Three Musketeers World In KH3D!

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

The latest issue of VJump magazine has revealed the Three Musketeers world! Inside the article shows you can fight alongside Mickey, Donald, and Goofy as they find try to keep the bandits from stealing from Princess Minnie. The world is based off of the direct to DVD that was released in 2004. FF-Reunion has provided scans below so give them a look!

The scans also show off new Dream Eaters (names are Frogchef, Earbunny, Nalbird, (thanks Tgirl!)) as well as a look at more augment reality shots! Also, Joshua and Beat from The World Ends With You will be featured in the game as well!

Source: FF-Reunion

25 Responses to “Three Musketeers World In KH3D!”

  1. Soroxas358 Says:

    I’m absolutely loving the fact that they are avoiding all of the old worlds, If i see Alice in Wonderland, Agrabah, or Halloween town ONE MORE TIME, SQUENIX, I SWEAR TO GOD.

  2. Drace Says:

    Okay, totally not what I awaited from the “all-new-world-game”-KH3D, but this one could be interesting. I haven’t watched the movie properly (will change soon^^), but I’m really looking forward to it. I still hope there will be an Atlantis and Treasure-Planet-world in 3D, but I guess, they would fit into KH3, too. But I don’t see how this world would fit into KH3, because of logical difficulties. So it’s possibly a wise choice.

    Especially the “all for one and one for all”-image looks funny!^^

  3. Kevin_Keyblade Says:

    Joshua and beat will be in KH3D O.O AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE but why Shiki so far does not appear mmmmm or maybe is a surprise XD

  4. Fan Says:

    One THATS REALLY FUNNY! bless u tetsuya. Two i can’t wait for this game to come out! three I wish i was built like Riku lol

  5. Ian Manning Says:

    Doesn’t that movie suck? Why would KH3D have a level based on something that came directly to video?! The Prince and the Pauper would’ve been better, at least THAT made it to theaters.

  6. Ryan Says:

    I don’t know how I feel about this quite frankly. If memory serves that movie was awful. And we’ve never had a direct to video world that I can remember. But I think interactions between Sora and Riku, and the dream Mickey, Donald, and Goofy will be interesting. 

    I am however SUPER excited for Joshua and Beat to show up. I would have been happy though if it had only been Neku because if Beat is there then where is Rhyme? and I can’t see Shiki being the only one left out of things… So I hope they add them all now…

  7. Drace Says:

    “Direct-to-DVD” doesn’t mean “worser”, only cheaper in production. I remember lots of fantastic low-budget movies. The first Indiana Jones for example.

  8. KingdomHeartsFTW Says:

    if u think about it, this would really fit. because if they use disney castle as minnie’s castle, it would go perfectly. and would make sense, cuz think about it. after mickey saves minnie, they get married thus making mickey king of disney castle. then mickey makes donald and goofy his fellow musketeers, his captain knight and royal court wizard.

  9. Peter Says:

    Wow… Now we are talking, Square. This is what we want. New worlds. I know Mickey, Donald and Goofy were seen already, but this could prove as interesting as Timeless River  o

  10. DylanP Says:

    I was not expecting this at all but this world does look interesting. Hopefully they will have more footage of it at Jump Festa. I still want there to be a Treasure Planet world as I think the Reality Shift thing would be really cool in that world

  11. Marluxia3464 Says:

    dude Wonderland has only been in one game….

  12. Mahael Says:

    Awesome!  It’ll be interesting to see how they manage to make this a “different world” but I guess it’ll be something like Timeless River :D .  I’m still hoping to see Atlantis, Treasure Island, and The Emperor’s New Groove, but hey, I’ll take anything that’s not Agrabah!

  13. Ian Manning Says:

    The movie was terrible, the reviews were negative, Direct to DVD movies suck. That’s how it’s been since the Return of Jafar. Disney is obviously out for money, they don’t care about the story making sense anymore, meaning that Kingdom Hearts will end terribly.

  14. Architectheroes Says:

    Though I’m very confused on how this going to work, I believe a world based on The Three Muskateers will be helpful for Nomura’s theme of “trust” that he’s planning for the game. :)

  15. KingdomHeartsFTW Says:

    wonderland was in chain of memories and in re coded. not to mention kingdom hearts :/

  16. KingdomHeartsFTW Says:

    oh yeah in 358/2 days as well

  17. Drace Says:

    *sigh* Oookay… the old speech again. “They are bad… They are worse… They just want our money… it will suck! Trust me, I know that! I don’t even have to try it out! I already KNOW the story won’t make sense, although nothing about it was revealed thus far.But I’m still here, because bashing is easy and fun!” If you’re not giving it a chance beforehand, it’s obvious that the result can never be satisfying enough for you.

  18. Drace Says:

    Huh? Where do you see them?

  19. Drace Says:

    Huh? Where do you see them?

  20. Vasquez7636 Says:

    If they do bring back wonderland I at least hope it’s the
    new live action one with Johnny Depth.  

  21. Vasquez7636 Says:

    If they do bring back wonderland I at least hope it’s the
    new live action one with Johnny Depth.  

  22. Ian Manning Says:

    It’s what happens when you’ve seen everything the world of entertainment can give you. I saw 3 Musks, and I have to say, P&P was better, and it WOULD have been a better choice than something completely unsuccessful. I’m still here, because I enjoyed the KH news and worlds based on movies I loved when I was a kid (Except for Mulan, Hercules, and movies that came afterwords). There are still some openings for the movies I liked, so I’ll keep my opinions down until then. I’m still hoping for a level based on Toy Story…

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Well they did say all the Disney world would be new…

  24. kh edge Says:

    u had to remember,they choose the world not only based on popularity,but also the connection with the story they want to tell.

    a Prince and the Pauper world would definetly complicated the story since they had to explain the “2 identical Mickey”

    &they probably keep the Pixar stuff until KH3

  25. Ian Manning Says:

    Still, it would’ve been a better idea than a level based on something you’d get for 8 dollars. The movie wasn’t that popular either. Hopefully, they’ll announce a better level than 3 Musks. They’ve got Hunchback, and Tron 2, so there’s still hope for better worlds.

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