KH Birth By Sleep Wins Portable Console Award!

KH Birth By Sleep Portable Console Award!

The 2011 edition of the Japan Expo Awards have  announced several winners and in that announcement one of the winners was our very own Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep! They won the “Portable Console” award! This adds to the list of awards the game has won since its release last year! Congratulations!

Source: KH Destiny

7 Responses to “KH Birth By Sleep Wins Portable Console Award!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Why does the picture say, Birth by Sleep for the DS?

  2. Sharda Colon Says:

    I was to write about the same thing. -__-;;; They messed up on their part.

  3. X Natt04 X Says:

    CONGRATS ^_^ that game deserved an award for sure

  4. Jocelyn Polansky Says:

    just a bit of fail…

  5. FLAMEhell10001 Says:

    *the second I see labeled ‘DS’”…*FACEPALM

  6. FLLFFL Says:

    O_o……………………………. *facepalm* ……….. no words; just… no words

  7. Moonwalker Says:

    Can’t tell if trolling or just really stupid..

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