KH: Birth By Sleep NA Site Updates Again!

Heya peeps!

A small update  for you all here and the official North American Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep site has updated yet again! This time they completed the rest of the PSP themes featuring one for each main character! That leaves one wallpaper that’s still locked in the media section. Also the Pre-Order button has been changed to Order.

Check out these PSP themes you can use for your very own PSP!

Aqua Theme

Ventus Theme

Terra Theme

As a bonus here is the theme that you receive if you register your game through Square Enix Members site!

Special BBS Theme

3 Responses to “KH: Birth By Sleep NA Site Updates Again!”

  1. Shaman Says:

    It’s cool to see Square still thinking about the fans with this.

  2. Mr_happy0056 Says:

    Is birth by sleep out yet in Canada? If not, I was wondering if anyone could tell me when it does come out; thnx

  3. L_is_awesome Says:

    It is as of Sept. 7th.

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