KH BBS Final Mix Secret Ending & Mystery Game Revealed! (KH: Birth By Sleep – Volume 2)

KH: Birth By Sleep Final Mix's Secret Ending has unveiled another new KH Game!

With Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix released, that means the new secret ending is up online! In addition, series director Tetsuya Nomura has mentioned a mystery game in recent interviews that has yet to be seen until now so please sit back and enjoy the secret episode and you shall see what the new mystery game will be titled!

***Warning: Spoilers!!***

The secret ending video was uploaded courtesy of

Yes, you saw that right folks! The name of the mystery game will be Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep ~Volume Two~!


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  1. Random_Guy Says:

    hope it’s for PSP >_>

  2. Random_Guy Says:

    i think that in this game u play as MF,and u travel between time looking for someone/something,and while r u traveling u discover secrets about KH,the blank points Nomura was talking about

  3. Murphey Says:

    And the last remaining bit of respect for square, right down the drain. When will they learn: Nobody wants yet ANOTHER filler. Just give us KH3 already.

  4. Anixe Says:

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Nao. Not 0.5. 3.

    But other than that, the last 30 seconds of that was pretty cool.

  5. Anonymous Says:


    Kingdom Hearts has officially turned to complete horse shit… And best of all? I love it how people label me as the troll, when they are too fucking stupid to even realize who’s REALLY trolling them…

    I’ve ranted in the past. Now, I TRULY feel sorry for everyone here. The whole lot of you are getting extremely, unfairly treated, and most of you don’t even notice it. Hell, some of you even embrace it.

    There’s nothing worse than that.

  6. Dex Says:


  7. JC Says:

    NOOOOO!!!!! not another one. I was ok with BbS and 3D, but another part to BbS is too much……plus, when did Cinderella move to the Realm of Darkness. Seriously, that looks like her castle by the end of the trailer….lol

  8. Roxas_92 Says:

    We got to know how all the worlds fall into darkness. Sure some of us know but do we know all of it? Let see how this gonna turn out and how Aqua got out of the Relam of Darkness alive. Then we can all get excided about KH3 lol

  9. Brady O'Neill Says:

    I think people are freaking out over nothing. The story-line makes sense. They had a lot of story there, and they didn’t get to show us all of it until they knew they had a solidified fan-base. After Kingdom Hearts 2, they knew they had grabbed us, and wanted us to know the WHOLE story before they went into KH3. I’ll explain why it’ll be alright.

    There are 2 prequels to every real game.

    Birth By Sleep
    Birth By Sleep Volume II
    Kingdom Hearts I
    Re: Chain of Memories
    358/2 Days
    Kingdom Hearts 2
    Re: Coded
    3DS Dream Drop Distance

    And then guess what comes next? Kingdom Hearts 3

    It’s actually pretty well laid out. The numbers in the trailer are to show us where the story takes place. Zero Point (or just 0) is Birth By Sleep, and 1 is Kingdom Hearts 1. The 0.5 means the storyline takes place right before Kingdom Hearts and right after Birth By Sleep and will most likely follow Aqua’s progress in the Realm of Darkness and explain exactly the moment up to when Sora has his dream on the beach and Kairi wakes him up, just like the end of 358/2 Days helped us get RIGHT to the beginning of KH2, and the way Dream Drop Distance will lead us into KH3.

    I have fun with the story, I like how involved I get in all the small details. I’m telling you, they are NOT going to disappoint us when Kingdom Hearts 3 comes along. We, as the audience, NEED to know what is going on in the story, because if you go from Kingdom Hearts 2 and go right into Kingdom Hearts 3, without playing all the ones in between, you’re not going to know why Sora and Riku have to take mastery exams (by the way I think the Dream in Dream Drop Distance is the training that Aqua and Terra went through that we didn’t get to see) or what the Keyblade War really was, or Xehanort’s progress through life death and rebirth, or WHY and how he’s returned, and you especially won’t know what a X-Blade is. So yeah, bring on the “spin-offs” as you all call them. I say, as you guys so whole-heartedly denounce them, bring on the STORY. I want to know how this thing will end up. I know, in the end, happiness and balance will be found, and that’s what Disney is all about; helping you find true love, true friendship, and how the people along the way help you get there. Look at EVERY Disney story they’ve used in the game so far:
    Beauty and the Beast
    The Lion King
    Sleeping Beauty
    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    The Little Mermaid
    And now The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and etc.

