KH BBSFM Site Now Open!

Hey folks!!

The official Japanese Kingdom Hearts twitter sent out a new tweet telling us that the official site for Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix site has now opened!

The official twitter has also gotten a  makeover with a new wallpaper, check it out here!

The site has a few tabs open, one giving the story of the game, images, the official trailer shown at Tokyo Game Show, character bios, and even a look at the new artwork that was revealed a few days ago in the new Birth By Sleep Final Mix scan!

Check out the site here!

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix will be released in Japan on January 20th, 2011!

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  1. Kperez902110 Says:

    I like it but don’t feel it’s really that good for the cover art. Aqua pratically dwarfs Ven and Terra, not to mention he is missing his body!

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