KH Birth By Sleep Novel Vol. 1 Cover Revealed

Howdy folks!

We reported last month that Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep will receive a game novel just like the other Kingdom Hearts games and now Amazon Japan has updated their page with the cover of the novel!

Check it out below:

The first volume is entitled “Something Strange” and will be released next week in Japan on December 24th for 750 yen ($9).

Source: FF-Reunion

6 Responses to “KH Birth By Sleep Novel Vol. 1 Cover Revealed”

  1. purico Says:

    Shiro Amano seriously needs to stop being so goddamn awesome.

  2. Kathrynharrop Says:

    I think I just squealed at Ven’s cuteness

  3. Age Says:

    1. Need more info.

    2. A NOVEL? Like, words with no pictures? Epic.

    3. Please release in US, please release in US.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I see Shiro Amano’s artwork is as disproportionate and crappy as ever…

  5. Gregory Haynes Says:

    Ok that rocks :3

  6. Gregory Haynes Says:

    Btw… The art is really nice :D

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