Why Aqua is the Best Girl in Kingdom Hearts

Is Aqua the best female in Kingdom Hearts history?

Suffering succotash, a girl in the lead!

Being a female myself must have had something to do with it, or maybe I was just that curious, but I turned from Nomura’s advice and neither started with Terra nor Ven. On the contrary, I was keener to give Aqua’s adventure a whirl on my first playthrough of KH: Birth By Sleep.

A playable female protagonist in KH? Unheard of! In my humble opinion, Kairi should have been playable in KHII from the moment she was granted the all-mighty strength of the keyblade, though I recall that she knew how to raise a weapon about as efficiently as one would a baseball bat, so it might have been for the best.

So well done, Square-Enix, finally I can play as a girl, you have made my day, and not a moment too late.

Will the real magician please stand up?

I’ve gone a long ways now in Aqua’s story…and the gameplay is sensational. I’ve always been partial to flashy, dramatic bouts of magic as an offensive tool, but previous KHs never tapped into it with much depth – you could clear an army if Sora spammed Thundaga. There wasn’t much room for creativity and experimentation. Plus, the MP gauge ran out so fast that
it wasn’t practical to rely much on magic alone.

Aqua has none of those restrictions at all; her magical repertoire is limitless- there is so much you can do and it is highly rewarding to mess around with different combinations of magic during battle or melding. You can render any magic to be innovative and functional.

Like ice? Rain it down on your opponents with Diamond Dust. Like fire? Make Triple Firaga and turn those buggers into crisp. The difference in capability of Sora or Donald vs Aqua is as a chicken and a phoenix.

Making the grade

As a character, Aqua is a cut (no wait, make that two cuts) above Kairi and Namine. It’s not the power alone-although that has much to do with it, but she has a ton of courage, determination and a sense of justice.

Kairi and Namine are brave in their own rights, but they were a little too caught up in their personal problems to pursue the greater cause of saving the world. It didn’t help their causes that Kairi has always been stuck or trapped somewhere and Namine had her conscience to deal with. You could say that if Kairi was more powerful, more grown-up and more in tune with the keyblading world, she might be like Aqua.

Overall, Aqua has a lot of high points and not many weaknesses: she’s not naïve like Sora, not solitary like Riku, not powerless like Kairi and certainly not a mixed bag of angst like Roxas (I still really like Roxas, by the way). As a mature, intelligent and responsible protagonist, she’s appealing as a role model. I wonder if any of this matter as much to a male gamer but to me, she’s a perfectly admirable.

I haven’t gone far enough to know how her story ends just yet (I’ll be reading your comments so don’t say anything I don’t already know!); I sure hope she survives the conflict. It would be really sad to lose such a strong character. If I can’t hope for a better outcome, then I would like Kairi to carry out Aqua’s spirit after everything’s all said and done.

Who is your favourite girl in Kingdom Hearts?

So, what does everyone else think? Has Aqua also impressed you to become your new favourite girl character in KH? Or do you prefer the charms of Kairi, Namine, an FF girl or even someone else?

Who is the best Female in Kingdom Hearts?

  • Aqua (69%, 584 Votes)
  • Kairi (13%, 108 Votes)
  • Xion (9%, 76 Votes)
  • Namine (6%, 48 Votes)
  • Larxene (3%, 28 Votes)
  • Other (Leave Comment) (0%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 848

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62 Responses to “Why Aqua is the Best Girl in Kingdom Hearts”

  1. Kero Says:

    What about Xion? She’s a well-devoloped character AND a female keyblade wielder..

  2. ilive12 Says:

    i wrote aqua, but i think i like xion better ^.^”

  3. Pete Campbell Says:

    I’ve added Xion to the Poll now! Apologies :)
    BTW, if anyone else would be interested in doing a Guest Blog – please let us know

  4. Turtle Says:

    Also, male fans like Aqua for teh fanservice!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    She’s also (depending on who’s looking at her) a dude.
    So, that’s something.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    …And worst female character?

    Easily that old broad that lives in the item shop who carelessly looses her cat on the roof of her own friggin’ shop.

  7. Kid Says:

    i like aqua because she is cute

  8. ryomai Says:

    Aqua reminds me of that girl in the Gold Rush. The only one that visited California and everyone decides to visit her. Much like in the KH series, with not too many strong female protagonists in the series and then she shows up.