    Point is, every story deals with finding friends and allowing them to help you find your way to your heart and find a happy ending. That’s what these movies and these games are about, and if you are too focused on seeing KH3 on PS3, you need to remember who is REALLY in control of these games, and that’s Disney. They want to give an experience that isn’t going to ruin the integrity of their films. The movies that will be featured on the PS3 need to utilize the PS3′s power, but also make Sora and Goofy and Donald still look good and blend in without them looking too… Final Fantasy XIII. I think Tangled would look great in KH3.

    Just have some patience, guys, we have a lot to see from Square-Enix and a lot more movies from Disney that will look and feel great. They’ve made the Final Fantasy series last this long, so why not let Kingdom Hearts last as well? The 3DS is around the corner and I just KNOW They are planning a remake for Final Fantasy V and VI which will look and sound stunning on the 3DS, so I don’t know what all the fuss is about, I’m having fun :) +

  10. Darksora128 Says:

    I’m personally glad for this new game. I really want to know more about what happened to aqua between the end of BBS and her talk with ansem on the beach.
    Anyway, I’m sure KH3 is next once FF13 versus is finished, because that is the reason KH3 hasn’t shown its face, NOT because other kingdom hearts games. Its almost funny to hear people complain about “spinoffs” and “games that don’t matter” because I for one am quite happy there is a new Kingdom Hearts game each year. Would you rather they not make any more new KH games until FF versus is done?

  11. tastysteak Says:

    Pretty sure the game will center around Aqua. MF is definitely canon but I doubt you would ever play as him.

  12. Bballaguy298 Says:

    who is MF?

  13. Debenz Says:

    You’ve gone back to being a real no life. If you can’t handle it, get off the site. Nuff said.

  14. Theking Tga Says:

    what they mean by sora and ven dispert?

  15. PieGuy Says:

    The more Kingdom hearts the better, Square Enix is smart to make a good series last long and have each new addition be like movie releases you get to play out. I have a feeling that there might be 4 more games after KH3 only because of the number 13 tht comes up constantly in the games, just to end Sora’s story (Nomura has said that Kingdom Hearts wouldn’t end with Sora before i think). So after the 13th there should be a whole different story line, probably going into the Keyblade war or how the keyblade wielders population gets restored and how history might repeat itself. Either way no matter what I agree with Brady O’Neill down there >_> everyone stop whining.

  16. Torin Duvall Says:


  17. mint Says:

    Mysterious Figure. The secret boss you fight in the Land of Departure wearing an Organization coat.

  18. Just saying Says:

    I would be pissed off about another spin off…but the fact that it’s going to focus on Aqua and King Mickey (the two hero characters that interested me the most in BBS) AND the world of darkness! (seriously no-ones gotten a really awesome creepy vibe from this new game?) I think I can easily stomach another add on to BBS. It looks better then Re:coded, since that game is PURE FILLER and this volume at least gives more development to what happened to aqua and the king.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    The more you say things like that, the more I feel sorry for you.

    You’re feeding the troll, and in turn, he’s fucking with you even more. Why do I feel sorry? Because you *like* it.

    In your own words, you like KH, even though Square and Nomura, at this point, are completely fucking with you all. It’s like he’s snapping off your dick, and all you can say is “more!”

  20. James Lutz2 Says:

    I completely agree with you…. except for one thing.

    I think Tangled would be better suited and will most likely be featured in KH3D Dream Drop Distance.

  21. Lupinpatronus Says:

    Actually, the portion with Cinderella’s castle is what most caught my attention – it’s likely representative of the moment when her world was consumed by the Heartless and she was captured by Maleficent. We’re finally going to get an explanation of that major missing chunk of the story; when the Princesses of Heart were abducted, their world’s destroyed, and how the Heartless came to be involved in this.

