KH Birth by Sleep: Final Mix – Jump Festa ’11 Trailer

KH: BBS Final Mix Trailer from Jump Festa 2011

With all the new Re:coded info coming out, it’s good to know once in a while that we still have another game on the way.  Square-Enix recently updated the BBSFM official website with the latest trailer which premiered at this weekend’s Jump Festa.  New content covered in the trailer includes the new Rumble Racing tracks, stickers, the Pete D-Link, Illusion commands, the Unknown boss fight, Armor of the Master boss battle, as well as the new command style Rhythm Mixer and our first glimpse of the fight against NO HEART.

Check the trailer below:

Source(s): Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix Official Website, TheSoridduke22′s Youtube Channel

9 Responses to “KH Birth by Sleep: Final Mix – Jump Festa ’11 Trailer”

  1. Rashed Mokdad Says:

    Here’s hoping it gets an English text patch

  2. Lilyxafi Says:

    I just noticed that No Heart has xehanorts keyblade and xehanort spells out to = no heart (take out x)

  3. Rhema Says:

    That was a sick trailer. I still can’t believe I don’t own Birth by Sleep. -.-

  4. Christopher B. Says:



    Vegeta: IT’S OVER 9000!!

  5. Anonymous Says:




  6. Anonymous Says:

    For real? Man, we just found out about that…uh, a few weeks ago?

  7. Michael-way_ Says:

    Did i see Aqua fighting the Organization or are they just giving out Black Coats nowadays

  8. Sora Kimura Says:

    Actually, it’s been pointed out xehanort spells out no heart without an x since KH2 first came out.

  9. Guest Says:

    Here’s a couple of things I’ve realised on NO HEART

    1. It’s Xehanort without the x, as everyone already knows.
    2. He looks pretty much exactly like Xemnas when he’s wearing armour in the final battle at the end of KH2.

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