    Part of me feels like she didn’t really grow or learn much through her journey. Like Eraqus pretty much tamed her. Her role in the story was just…to fix things. It’s just when you go from how Terra grew through the Disney worlds and such to Aqua, just seems underwhelming. Maybe it’s just me expecting too much, that or I think someone being seasoned from the start is just boring to me or maybe I found her a bit too similar to Kairi in personality at times and I expected a personality that’s all her own. I dunno.

    But, that said, I do like the character.

  9. Ian Manning Says:

    Aqua’s the one with the bad voice actor! What’s wrong with you people?! I know Kairi hasn’t kissed Sora yet, and Namine was just some copy of Kairi, and Xion was in reality a dude, and Larxene’s a bitch and all, but Aqua?! She sounds terrible! Worse than Jesse F___’n McCartney! If you like her because of the way she looks, you people are pathetic!

  10. shirl-e Says:

    AGREED. The only thing that killed BbS is the voice acting for Aqua. She was mono-toned and kinda bland about expressing emotions BUT Jesse McCartney DID do alot better with the voice acting in BbS than KHII.

  11. Kid Says:

    NO WAY! Aqua is the best and that is final! I don’t only like Aqua because of the way she looks but her character is cool and the voice is okay too.

  12. Sakuchan Says:

    In the beginning, I did gawk at how Laura voice-acted Aqua (every enthusiastic line came out dead wrong), but the voice grew on me after a while because none of it sounds forced. Monotone is not the right criticism to use (it implies lack of pitch, which she doesn’t lack). I know that I’m not the only one who approves Laura’s performance-Terra is much worse in comparison. If you want to know what it’s like to be a person who doesn’t react or panic in tough situations, Laura did it about right.

  13. Sakuchan Says:

    The point of her journey wasn’t to change at all. Nomura had once said that she’s something like the anchor for Ven and Terra, who are still uncertain of their futures. I think I appreciate Aqua’s role in that sense-sort of older-sister-like.

  14. ryomai Says:

    Willa Holland voiced Aqua, not…Laura?

  15. ryomai Says:

    Ah, I see. Well, guess I just expected something else. Not that it doesn’t work or anything with the story.

  16. Axilepesa Says:

    well i totally agree though my previous favorite is namine. what makes aqua win over namine for me is the fact that she holds her life and not being under someone everytime. namine’s always being commanded by someone. and also the fact that birth by sleep is my most favorite based from the gameplay adds to why i liked aqua more than other female characters in kh so far.

    talking about kairi, i really hate her! well it’s just because she’s always being kidnapped, lost, or making it short always being save by sora.

  17. Axilepesa Says:

    oops! not only the gameplay but also the story. why did i say gameplay only?

  18. Axilepesa Says:

    She maybe voiced badly, but it’s not her voice that matters. It’s her personality, skills and how she performs in the game! Though voice has factors but if you look deeper into story you won’t even look into that factor.

  19. Jack-Pumpkinhead Says:

    Speaking as a male player, I was pleased to see a female lead for 2 reasons; 1-She’s easy on the eyes & 2-this is a great chance for Square to learn from it’s mistakes. As much as I love Kairi, they dont do enough with her. This game will prove that people want a female playable character, and hopefully Kairi will be one in KH3. Plus, Aqua had the best line at Olympus Coliseum; “The friendship between boys…it almost makes me jealous.” As a Sora/Kairi shipper, I heard that and went “Did they just subtly say take that to the yaoi fangirls?”

  20. Pedro Paulo Says:


  21. kakaroto Says:

    I like her boobs….

  22. Robbington Says:

    Finally, a topic about Aqua. Well, I like mostly because she’s a girl obviously, and a very hot girl at that. Her boobs take me away every time. When you pause the game, you see her boobs jiggle. There’s a cutscene in Castle of dreams and keyblade graveyard when her boobs jiggle very noticably. Its crazy. Anyway, everything I just said was on purpose.

    Now the reason why I like Aqua is because of her personality, and the way she cares so much for her friends. She even sacrificed herself to save Terra. That’s what a true friend is. I doubt anybody else’s friends would do that. I like her voice, and how it grew on me throughout the game even though I dont care for voice’s unless they sound really bad. By the way, Vanitas is badass. Also, Aqua’s hot.

  23. Robbington Says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention how the camera focuses on her boobs at times. Such fanservice.

