New KH Birth By Sleep Final Mix Scan/Boss!

Hey folks!!

There were reports about another new boss appearing in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix called “No Heart” in which he wore armor similar to Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts II except he wielded a Keyblade and sat in a throne. Now those are reports are true thanks to a new scan! He is a Mirage Arena boss that sits on the seats inside the Land of Departure castle!

Check out the scan below to see it!

Source: FF-Reunion

13 Responses to “New KH Birth By Sleep Final Mix Scan/Boss!”

  1. Age Says:

    Damn you Nomura…..

  2. MV Says:

    It’s Xehanort or something like that.

  3. DXTechHelp Says:

    it’s xehanorts keyblade, we can see that. but this might confirm the whole time travel theory, because it looks like the big guy has the nobody insignia on his/her (it’s possible the boss is a she) chest. however, that proves nothing (pun) because the nobodies existed at the same time as the heartless and unversed, but the unversed are extinct, as far as now.
    he looks waaaaaaay harder than eraqus/master of the armor, no joke

  4. Nicholas-pacheco Says:

    I`m gonna kill nomura…

  5. Curtis Ryo Tiu Says:

    So looks like thats Xehanort’s armour and which tells us why Xemnes wears the armour and carries not keyblade

  6. Andrew Stander Says:

    I remember the game indirectly stating that MX discarded his armor so it could be his LS. With the existence possibly being canon, the fight probably isn’t.

  7. ThomazBR Says:

    xehanort’s Keyblade ?

  8. Maurice_hoek Says:

    F*ck you Nomura, do this one more time and i’ll sell all my kh games/manga/figurines and be done with it. Treat fans equally!! It’s not like we don’t give a damn about extra keyblades/boss fights/SCENES!!/multiplayer levels… AND YOU KNOW IT MAN!! >:(

  9. Christopher B. Says:

    LOL!! The Japanese pirate is like “OMFG WTF HE’S FREAKING HUGE”!!

    He looks all so buffed up when he’s out of his throne chair.
    What other new super powerful bosses do you have for us next time Nomura?

  10. MizuMikomi Says:

    Do you really think he gives a rat’s ass?


    I mean is that not obvious by now? <_<

  11. Xahurik Says:

    Foresight (not distant view) into the Darkness.

  12. Mal Says:

    to everyone who bitches on and on about FM not released outside Japan. Luckily PSP games are region free, so you can always just import it…

  13. Khalinort Says:

    No Heart + X = Xehanort :P

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