  22. Random_Guy Says:

    But the trailer shows many different times,some of them r in kh1,some of them r in days,some of them r in kh2,the only time traveler we know so far is MF

  23. Random_Guy Says:

    i won’t say that MF is Starkiller or Kairi’s Grandma and make a stupid joke
    it’s just we don’t know till know,it wasn’t showed in any game or confirmed by Nomura

  24. Random_Guy Says:

    by days i mean between kh1 and kh2 of course,that includes chain of memories,and plus u can see mickey in RoD between BBS and KH1,guess MF is the only one who can do it…

  25. Random_Guy Says:

    guys stop it!!!
    1.There is no spin-off till now,a spin-off will be Kingdom Karts,all games take part from the plot
    2.KH BBSV2 isn’t a bad idea if u think about it,i mean Nomura Said after FF Versus XIII there will be KH3,don’t blame BBSV2,blame FF XIII-2!!!the team is busy with FF XIII-2,so BBSV2 won’t hurt,at least we will understand the gap between BBS and KH1,by the time they make FF Versus XIII
    3.i think it will be released in this year and on the PSP,cuz it uses the same engine thinking about it,there r two KH trilogies right now
    first one is:KH1,CoM,KH2
    second one is:KH Days,BBS,Re:Coded
    future games:KH3D,KH BBSV2,KH3
    that’s the third trilogy :)

  26. Random_Guy Says:

    U MAD BRO?

  27. Random_Guy Says:

    hey who knows maybe MF IS Aqua?

  28. Rjd26 Says:

    with me, not sure if others think this but unversed felt a lil unexplained to me and thier connection to the heartless clouds them furthur. hopefully this game explains this but I hope your theory (Lupinpatronus) is correct as that would make a great story, or maybe if it shows something about ven being in that room. And to those saying we want KH3, screw you Id rather have a clear background filled story than something rushed

  29. Guest Says:


  30. X Natt04 X Says:

    i think that this game will be about what terra and aqua (not so sure about ven) have been doing during the 11 years that they were missing. so because its shows all kh1 riku kairi and sora perhaps it will show what aqua was doing wile the events of kingdom hearts 1 took place and perhaps they will save her in this game and worry about terra-nort in 3D

  31. Alan Santos Says:

    WoW!!!…You guys need to accept the fact that Nomura and Square have pushed this WAAAAAAYYYYY too far…I mean…making 1 or 2 games before KH3 is ok…but 3 or 4?!?! WTF?!?! Why push a story so much when I’m pretty sure that they can tell the WHOLE story in a single game?! PLUS they make the games in different consoles, wich makes it hard for the average gamer to play them all because of lack of consoles or budget. Man…I love KH…REALLY! but I’m kinda dissapointed…6 years I’ve been waiting…and STILL no KH3?!?! now that’s bull…Someone needs to tell Nomura to stop making these games and just get to the POINT! How can he get to the point?…or better yet what would have been a better way to get to the point? By simply making 2 games BEFORE KH3. Simple as that. Telling the whole story in the first game, then the DETAILS in the 2 and voila!!! KH3 coming our way…but noooooo…they need to squeeze our wallets to the maximum. I’m sorry…I’m just mad…but that’s how I feel…:/

  32. Andrew Says:

    Please, Disney has no care for how their IP is used, much less how Square Enix uses it. Case in point: 358/2 Days.

    I’ve followed the KH series with all my heart, growing up; I even bought Re: COM and 358/2 Days, and how do they repay me? By continually DRAWING OUT and convoluting a great story with unnecessary sequels!? It’s the same thing that happened to SAW; we don’t need every minuscule red herring explained in its own game! This is RAPE! Don’t encourage it…

    Why don’t they just consolidate all the “spin-offs” into a few, solid titles with lasting appeal? And take some time management classes while they’re at it?

  33. Andrew Says:

    Also, assuming PSP2 supports DLC, and just so I can still act angry, why don’t they just add Vol 2 as DLC?

    And while they’re at it, combine Re: Coded, 358/2 Days and Dream Drop Distance into 1 game; pretty sure the result would closely amount to the same, full & supple experience KH2 was. Square Enix could totally pull it off.

    Heck, they convinced people to pay top dollar for Re: Coded, which is just FILLER!

  34. Arcterus Says:

    Thank you for this post, Brady. You are a drop of reason in an ocean of hysteria.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Re:coded was a good game. It is disappointing how much people don’t care for it.

    Also, SE won’t release it as DLC. We all know how SE are like.