  24. Sakuchan Says:

    Thanks for the correction. : )

  25. Anonymous Says:

    ‘though I recall that she knew how to raise a weapon about as efficiently as one would a baseball bat, so it might have been for the best.’
    And yet, you’re not considering that Kairi spent a good 9 or so years of her life going to an island where every other kid smacked each other with some form of makeshift weapon.
    And Donald claimed that ‘she did great’, so we can assume that Kairi has some form of weapon proficiency.
    Seriously, just because she doesn’t get involved with the fighting (which I add, is because Sora will not LET her get involved in the fighting, at least until the end) doesn’t mean she can’t.

  26. Kero Says:

    Hah, that’s true. But that’s just reflections of people’s memories, right? The real Xion is a girl, and she’s a lot deeper that Kairi, that’s for sure.

    Come to think about it, Kairi’s the only female that isn’t really developed. Her defining characteristic is being nice.

  27. Davmiguelmartins Says:

    Aqua is defenitely a great character. She differs greatly from other female characters, mostly because of one simple, not so genieous, but almost never used and extremely effective concept idea… She is a woman, in a woman’s eyes! (I think) What I mean is, she isn’t a frail, skiny, cutely emotional girl neading to be saved, or just suporting the (male) main character, witch is a typical male vision of a girl’s personality and role. Strong fealings don’t have to mean being frail, allways emotional… Aqua’s well defined mature personality as a calm and strong willed person makes her someone to look up to, independently of you being a girl or a guy, just has her friends do (mostly Ventus). I believe the female players will enjoy this unconmmonly seen (in RPG at least) kind of playable character, for a change. I´m a guy, and I think that finaly they put a true female main playable character that makes up to real women, instead of the frail girl (or the super tough, huge boobed, ultra fanservice female characters, by the way) because that is getting old…

  28. Jack Mowat Says:

    I noticed out of all the characters, Aqua made the biggest deal of her wayfinder. The smallest being Ven. She is like the best sister ever for Ven and Terra, particularly in the endings to the final story.
    True as well that the other girl characters aren’t quite as in-depth, especially Kairi who has been around for the longest. I hope future KH games remedy this.

  29. Jameslutz2 Says:

    Not going to lie, Aqua is pretty much awesome, but my favorite is Xion hands down. I’m a sucker for the tragic hero, and I think she has a much more interesting character arc in the one game she appears in than Riku or Roxas do in the entire series.

    Kairi is a princess and Naminé is the Nobody of a princess… enough said.

    But still, love all the characters anyway! ^__^

  30. Jameslutz2 Says:

    or that Accessory Shop girl who thought Roxas was stealing all of the ______. Oh crap, not again! O_o

  31. Ian Manning Says:

    Dude, she sucks, get over it.

  32. Aqua KeyBladeMaster!!!!! Says:



    AQUA ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    NAMINÉ ♥♥♥♥♥♥
    XION ♥♥♥
    KARI ♥



  33. Arcane Says:

    Aqua was always high on my reasons to be excited for Birth By Sleep, and for multiple reasons. She was a magic heavy character(which appealed ot me ever since I tried that approach in KH 1), her story was virtually unknown, she had a good design(and despite the fact she is quite curvaeous, that’s not what I’m getting at) and finally, wierdly for a guy,I was ready for a strong female character. Making her one of the three leads was awesome.

    I’ll confess I was worried by game reviews that said both her character and story were weak in story, and to be fair, the aspect of the story is true. Also adding to some of the problems was Willa Holland’s performance. HEAR ME OUT! I don’t think that Willa was the wrong choice for the character, nor do I think she did horribly. There are a couple of choice scenes near the end of her story where she shows us how well she can do this character, my personal favorite being the scene with Yen Sid before going off to the Keyblade Graveyard. However, a lot of the performance was indeed a little bland. I did need some umph in her words. However, I’m willing to bet that part of this was getting used to this character as well as confusion in the direction. The scenes themselves weren’t as charged as they could be, and it’s hard to decide how much of each emotion you need to get out and in what way. I’m a forgiving sort, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this turned out to be the case.

