KH Birth By Sleep Final Mix – Gameplay Videos

No Heart, one of the few new exclusive bosses in BBS Final Mix!

Now that players has had some time with Kingdom Heart Birth By Sleep Final Mix they were able to get to all the new bosses & content released exclusively with Final Mix! But don’t worry, the videos for all the content have been uploaded online for you fans who can’t get a hold of this Japan only release!

First off we have the “No Heart” & “Armor of the Master” battle videos played by 1stKirbyEver, video uploaded by

The “Monstro”, “Secret Episode Area”, and “Secret Episode Boss” are played by Cyberman6, videos uploaded by

Source: 1stKirbyEver, Cyberman6,

11 Responses to “KH Birth By Sleep Final Mix – Gameplay Videos”

  1. doctorpope181 Says:

    The secret episode boss reminds me too much of the Behemoths from Crisis Core ..

  2. Ian Manning Says:

    Now THAT was unexpected! The ultimate Heartless, Since it doesn’t have a name, I guess a proper name for it would be…Soulless Sin.

  3. Beau Says:

    Hunter in the Dark… is one violent puppy!

  4. Mc Steven Torres Says:

    The Secret ending boss was a lot look like Dark Thorn in KH2 – Beast’s Castle

  5. Anonymous Says:

    A whole bunch of nothing.

    I just can’t believe some people would be so fucking stupid to pay SEVENTY dollars for FOUR new boss battles…

  6. L_is_awesome Says:

    You’re completely missing the point of these final mixes. Nomura had to cut certain ideas due to time constraints. The final mixes are his original vision, the addition of everything he felt he didn’t have time to put in. And frankly, there is a lot more than just the boss battles. New command styles, new commands and if I’m not mistaken, an ability to turn into the unversed, not to mention the entirety of the secret episode (& secret ending) make this a hell of a lot more complete than the previous versions.

  7. Anonymous Says:


    Meaning, everyone who bought the “incomplete” version got trolled, which makes this even less of a justifiable purchase.

    Thanks for proving my point lad. :3

  8. Debnz Says:

    It’s really funny how you talk so negatively about everything relating to this series, but you can’t stop coming here to see more and more. You are really funny.

  9. Maurice Hoek Says:

    I understand MemeticRichard, and so do you man! The reason why he keeps watching these vids, is becuz he doesn’t wanna miss anything in the story he likes. You gotta admit Nomura f*cks us up with incomplete versions again and again. If he can’t make it in time, replace the release date and put these freakin things in there. I for one, feel like i get f*cked by buying the EU versions. Like in KH2FM+ there was this conversation with Sora and Riku, about how Sora couldn’t thank Naminé. Which we never even got the chance to find out about, if it weren’t for YouTube. We miss out soooo much, and Nomura must know we want all that stuff to. Treat your fans equally. Another option is to release the Final Mixes overseas, but noooo to much trouble right? I want to see all of KH, and no, not on YouTube, but on the game i ‘PRE-ORDERED’ for the full prize…

  10. Saefkamaruddin Says:

    heartless reminds me alot about hollows(bleach)
    especially with the new explanation in the latest bleach arc

  11. Vanitas10 Says:

    I think that kingdom hearts II Final Mix is the better final mix version of the kingdom hearts series , due to the fact that Birth by Sleep Final Mix are too less features in comparison to
    Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Kingdom Hearts Birth by sleep by itself is a great game(My opinion :) )

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