New BBSFM Scans + Possible Cover Artwork?

Howdy again folks!

Some new Jump scans have recently surfaced featuring Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix as the center of attention!  Among the new details covered, the primary one is focused on a boss battle against a new armored warrior who wields the same keyblade as Eraqus.  Not only that, but it also appears this particular boss battle can be fought in the Mirage Arena with the help of your friends!  Some other details include new additions to the already existing mini-games, Mirage Arena tweaks, new commands such as the Unversed Illusions, and best of all, what appears to be new artwork!  Possible cover art for the game?  Only time will tell.  Feel free to have  look-see at the scans below:

Source(s): FF-Reunion

9 Responses to “New BBSFM Scans + Possible Cover Artwork?”

  1. Brooke Says:

    I hope that isn’t the artwork because Aqua and Ven look terrible… At least from this small scan.

  2. King Says:

    Aqua looks sexy in that pose

  3. Age Says:

    Wow. I’m sooo happy. *Rolls eyes in case nobody get’s sarcasm.*

  4. Slurms_McK Says:


  5. Anonymous Says:

    You mean “DAMNIT TROLLMURA!”, right?

    Why blame a whole country for just one man’s utter douchebaggery?

  6. Zorrin Says:

    I think only the art pf Aqua is new. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that picture of Terra is the same one as the one from that compilation picture that had the rest of the BBS cast on it, and the Ven one appears to be the same picture as was on the stained glass in his Awakening.

  7. Robert Says:

    I really don’t think that will be the cover art. It’s not sized properly to fit on a PSP case, for one.

  8. Ricardo Castro Says:

    Fuck you Square Enix, sorry if you just can’t handle that America like’s the main character’s to be huge hulking badasses, quit being douchebags and we’ll do the same.

  9. JO Says:

    they’re not being douchebags, there’s not enough market for it over here, it’s mathmatics it wouldn’t make sense, they would lose money if they distributed it over here and they’re a business, don’t blame them blame the north american public for having terrible taste in media

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