    However, Aqua herself still delivered everything promised, particularly in Nomura’s description of “strong and feminine”. Her design conveys this well. Like Lightning from FFXIII, she has an attractiveness that isn’t nessecarily ‘hawt’ or sexy against her will, but unlike Lightning she is still approachable-you could easily ask Aqua out on a date in a real world scenario(Go Zack). But it still conveys that strength of confidence and poise, showing she can’t be jerked around, that’s she’s mature and quite capable. Do I still get the ‘hot visions’ of her? Yes, but that’s because I have a penis. Her design is respectable, strong-willed, and quite fetching. My only complaint is practicality-considering what she does, the reality is that she would probably bind herself.

    Her gameplay is also fantastic(although admittedly this is a universal feature of the game primarily). Her specialities are visually spectacular, massively damaging, and dynamic in control(well, more so than the other two I think). I love Ghost Drive(despite it’s dodge), I love Barrier, I love Teleport, and I Love-well, it’s enough to say I really do enjoy playing her.

    Her character traits though are what really make her solid. She has her emotions and doesn’t hide from it, but she doesn’t let them rule her either. She cares for her friends, but also isn’t afraid to say the things they need to hear. She does lack a certain flexibility(hence why the Fairy Godmother talk threw her off), but she becomes hard to sway for that reason. I think I already covered most of her major characteristics in the talk about her design. She manages to be as hard as steel while still maintaining a softness and realistic openness to her. She’s very well designed, and Aqua has a lot of potential to grow.

    The biggest problem with Aqua has been time. With about 10 hours of gameplay alloted to each person’s story, we didn’t get to explore the characters as well as we would have liked, and neither did the crew of Birth By Sleep. Nevertheless, I imagine Aqua’s presentation and character will only become better with time, and I look forward to seeing her, alongside Ventus and Terra, more in the future.

  34. shirl-e Says:

    I wasn’t trying to downgrade on Aqua nor was I trying to, but Willa Holla did a poor job on bringing Aqua to life.

  35. shirl-e Says:

    in my opinion, Terra was fine. Reason being: he was just some guy who was seeking power and once you’re obsessed with power then you’re lifeless! Haha. So it just fit Terra.

  36. Kevin Lee Says:

    I have my own reasons for why Aqua is the true hero of “Birth by Sleep”.

    When I first saw promotional material of “Birth by Sleep”, I had my fears that Aqua was going to be a bit of a third wheel accessory to Ventus and Terra. Ventus had his obvious connections to Sora and Roxas. Speculation that Terra was somehow Xehanort flew around the internet. And the treatment of the female leads of “Kingdom Hearts” was never the best. In the true spirit of the less likeable Disney princesses: Princess Aurora, Snow White, Cinderella (in some of their defense, characters like Belle and Mulan took control of their destinies), Kairi spent a lot of time mostly getting rescued and letting things happen around her. Namine was given a lot more character in “Chain of Memories”, but in general, “Chain of Memories” was a lot more “talky” than I or II were; even the Organization XIII members had a lot more dialogue in Castle Oblivion. Xion was Ok, but her categorization as a hero is questionable. At best, I consider her a supporting character, though she does eventually guide Roxas in the right direction.

    Terra and Ventus may have gotten the most spotlight moments in promotional stuff, but Aqua ended up being the true hero of “Birth by Sleep”. In Terra and Ventus’ gameplay, it was transparent that they were both walking into respective traps. In contrast, Aqua is nobody’s fool. You ask if this matters to male gamers. To me, it matters a lot. I actually compare Aqua to Sora in one key way that Ventus differs. Sora and Aqua value their friends, but they have a “sense of justice” as is often described of Sora. When Riku allied himself with evil, Sora did not cover his ears to the world and pretend it wasn’t happening. Instead, he takes it upon himself to put Riku in his place.

    Aqua values her friendship with Ventus and Terra. But when she sees Terra going down a dangerous path, she speaks up. Ventus denies everything and accuses Aqua of being self-righteous because of her new status as a Keyblade Master. As I played Terra and Ventus’s scenarios, I had a sense that they were forcing their way from world to world through a combination of impetuousness, pride, and stubbornness. Aqua, sadly, tailed behind them to try and make sure they were safe, but was never quite able to catch up. There is a reason Aqua was chosen for the Mark of Mastery; she was right and her friends should have listened to her. That is not to say she is needlessly humble. Her crowning moment was where she took her mantle as “Master Aqua” and I loved how she was unafraid to make a stand against a villain clearly more powerful than her. (alas for your swipe at Donald Duck. I love the duck. And one of my favorite things about “Kingdom Hearts” is having blatantly cartoonish characters like Sora, Donald, and Goofy facing Godlike villains. It’s a combination that just works, for some reason).

