KH3D – The Grid VJump Scan

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Thanks to FF-Reunion scans of the Tron Legacy world, now known as The Grid has appeared online! The scan is from VJump magazine and it’s images feature Sora and Riku in the worlds attire along with several other images from the game. There’s also a little article regarding Dream Eaters in how you can collect “Dream Pieces” which you can create them!

Enjoy the screenshot below:

EDIT: Thanks to elfen of 2ch/maggosh of KHInsider, we now have two more scans!

Source: FF-Reunion & Ruliweb & elfen of 2ch & maggosh of KHInsider

6 Responses to “KH3D – The Grid VJump Scan”

  1. Joeladrian96 Says:

    But of course we can’t see Riku’s keyblade lol bet it looks good though

  2. Ian Manning Says:

    I hope Axel becomes playable. It looked like he might since he was speaking to Yen Side about letting him into something. It’s probably wrong, but he probably wanted to pass the Master Qualification test as well.

  3. Drace Says:

    Uhm… He is not a Keyblade-wielder. ;)

  4. KingdomheartsFTW Says:

    what i think is that he wanted to ask yen sid if he can enter the dream world to help sora or something

  5. Maurice Hoek Says:

     Since Birth By Sleep anyone seems to be able to become a Keyblade Master… As long as an existing wielder performs the ceremony on you. So he might become one after all, which would be cool! Lea with the ‘Bond of Flame’ keyblade would look seriously bad-ass! Who’s with me?! >:D (See the picture below!)

  6. Drace Says:

    Don’t know… Could be cool, yeah… but I guess, I like him better with the fighting style he already has. (But I’d say, it’s a long way from getting the ability to wield a Keyblade, being chosen by an actual Keyblade, to being considered as a Master.)

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