  36. NoFuture Says:

    am honestly sick and tired of reading peoples’ complaints about these so-called “Spin-offs”. Re:Coded and Re:Chain are absolutley needed for the plot, especially Birth by Sleep. If you ask me, Birth by Sleep V2 is just adding to an already good thing. And why are people wasting their breath complaining about the time it takes for Kingdom Hearts 3 to come out? For one, it takes time to create something good, and Two, let them take their time to get it out, because worse comes to worse, Kingdom Hearts 3 might be the very last game they make. And who wants that? The more games they make, the better. If you’re a real supporter of the series, than you’ll appreciate every game.

  37. Mochiusagi Says:

    yey a new game, as long as its not on the DS then I’m happy. re:coded is a pain to play, esp when your L button was broken. >.<

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Very well said.

  39. Ian Manning Says:


    What the hell is wrong with you Tetsuya Nomura?!! Where’s KH3? Oh, that’s right, you ran out of originality, that’s what!! Here’s something a smart person would understand, STOP THE SPIN-OFFS, AND GET ON WITH THE MAIN SERIES ALREADY!!!

    PS: Do us some real justice and fire Jesse McCartney. He’s a Pop Singing douche like Justin Beiber (if you put him and/or the Jonas Brothers in one of the God damn spin-offs, I will find you and kill you).

  40. Cody Says:

    Dude really?
    If he wouldnt make any spin offs then there would be no story line!!! We wouldnt know half the crap we do now. And if that would happen then people like you that are obviously never satisfied would be complaining about NOT having spinoffs.
    And another thing… I’m not the biggest fan of Jesse McCartney but if he does a good Roxas voice (which he does) then why not let him be casted?!? Stop comlaining and enjoy the friggen games.

  41. Ynckay Says:

    eh, wouldn’t really say he’s fucking with us. he’s just making games, sure they’re not always the best but it’s his story, he should tell it how he wants. now i refused to play 385/2 days and RE:CoM and coded because i knew they were just filler. But i love birth by sleep because it’s not just some meaningless game. It connects in with the other games like how Sora and the gang are going to have to save the BBS gang in KH3. Now had Nomura just gone and introduced these 3 mysterious characters with no backstory at all people would be confused . Sooner or later BBS would have come out and i’m happy it came out before KH3 rather than after.

    Just because people like kingdom hearts doesn’t mean they like everything that has to do with it. Like i said, i refused to play the filler games because they’re not worth it. But i don’t view BBS as filler – it actually helps the story and plays a part in the plot of KH3 – it’s not like an episode of dragon ball z where they spend a whole episode on a bug planet that has absolutely nothing to do with the story.

  42. Ian Manning Says:

    And just when you think their done with BBS2…ANOTHER FREAKING SPIN-OFF!!!

  43. Ian Manning Says:

    If you love Jesse so much, why don’t you marry him?

    Anyway, the spin-offs were never needed, they were mostly retelling the first KH game over and over. And Roxas is a sissy who is now possessing Sora, just like Namine is possessing Kairi. If the spin-offs never existed, then that would have made me happier, and it would make me even more happy to see Jesse burn on the stakes. Filthy, filthy son of a hag!

  44. Maurice Hoek Says:

    Correction: Nomura said, Kingdom Hearts started with Sora AND he’ll be there until the very last title. Sora will end the Kingdom Hearts story alltogether, just as much as it started. ;)

  45. Dredamanfoo2 Says:

    Well said! I agree 100%! It makes more sense to give the fans something while we wait rather than get nothing for the time spanning from the end of KH2 to KH3

  46. Evan Vaughn Says:

    wellll Ian maybe if you paid attention to the actual story, neither Roxas nor Namine is possessing their respective somebodies. I know you’re a crazed fangirl; just stuff a tampon in your fat mouth already.

    There’s an art to games, which includes that craft of storytelling. If Nomura gave us 1-2-3, where’s the development of the story? Where’s the backstory? Nomura is exploring every aspect of the ENTIRE story before concluding it with KH3. Each side story gives a depth to the game that MOST fans can appreciate. And when KH3 comes out, you will understand exactly what is going on. Because guess what? It’s more than likely going to conclude EVERYTHING ABOUT THE SERIES.