  37. Dr Drak Says:

    Aqua’s voice is ooookkkkkkaaaaaaaayyyyyyy and she is my second favourit charecter but Ventus is my favourit.

  38. Arcane Says:

    Dude, opinions aren’t eternal truths, get over it.

  39. Ian Manning Says:

    You first.

  40. iDOWN Says:

    It’s disappointing that both Namine and Larxene are under Xion. Xion just seems like she was a filler that was made for a game made to give the whiney fans what they want while Squenix takes 50 years to develop the next main game.

  41. Xxmoonangelxx Says:

    i love all the female characters in KH, even larxene whos really mean haha

    but personally my favorite is xion.


    havent got to know aqua that well yet, but i do like her so far not only from what you said but what ive experianced playing the game :}

  42. Kent Williams Says:

    I personally think Aqua is a great character. She is strong, determined, and caring. She is even willing to do risky things regarding her life to help others.

  43. Cixer Says:

    I personally found Xion to be inferior to Aqua. Xion’s rather mediocre as a Keyblade wielder. She can cast magic and swing the Keyblade, and that’s about it. I personally wasn’t too fond of her, but nothing in 358/2 Days impressed me, so I suppose that’s partially to blame.

    I still felt Aqua being more than a magician damsel-in-distress was perfect. I was a little iffy, I admit, when I started playing as her, but as soon as I saw Aqua use her own body to shield Cinderella (something I would never expect a KH female to ever do), I was sold.

  44. Grey Says:

    While I agree that Caps are fun, I disagree about your rankings. Kairi is definitely above Namine (who is a bitch) and Xion (who is useless).

  45. Artist_ERG2 Says:

    That doesn’t work unless the other person was the one who threw out their opinions in an offensive manner.

  46. AlixSparrow Says:

    Aqua is by far the best original character in the Kingdom Hearts series (not including the ladies of Final Fantasy cause you just can’t compare them in regards to Kingdom Hearts).

    No offense to anyone who loves Kairi, but I just found her annoying. She got a little better in Kingdom Hearts 2 but still, just very annoying. I don’t really have anything to say about Namine, she isn’t annoying….I feel like she’s just kind of “there”. Same with Xion, I didn’t even finish 358/2 Days…so maybe I can’t judge but I just couldn’t finish that or chain of memories.

    Aqua is strong, independent, responsible in the way that she knows right from wrong and how to address it, and she never gives up. When you go back to talk to the Fairy Godmother in the Castle of Dreams world, she says that Aqua believes in her dreams just as much as Cinderella does. That kind of stuff makes a character important. They did an amazing job of introducing a strong female lead, and as a female gamer I just can’t help but feel passionate when a woman is represented the way Aqua is represented.

  47. Khfan12 Says:

    Well, if you acctually played the game all the way through, or saw a certain scene, Willa (Aqua’s actress) seriously sounded like she had been voice acting for a very very long time. Mean I freaked out when I saw that scene and my brother yelled at me to shut up (again)

    The scene was at the end of the game in Radiant Garden when she and “Terra” had the fight.

  48. Khfan12 Says:

    I agree. I think Terra’s actor could have done better.

  49. Khfan12 Says:

    Olette *o* (Sorry, I love Olette’s personality and shes an underrated character)

  50. Arcane Says:

    I did that a long time ago babe. ;D

  51. Curtis Ryo Tiu Says:

    oh come on she can fight but she is not cute as kairi

  52. Titaes Says:

    Obviously she’s the best of them all because she has the largest rack.

  53. X-blade Says:

    I’ve beaten the game on proud mode and am now almost finished with all three characters on critical mode. i love all three characters and you will love(and hate) their endings but the bright side is that when KH III finally comes out, Sora will be the one that saves them (and others) from their fates.
    One more thing, Sora wasn’t official chosen for the Keyblade, but he is the best out of the others we have see (so far)……
    Aqua’s the best KH female and Sora is the best keyblade master.

  54. Conner Lupindo Hemming Says:


  55. Jonathan keller Says:

    I’m going to vote for Xion but only because I feel sorry for her :pnnBut everything you’ve said about Aqua is absolutely true. She shines as the most capable, strong willed, most kick-assiest female in the KH series.nn~J

  56. Www Dorishim Says:

    Kairi IS developed; she’s clearly a stronger, smarter person in KH2 than she was in KH1, and now that she has a Keyblade, she has more chances for further development. Being angsty and having problems isn’t always “developed” or “deep”, you know.

