KH: Birth By Sleep Final Mix Announced!

Howdy peeps!

Shonen Jump magazine has posted  a scan showing off  a Final Mix version of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, complete with the Mysterious Figure secret boss and Pete D-Link that the NA and EU versions have received. Also just like the final mixes of the past, the game will more likely be Japanese subtitles with English voice acting.  If this version receives any new content we’ll be sure to keep you guys in the loop of it!

Big thanks to site staff member Grassy for this news!

14 Responses to “KH: Birth By Sleep Final Mix Announced!”

  1. RontherBonks Says:

    No US release I assume..

  2. anon Says:

    as usual of course.

  3. Rockerbrett Says:

    thats why we must all learn Japanese to play killer games im fixin to start learning soon

  4. Rockerbrett Says:

    has any one got news on kdh reconnect

  5. CTOONfan1 Says:

    In my opinion, we already got the Final Mix version, since so much new stuff was added to it, but cool for Japan!

  6. Ukir123 Says:

    This better be international. I’m really getting tired of them always making a final mix just because we get a few extras and they can’t take it.

  7. TepidShark Says:

    Kh Insider seems to think that not much if anything will be added to this release that wasn’t in the Western version:

  8. Donald K. Says:

    In my opinion, both US and Japan should get Final Mixes because both Disney and Square-Enix are franchise from both countries respectively.

    But of course, the Japanese are the ones directing and producing the game so it’s only fair they get a “bit” more out of it. I do look forward for the new extended “secret movie” as usual.

    Funny thing is… Thought Re:Coded was something Nomura wanted to give to the “Americans” so why the hell is there a Japanese release date and not US release date?

  9. PKspitfire Says:

    what’s the final mix gonna have that bbs didn’t?

  10. Anthony Says:

    Guys have we not learned from the first KH game, we will never get a final mix outside of japan, either import it, or get it the other way, or just deal with it. >>

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    [...] 6. KH: Birth By Sleep Final Mix Announced [...]

  12. xKaijino Says:

    Can somebody tell me if there is an English version of KHbbs Final Mix????
    (or explain why there’s none)

  13. Twilight_dusk18 Says:

    Yeah, they may have thought of the game and given us a little something more, but America was the one who came up with Disney and they had to ASK us to us our franchise for their game, so at the very least, we should Final Mix too.

  14. Twilight_dusk18 Says:

    I plan on getting EVEN with them. :|

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