    So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Or, if you dont want to do that, at least shut up so that others can.

  47. Katie Says:

    …Really? Are you in fucking middle school?? “Why don’t you marry him?” You sound like a fucking child.

    Jesse did a brilliant job with Roxas; I can’t imagine anybody else acting in his place. I’m not the biggest fan of Jesse, and I sure as hell don’t like Justin Bieber, but I would never wish death on them just because I don’t like their music.

    Roxas and Namine are part of their respective others, not ghosts possessing them. Quit bitching about the sequel games filling in all the holes. Nobody wants to read your whiny bullshit, and people couldn’t care less about whether you get all the details or skip on to the next “main story.”

    Perhaps YOU should burn at the stake, you disgusting excuse for a person.

  48. Katie Says:

    THIS! This is how I feel about Kingdom Hearts. The game and its characters are so very important to me. I don’t think I’ve ever realized why, but I think it’s because of the struggles they go through and how they overcome them. I love the depth each and every character has, or the potential to have it. I love that this series digs into every little detail about everything. When I first saw the trailers for the games when I was about thirteen or fourteen, I didn’t care. But my sister got the game, and gave up after getting stuck in the Deep Jungle. I started over from there and just fell in love with it all. The only game I didn’t like/finish so far was CoM, because of that freaking deck system. That was a nuisance. : I’ll beat it someday.

    Thanks for posting this!

  49. Redxxwine Says:

    They would have announced it. They already said before, numerous times, that they were making another game besides KH3 and 3D. That’s why I’m baffled that everyone is acting like this new game came out of nowhere– it didn’t. They told us before, just that now we actually know what it’s about.

  50. Nia Says:

    I agree that the jumping between consoles is pretty inconvenient. Here’s the thing that people keep ignoring: The MAIN KH team (the team that is mainly responsible for KH1 and KH2) have been working on Versus for Final Fantasy. They’ve been taking a very long time on it, but that’s up for a completely different debate. But the fact is that they can’t focus on making KH3 and Versus at the same time.

    That’s why the smaller team(s?) work on the handheld games. So not only are these games giving us more insight to the series, they’re also giving us something to do until they can work on KH3. Would you have preferred to wait years and years with no games at all? No one is telling you to buy these games. You can wiki the information/read the scripts/youtube the cutscenes to find out what’s happening. I’m not saying that money is a factor, because it always is, but no matter if they made the games or not we were going to have a long wait for KH3.

  51. Bleu VII Says:

    What I can’t figure out is why people consider KH:BBS a spin-off game. New characters, new story, new battle system, new EVERYTHING, but hey, it didn’t have a “3″ in the title, and it’s for a handheld, so therefore, SPINOFF!!!!

    As far as I’m concerned, BBS should be considered a main entry to the series, and BBS V2 the sequel.

    I will not defend Chain of Memories, 358/2 Days, 3D, or Re:Coded though (even though I have yet to play Coded). I even made a 3-hour video of the original CoM so that people could get the essentials without having to suffer through that awful game.

  52. Samantha Says:

    I really can’t wait for the next few games to come out.

    You could say I have grew up with Kingdom hearts and I think the story line does make sense, the only time it doesn’t make sense is when people do not play it from the beginning and/or do not take in what is being said throughout the game.

    With this trailer it has answered so many questions as well as creating new ones. I presumed that the worlds were completely destroyed by the heartless, I never considered that they may exist within the realm of darkness, yet what has become of the inhabitants as we presume they get turned into heartless and the ones with strong hearts survives and are not taken to the realm of darkness.

  53. Rawrrrrrgodzillaaaaa :3 Says:

    I love reading everyones reactions its funny. Personally im pumped ive played everygame released (cept for the final mixs T.T lol) and ive enjoyed each one. Its like a puzzle every piece counts :) and im glad we get these games. Its fun how the story grabs you. Sure I want kingdom hearts 3 but i dont mind waiting a little longer just to see how the other storys fit in place for the KH3.
    Kingdom hearts 3D suppose to have hugeee shocker ending soo im curious how that well affect Kingdom Hearts 3. Just like im curious on how this game will go :)
    My guess about aqua getting out probably cause of Mickey also anyone notice he pretty much wearing the same clothes as Sora from Kingdom hearts 2 on 4min and 13sec part???

