KH Birth By Sleep Final Mix Details Revealed!

Hey folks!

It seems that the first details surrounding the newly announced Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix have finally been revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2010, which is currently going on right now!

During Sony’s press conference, Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto took the stage and gave out interesting details about Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix, here they are below:

–The release month is January 2011 for Japan
–There is a new armored character (A/N: Another secret boss!?!?!?!)
–There will be even more new content on top of the new  content that the NA and EU versions had
–Cloud in Duodecim 012 can unlock a new costume by purchasing Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix and using the code to unlock his original Kingdom Hearts costume.

Also has posted the following comment about the Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix trailer via twitter:

The BBSFM trailer showed Terra fighting Monstro and Eraqus in full armor. Ven had a new Keyblade,like his original but darker colored.

Edit: Here’s a photograph that tech site Engadget took that shows what looks like a Mirage Arena battle inside Montsro:

Another update: Square Enix has put a Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix teaser site which can be accessed in the link below:

[Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Teaser Site]

Keep a tab on your browser on KHU as we keep you informed on more news as they become available from Tokyo Game Show 2010!

Source: KH Insider

14 Responses to “KH Birth By Sleep Final Mix Details Revealed!”

  1. Maurice Hoek Says:

    wow, what a bunch of idiots.
    seriously, for the first time in 5 titles, we get more content, and now they can’t take it and get EVEN MORE!!
    i thought this time it was our turn…

  2. OZKai Says:

    None of you should really be surprised. Do you honestly think it’s us that make the new content we got anyway!? It’s still them. All in all, it’s going to keep happening, ever since FFVII International, and it gonna keep happening. They made the damned game in the first place! Let it be!

  3. Age Says:


  4. Finalfantasywarrior Says:

    Actually we got new hidden bosses in the original KH before KH:FM as ever released.

  5. No Says:

    Wtb a damn final mix in america

  6. Jp72992 Says:

    So is the code for KH1 Cloud’s costume in Dissidia Duodecim going to work for the english version of it too? or does it have to be the japanese one, since final mix is only in japan? if anyone knows plz answer.

  7. Maurice Hoek Says:

    true, but c’mon this final mix issue is getting rather ridiculous, why wait to put in the extra content, when u know your gonna do it. JUST PUT IT IN THERE FOR EVERY KH FAN. Thinking about all of it makes me rather pissed on square…

  8. Maurice_Hoek Says:

    yeah exactly and the most hilarious part is, I NEVER GOT RE:COM. they didn’t give their european fans that kh, it sucks and also that makes me EVEN MORE PISSED ON NOMURA!!

  9. Starlaladim Says:

    Square Enix(Japan) sucks. They never launch an english final mix version.

  10. Ajacobs345 Says:

    While I do agree they do have the right to its creation, in my opinion the whole of th kh universe should be available to all of its fanbase.  Even though they made it it doesnt exactly seem fair that only they can have it.  COME ON JAPAN!  COME ON!

  11. Bsassycat12 Says:

    I agree, why can’t square Enix just make one hq and make ev and fm versions for the FULL fan base!??!

  12. Bsasstcat12 Says:

    It said with the purchase of the fm youll get a code, so only the fm.

  13. Bsassycat12 Says:

    I’ve seen the fm and I know a friend with it. He let me borrow it and it was awesome. I wonder how he got it? Also there are some good YouTube videos. If you want to see one search: kingdom hearts birth by sleep FM.

  14. Aqua_is_awesome Says:

    ??? What ???

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