This moment seems to be mirrored with Even and Ienzo also collapsing onto the floor.

Braig: “Xehanort! What are you going to do about the Heart!?”

The focus is again, from the staggering/wavering viewpoint towards Braig. (Like in the trailer)

Braig: “You…., did you regain your memory?”

Xehanort produces the keyblade. It’s breaking out as the keyblade is raised in the air.

2012 Spring date appears.

The blogger comments that these images are what she saw while waiting for the demo:

Neku: “My name is…..Neku…….Sakuraba.”
(In the Japanese version, of course he says his name backwards.)

Sora: “Neku….Sakuraba? That’s an interesting name!”

Neku: “I don’t think it’s anything special.

Source: ReBirth Wings & Tgirl