    PS: I wonder if this will be for the psp or the psp2

    PSS: its funny how the games have mickey sporting clothes and the first game you see his shadow wearing shorts and no shirt like he was trying to suduce riku o.O lol im joking

    PSSS: I hope this game has pretty good pre order bonus (i want another poster :3) i say the best one is the 358/2 days.

  54. Ian Manning Says:

    It’s still stupid. They just can’t get on with the point of the story because their too damn busy counting the money they made from suckers who would believe anything they’re told! These spin-offs are almost as annoying as the Star Wars prequel trilogy, they were unnesesary!

  55. Uwe Schöning Says:

    You explained well. The “spin-off” are important indeed – but if they’re so important for the story: Why are they not on the same platform? You know… ps2 oder ps3… instead of ps2, gba, ds, psp. I love the Kingdom Hearts franchise… but I would never buy all of it, just to know the whole story.

  56. Brady O'Neill Says:

    Being an ex-character performer of the Disney Company, I know exactly how much they care about the integrity of their franchise. They sign off on every film put into the games because at one point, Sora, Donald, and Goofy appeared in the parks. If they are going to allow those characters side-by-side in their parks with the characters people know day in and day out (Mickey, Cinderella, etc.) , then there has to be a sense of integrity at all times. At one point, while I was working, I happened to be in costume as someone Sora might have known. A child asked me a specific question regarding Kingdom Hearts and we are allowed to answer in one of two ways: 1. directly and confidently if we are familiar with our character’s role in that third-party but still Disney labeled genre, or 2. be general but sincere and change the subject.

    So yes, though I only played a small part, a quick witted Hatter like myself had to keep up “character integrity” for Disney’s sake because our label happened to be on Kingdom Hearts.

  57. Brady O'Neill Says:

    Thanks so much. I liked Inception A LOT. I saw it 6 times and loved every tiny detail. Being able to chronologically interpret something from beginning to end. Even when all the pieces have fallen at different times, they are all in the right place, as we have learned by interpreting one of the lines from a recent secret movie. It’s just about being able to piece it all together to reconnect the story until we are all in the same place and able to move on to a new adventure.

  58. Brady O'Neill Says:

    That’s definitely a marketing technique. It’s good and bad, in a way, because it does look at the gaming industry in a non-biased form by giving everyone the chance to experience the Kingdom Hearts franchise, but it also means you need to give the economy a little nudge in the right direction by buying all these systems too, so all company’s win out in the end, and the consumer has to spend more money, but that’s what it means when a company like Nintendo or Sony invest in a company like Square-Enix. Square-Enix gets to explore moving the game to other platforms and learning to cope with different building techniques like the DS’s touch screen. I think, though, that there is a bit that can be lost in translation, though, because the PSP didn’t work for me, my finger tips hurt and my PSP is old, slow, and bulky and you can’t get it on the PSPGo etc. etc. I loved the game but hated the system. The DS’s touch-screen was basically useless, and the semi-3D world’s in CoM didn’t add to the dynamic. I think Re:Chain of Memories helped because it did add more depth to the characters, but it should have been done on the PS2 in the first place, and the original should have been forgotten haha. I think Re:Coded utilizes the DS’s capabilities more, but I still think they could have found a better way to explain the story. I think the entire concept of going into a digital world and creating a digital Sora won’t help the real Sora at all, haha. The emotions he felt in most of CoM are false, so it mainly just makes Sora out to be a naive child, and he doesn’t truly begin to grow until KH2. Then, the experiences in the digital Jiminy Journal are also false. The real Sora doesn’t learn anything, the digital one does, so that doesn’t really contribute to Sora’s growth. I think at the end of Re:Coded, the real sora doesn’t actually know what has to be done haha. So hopefully they will catch him up at the beginning of KH3D and “fill him in” as DigiNamine put it..

  59. Brady O'Neill Says:

    Why’s that? The 3DS, though it will look very nice, won’t do the beautiful colors and shapes of Tangled enough justice.

  60. Mallory Salazar Says:

    Yes,yes,yes. Thank you. I just hope that they don’t overdo it…Like something past 3. It would be a shame for it to be dragged out too long… I really like your post. It pretty much describes how I feel about all these Kingdom Hearts games being released, enjoying the ride as it goes along and not being upset over it.

