New KH: Birth By Sleep Final Mix Images

Hey folks!!

Famitsu on their website has added several new images of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix! The images include screetshots of the new Blobmob boss located in the Deep Space area, recoloring of the Unversed mobs, as well as a look at the Mysterious Knight Mirage Arena boss!

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix is to be released on January 20th, 2011 in Japan!

Source: Famitsu

10 Responses to “New KH: Birth By Sleep Final Mix Images”

  1. Age Says:


  2. Anonymous Says:

    You’re kind of sort of annoying. Like a broken record.

  3. Christopher B. Says:

    That Armored Knight boss looks like it’s gonna be harder than Mysterious Figure.

  4. Debenz Says:

    Nomura said he’s hard just like MF

  5. Sheabelsky Says:

    But he has a lot more health I think. and his attacks look EPIC.

  6. Shirozora Says:

    The mysterious knight is no longer mysterious it’s actually eraqus take a look at the keyblade he’s holding looks just like his

  7. Christopher B. Says:

    I would laugh if Nomura gave it a 15 hp bar just like Terra from KH2 Final Mix, but it’s still the same hp bar from Mysterios Figure.

  8. gunner Says:

    ok i have bbs and im wondering is bbsfm alot better the bbs?? cuz idk n whats new or different about it…please reply

  9. Debenz Says:

    He has 2 more health bars than MF

  10. Theking Tga Says:

    i just battled there master i alwas forget his name same moves look at this move at

    see this keyblades +his keyblade +mad move when he have one bar hp?? =there master(why i alwas forget his name)

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