Celebrate The Day After Thanksgiving With Some Kingdom Hearts!

Kingdom Hearts: Black Friday Sale

Howdy folks, and happy Black Friday!

And on the subjects of Black Fridays, we at KHU are going to safely assume that if you’re reading this, you aren’t partaking in the most raw of human behaviors and natures while in the confines of stampeded shopping malls, overcrowded Gamestops, or the single most deadly No Man’s Land during Black Friday…Wallgreens.  Chock filled with angry housewifes and over-exuberant ex-girlfriends.

Since you’re here already, Amazon.com has decided to give you the fans a real treat!  During their Black Friday shopping spree, from today until November 30th, they’ve slashed the prices on all the latest Kingdom Hearts games, and then some!  (Be sure to check out some of their other deals as well!)  And best of all?  These aren’t their “Lightning Deals” either, meaning they won’t be selling out on them in the next 15 minutes, or anything like that.  If you guys and gals have yet to check out the latest games, now’s the best time to do so!

Click Here to buy Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep ($19.99)

Click Here to buy Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days ($17.99)

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Oh, and on a slightly belated note – everyone here at KHU wishes you all a late-Happy Thanksgiving, and we all hope you had many merry moments spending time with your families!  And turkey.  Lots of that, too.