    I find that I’ve come to have a deep attachment to this game, something about the story reminds me of some trouble that I went through with one of my more special friendships… I don’t know what it is, but it somehow reminds me of it.Maybe because I too was jealous o one of my friends, and I wanted to be better or something, what Riku went through, I tend to understand his actions a lot more than the other characters at times, although he’s may not be my first favorite.

    But anyway…
    One of the many things I like is the way the characters themselves have slowly changed throughout the games, even if its subtle changes, Kingdom Hearts as a whole is a great handful of games, the emotional ties you get to characters, they way you grow to love a character, but then they may end up dying and how it brings you to tears, I’ve rarely had games bring me to tears, but here it is, Kingdom Hearts I can’t wait for this next one!

    I’ve come to love that dorky Sora, when before I thought he was an annoying little kid. Hehehe…There’s too much of this game I like to just give it up because too many games are being released

  61. Monkey135790 Says:

    Just when we finally thought we were closer to Kingdom Hearts 3, more fillers arrive! Hopefully they won´t be more KH 1 and 2 remakes with different gameplay.

  62. Cody Says:

    I never said I loved him; stop being immature.

    Roxas ISNT possessing Sora nor Namine with Kairi; did you even play the games…? Also the spin-offs are loved more than hated; so really your opinion doesnt matter. Square-Enix isnt making the games for YOU. It’s for the fans. Also, to say that something like that would make you happy is kinda wierd, I suggest you seek mental help before you hurt yourself or someone else.

  63. Jack Mowat Says:

    You are rekindling my faith and love of the KH series. Thank you so much. Now I’m syched for this upcoming game!

  64. Squall Says:

    I don’t know why everyone’s making such a big fuss over the sequels. I bet if there was only KH1, people would have whined and complained about a sequel and how there are too many plot holes and things that don’t make sense. So the developers noticed that people just like KH. Okay, here, have some sequels, they say. And yet people complain? There’s no pleasing the public. But anywho, if anyone is truly displeased with the spin offs, simply play KH1, KH2 and sit and wait for KH3. No one is forcing you do deal with the spin offs.

    I’ll admit at first I was annoyed with the spin offs. But it’s not just filler. They introduce new characters and important stuff about the story and as you put all that together, you start to understand what’s going on. I thought CoM was just filler at first, but once I played KH2, it all made sense. Yeah, I wouldn’t play thought it again because I hate the battle system, but still.

    As far as the games being launched for different systems…THAT is what annoys me. I get that Disney and Square-Enix want to experiment and try new things and all, but not all of us possess all the systems in the world. I like KH, but don’t expect me to pull out 200 bucks to buy a PSP just to play one awesome game. Or 150 dollars to buy a DS. That’s 350 dollars overall. And of course, if I had those systems, I would buy more than KH games for it, but that’s exactly my point. I can only afford one system at a time. I’m sure there are a lot of people who feel the same. Spin offs? Fine, I’ll let it slide because they’re not supposed to be main titles so…I guess it kinda makes sense in a weird sort of way that they launch it for ‘smaller’ systems? But they better not release KH for the Wii or the 360 exclusively. They owe us, the people who bought KH1 and 2. Do a multi platform game for all I care. Just think about everyone when you’re developing the concluding game for this saga, Square-Enix.

    As a side note, as much as I love Tangled (No, really. Best movie ever), I don’t see how Sora would fit into this world. Who would he play? A guard? Would he jump inside the tower and get hit by Rapunzel instead? And then what? Go to the Snugly Duckling to sing? Well, I guess it could work…but I don’t know. KH has a tendency to kinda ‘dumb’ down some Disney characters. I can see Flynn losing his charisma and Rapunzel acting incredibly naive and dumb.

    And yes, I’m anxious about KH3 too, but I’m glad this series still has me hooked. I liked the Jak and Daxter games but after the first 5 games, it died off (I don’t count Lost Frontier). I’m glad because it concluded nicely, but now it’s old and forgotten. There will be a day when I look back at the old and forgotten KH and the whining and complaining about everything that has to do with KH will seem ridiculous (I think I’m already there. :/). But for now, I’ll just enjoy the show.