  57. Theusx Says:

    I too started my game playing first with aqua, I loved her and it’s amazing how Tetsuya Nomura, gives so much Life to his characters, that’s why i Love KH!
    I didn’t liked the gameplay of Terra, i like more fast and magic characters.
    I never used magic on KH 1, Kh 2 and Kh 358/2 Days. but when i play with aqua i started to make strategies with different types of magics, is so fun! Aqua Deffinetly is one of the best playable characters in KH.

    Magnega + Thundaga Shot owns every monster on Arena mode!!! *—*

  58. Theaceofshadows Says:

    You know… I actually liked Willa Holland’s voice performance. Especially during the ‘You’ll go astray again…’ or ‘I am Master Aqua. I… like her voice… I think it was a pretty good choice. And about Jesse McCartney as Ventus/Roxas… I like it a whole lot better than the Japanese casting. One more thing, his voice seemed a little faster/higher as Ventus than as Roxas.

  59. Lollapops Says:

    Aqua was so strong, and she didn’t give up on Terra no matter how hard he fell. She convinced herself that he would be okay, and did everything she could to save both him and Ventus. She even sacrificed her very freedom to save Terra, because she didn’t want him to suffer the fate of being all alone in the darkness. She shouldered that burden alone.This is what made her the best. She was willing to sacrifice herself at the darkest moment, to protect her close friends. She never stopped watching out for both Terra, and Ventus, no matter how cold that they both were to her. She is the strongest female, and perhaps the strongest character period, and there’s hope yet for her and the others.

  60. Iftekhar Ahmed Says:

    I love how you completely forgotten about Olette in this questionnaire! Sure her overall role was far minor but at least she deserves some form of recognition in the series!

  61. Jon Beverst Says:

    Willa Holland’s voice work is extremely rough at first, but the more i play
    BbS, the more it makes sense to hear Aqua talking like that. It does add
    a certain sens of maturity to her character.

    I enjoyed playing as Aqua more for the fact of her playthrough was a challenge. She doesn’t have the speed or Strength of Ventus and Terra (respectively), which forces you to rely on her magic as your primary means.

    As a character, Aqua sits at the top of my females list. She is the most believable of the older (age wise) characters in the sense that she has seen some freaky stuff and is able to calmly take the stance of “Please, let me help you, I’ve been through this.”

  62. Anonymus Says:

    Go Aqua! That’s it.
    Let’s list the KH girls together:






    Larxene is going down, because even though I love her, she is evil, and I can’t really say she is a… Nice lady filled with pure pride and honor.

    Xion, I like her too, but I dislike her also. She has a story filled with extreme sadness, caused by other people, none being her fault, that is why I think she and Aqua are very similar. They both suffered because of others’ mistakes. But she is going down, because I don’t really like emo types.

    Namine, I don’t dislike her, but I can’t say I looooooooooooveeeee her. She is OK, but being honest, she’s too naive. She is very polite and stuff but just like her somebody, she is only focused on solving problems of the people around her, unlike Aqua, who helped everyone that needed help. Namine is going down for being too naive.

    Kairi. I don’t even think that she was supposed to get a keyblade! She accidentaly touched Aqua’s and BOOM. She is a trainee under Yen effing Sid! How long did Terra and Aqua train just to take the exam and there are rumours that she is going to become a master by KH3. Let’s all face the truth, Kairi lovers, that little girl is so not one of the 7 lights. She is a princess, and, I totally understand, because of that, she is a total Mary Sue. No one likes Mary Sues. Being perfect is her specialty, she is nice, pretty and stuff but she is self focused. She keeps getting kidnapped, and when she does, needs rescue instead of simply escaping in between two bars -which is wide enough to fit two of her-. But the thing I hate the most about her, is when people compare her to Aqua. Don’t. You have no right to compare Kairi to Aqua, seriously, to males, check the breast zone, Aqua HAS breasts. Kairi has two small bumps that look like zits. Serious. To females, well, all the females should actually see the difference between A and K. Ok, being honest, I like Kairi, I don’t hate her, really. But I hate it when she acts like she wants to get in Aqua’s shoes. No. Just. No.

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