Takeharu Ishimoto to Help Work on KH3D Soundtrack

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Takeharu Ishimoto, known for his work on Square Enix games such as The World Ends With You, Dissidia, and Crisis Core will work as a composer (with Yoko Shimomura) for Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance according to an interview done by Famitsu.

This will mark the second time he’s composed for a Kingdom Hearts game with the first being Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. With Neku appearing in the game, it’s no surprise at what tracks he’ll be composing.

Source: Famitsu & KHI

10 Responses to “Takeharu Ishimoto to Help Work on KH3D Soundtrack”

  1. Jose Mendoza Says:

    Wonderful news. I love TWEWY’s soundtrack

  2. Me too Says:

    Not surprising since he also worked on Birth by Sleep, but good news to have anyway!  While I did love the Soundtrack to Birth by Sleep, I hope when the third game proper is released in 2025 that Yoko Shimomura will be the sole composer as she was for the first two games.


    What a awesome news!!!! I like to mucho the TWEWY’s Soundtrack 

  4. Maurice_hoek Says:

    I don’t think KH3 will take that long to make anymore… I believe it will show up within 3-5 years tops. As they said the next game after KH3D would be KH3.

  5. Drace Says:

    I suppose KH3 will come out in 2014. That would be realistic, I guess.

  6. Brooke Says:

    I didn’t know he helped on the Birth By Sleep soundtrack! No wonder I love it so much.

  7. Me too Says:

    I was being sarcastic, although I still think that 2014-2015 is the earliest we will see it in the west, unless ( and i hope to God this is true) Nomura and the Versus team have been working on both KHIII and Versus together in tandem and they just haven’t announced it yet as they finally learned not to announce games so frekin early.

  8. Tofer22 Says:

    Wait guys, I just thought about something, what will the Opening theme for KH 3D will be? I mean, will it be a different new song made by Takeharu Ishimoto and Yoko Shimomura? Or will it be the either the song Simple and Clean or Sanctuary again???

  9. TheJackeh Says:

    Loved his work on Crisis Core. His adaptation of FF7 themes are better than the original.

  10. TheJackeh Says:

    It’s very realistic. It’s just in time for Utada to re-emerge from her hiatus.

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