New Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Keychains Revealed

Kingdom Hearts Keychains

Hidemi Matsuzuka as revealed three new Kingdom Hearts Keyblade keychains to their line up. In addition to the Kingdom Key silver and gold, Oathkeeper and Oblivion keychains, the three new keyblades are Fenrir, Sleeping Lion and the Ultima Weapon Keyblades.

No price nor release dates have been announced but we will keep you updated as they are available. You can check out the images below:

Source: Hidemi Matsuzuka Facebook Page

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  1. Drace Says:

    This is weird. I can have keachains on my keys that look like keys. Even stranger that the keychains of the keyblade-keychains would be my regular keys. Then the keyblade-keychains would be a regular key keyblade-keychain keyblade. That’s… funny.

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