KH Birth By Sleep Final Mix Details & Release Date! *Update*

Hey folks!!

Japanese blog minami415, has posted details on the upcoming Famitsu magazine featuring Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix as well as FF-Reunion revealing the Japanese release date!

At first FF Reunion, had posted a rumor that the release date for Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix was January 27, 2011, but now they have confirmed that is the release date!

And here are some of the details from the article (A/N: I’ve translated them the best I could, if something doesn’t make sense or I forgot something, please let me know.):

The Monstro fight has been added to the Mirage arena in which players have 3 minutes to fight Monstro, if not you’ll be swallowed and be forced to fight Unversed inside of him. Once all the unversed are defeated, you’ll be transported back outside to try to defeat him again but you’ll be swallowed again after 3 minutes. The more you get swallowed the more stomach acid surrounds you inside his belly.

The new Peter Pan command board will feature special types of panels that you can obtain pixie dust and summon Tinkerbell and she can move your opponents anywhere on the board.

The original version of Birth By Sleep featured only two songs from the Ice Cream game, for Final Mix they well feature several new songs. One of them is “Blast Away! – Gummi Ship 2!” from Kingdom Hearts.

There will be new commands that will be available in the Mirage Arena, two of them are revealed to be ‘Illusions’, allowing you to transform into Unversed! The D-Link gauge changes into the Illusion gauge and when the gauge runs out, you’ll revert back to normal.

Illusion L transforms you into the plant Unversed and it uses it’s attacks on your enemy! Some of it’s attacks include “Dive”, “Return”, normal “Fight” attack, and the finish command is “Poison Attack”.

Illusion D transforms you into the large body Unversed which any frontal attacks are reflected and it’s attacks are powerful! Unfortunately the Unversed is slow and the weak point is around the back. Some of its attacks are “Back drop”, “Return”, “Smoke Shells”, and finish is “Rush”.

I’ll be sure to post the scan as soon as it becomes available!

Update: High quality images have appeared on Famitsu’s main site, check them out below:

Source: FF-Reunion & minami415

12 Responses to “KH Birth By Sleep Final Mix Details & Release Date! *Update*”

  1. Ryan Martinez Says:

    this would be awesome enough to possibly import… but i can’t translate that quickly

  2. Jeffry Castillo Says:

    to me it doesnt seem worth it. like the other final mixes. i would only want this game for the secret movie and secret boss (allegedly eraqus). luckily i can seem the video on youtube but my only regret will be not being able to kick eraqus’s ass again like i did Vanitas Sentiment and Mysterious Figure

  3. Calvin Bonifácio Says:

    Have I said how I hate Nomura and these Final Mix versions?
    At least this one doesn’t have any new cutscenes

  4. Adam Says:

    Not worth it, just a couple of new command boards, Monstro fight and some new songs. PASS!

    I’ll watch the secret movie online somewhere.

  5. SonicHero007 Says:

    WRONG! Entire new secret movie!

  6. Alfred Chau Says:

    I think that the only reason that they made a final mix was to make people that haven’t bought the first version yet want to get this new one.

  7. Small_lilworld18 Says:

    Actually Birth by Sleep have secret cutscene of Kh:recoded

  8. supershadow125 Says:

    what is with square and makeing all these final mixes STOP IT! make one final version not another one that only japan can have and more! I seriously think that they hate money! I mean I make games like little small RPGs but I don’t make 67 diffrent friggen copies of the same game but has more stuff in them. I won’t hate Japan just because they get more things than we do but if you want to privilage your own home town square just remember that people in america buy more of your games than every fan in Japan…oh and we fought Cherinbog first. To end this little rant Square make one version of the game but have updateable save data.

  9. Yayatomoto Says:

    I heard that it has a whole new secret episode!!

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  11. Mr Mdd Sean Says:

    pixie dust and the xtra songs are i n the normal Birth by Sleep, you just have to unlock them.

  12. Nitroblogs Says:

    Will it be out in Europe?Or just in Japan?

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