  65. KHMANIAC82 Says:

    I dont know why people are confused Aqua and Ansem the wise werent at the beach until after KH2 when he was telling her about Sora’s quest. So when she was wandering in the realm of darkness for 10 years something was bound to happen. And who knows maybe they will introduce some new worlds in BBSv2 its bound to have a dynamite story line. Seeing Mickey in the secret ending makes me winder if we will see him evolve into the king we’ve come to love in KH2. Nomura wants to show the whole story and leave no questions unanswered when we dwell into KH3 or reconnect Kingdom Hearts (whatever they are gonna call their next big leap in the series) and on the beach when we see young Xehanort turn and look like Ansem, Xemnas and finally the Original Xehanort. There could also be a reunion between Aqua and Terranort, who knows. But whats got me baffled is when I saw Sora sitting on the Paupou fruit tree then dissappearing, then Ven in the Chamber of Sleep in CO dissappearing. Could there possibly be a secret ending in this game explaining these events, who knows. So fellow KH fans just sit back and enjloy all the secret endings and game trailers yet to come :D .

  66. Donald's Nobody Says:

    I’m really hoping for this to come out on the PSP, not the newly announced PSP2, mainly because I’m already getting the 3DS this year. Besides, it’s probably for the original PSP, considering the graphics. But then again, how would they of rendered PSP2 graphics on a PSP in the first place?

    Very confusing.

  67. eggleburt Says:

    well actually nomura says that bbs is a main game, and volume 2 probably will be aswell, but i see where you’re going. As far as I know, kh3d will explain alot that you will need to know in kh3.

  68. GreatKefka Says:

    Excuse me, WHAT about FFV&VI!?!!?!?!?!?!?!

  69. GreatKefka Says:

    Hey, man, screw that! This is obviously a very complex story, how much of it do you think they could fit in if it had only been 3 games. That, and we got to see more cool worlds and characters. Yeah, see what I did there? I just poked a huge hole in your logic. So why don’t you stop whining and be grateful to the people who gave us these large gems instead of insulting them for giving us even more!

  70. Kingdom Hearts Guru Says:

    I know this thread is like a month old. but i just had to say something. brady…… rock haha. its hard to find anyone who thinks of the series the way i do. brady has it pinned. i get so sick and a bit discouraged and scared at times from all the haters who speak ill of the games that dont have a big fat roman numeral on the front of the cover. discouraged and scared because i worry that if everyone out there is thinking the same thing then it wont be soon till they quit the series. i guess it just depends what website your looking at. the story is amazing. its my all time favorite video game series. i remember i used to be like those impatient fools though. when i was TEN.alongwith growing up and just waiting for another game to come out ive takenthetime to actually get into the gameplay. it used to jsut be all about the story. now after replaying no. 1 on expert mode, i really miss the gameplay from the first game. mainly the mp bar, seperate item and equipment tabs in the menu and the fact that sora isnt using the friggin force when fighting, hovering in the air for a good 10 seconds. i noticed though they made birth by sleeps fighting style similar to number one. i hope they keep it that way. it would be great to see them do something in no. 3 enabling you to be able to use commands but still keep the original controls on no. 1 & 2. when i was little i hated fighting things and just wanted to see the storyline and cutscenes. now i love them both, fighting and the story. I just love now trying to learn everything i can about the series. story and gameplay. that means im one of thosepeople who REALLY wish the final mix games came out in america too. its just wrong :( i hope to see an online kingdom hearts game in the future just so i can see how good i really am X D online fighting and maybe cool armor like t,v &a wore for travelling to other worlds.

  71. Nobody Says:

    Beautifully stated. :) I could not have said it any better. :)

  72. Seanage Says:

    nomura give me goddamn kh3. I’m tired of waiting, after 6 years. alot f people, which used to include me, have lost hope of kh3. stupid fillers. I don’t know who aqua or mf is and u know what? I’m hella proud of it. I haven’t given in to the recent kh games, which are played on consoles meant to be played on the go, not to be played sitting at home. f**k aqua and mf. what the he’ll happened to everyone else????

  73. VPS Hosting Says:

    This is such a great story, and all of us are freaking out about the story line. I think you should re – upload again the video.

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