New KH Birth By Sleep Final Mix Scan!

Howdy folks!!

A new scan from Jump has emerged featuring Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix! The scan shows off Peter Pan from the command board, the ice cream machine mini game (that will include the new songs from the NA version), and well as Monstro boss fight from the Mirage Arena!

Click the picture below to view it:

Source: FF Reunion

7 Responses to “New KH Birth By Sleep Final Mix Scan!”

  1. Slurms_McK Says:

    looking forward to the beat-down on monstro’s ass :D


  2. Nerösktji Says:

    Well… hmm… I really hated them Command Boards.

  3. Jcarbajal44 Says:

    this makes me not like japan at all.

  4. Ian Manning Says:

    This isn’t news. Most of us already know about this stuff, and the command board thing just isn’t that interesting.

  5. Razzy Says:

    Even though I think all these belated Final Mix updates are kind of silly (they succeed in getting all my money though!!), people don’t realize that the American KHBBS had a lot more extras than the original Japanese KHBBS. I was pretty down when I heard that since I bought the Japanese version first. XD

  6. Supershadow125 Says:

    ….I hated japan when they got Kingdom hearts 1 and 2 Final mix… now I hate them more I WANTED TO BEAT UP MONSTRO ME NOT MY JAPANESE VERSION OF MYSELF!..if they get kingdom hearts 3 final mix then that’s when I will stop buying kingdom hearts games. jeez square enix just make one version of the game and that’s it not a better one that is impossible to get online.

  7. ulie Says:

    dude, every game has got a FM version and they’ve never come to here. Welcome to the KH games

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