Disney Character Roles and Personalities in Kingdom Hearts’ Storyline

From picking your character and username when playing online games at UK Casino Club, World of Warcraft, or The Sims, to picking the character when playing games like Kingdom Hearts, game characters provide the main opportunity for player expression and storytelling.

Kingdom Hearts has many well-known Disney characters that play a role in its storyline. While the characters’ names and looks are nearly identical to the classic Disney versions, the personalities and roles of the characters within the game can often be different.

For example, Mickey Mouse is one of the main characters, King Mickey. And Minnie Mouse appears as his mate, Queen Minnie, in the game. King Mickey is the brave and curious leader of Disney Castle and all of Disney Town.

When he finds out the game’s evil force, called the Heartless, is taking over other “worlds,” he leaves his world in search of the cause of this ugly takeover. Before King Mickey leaves, he addresses a note to Donald Duck and Goofy with orders to seek out and protect the Keyblade Wielder.

Donald Duck and Goofy are of course familiar Disney names. These two Disney favorites are actually the two partners who accompany the game’s protagonist, Sora, throughout the story. The Keyblade King Mickey referred to earlier in his note is actually Sora’s main weapon, making Sora the Keyblade Wielder.

As the protagonist, Sora is the character the player is directing through most of the game’s story. And as the Keyblade Wielder, Sora is the one Goofy and Donald Duck must protect. Donald Duck is the court magician and is very close to the King, so he obeys his request. He is short-tempered but also courageous and performs heroic feats in sequels.

Goofy follows King Mickey’s order as the Captain of The Royal Knights to King Mickey. There is a lot about him that resembles his Disney persona. “Though simple-minded and clumsy as always,” a profile of his Kingdom Hearts character reveals, “and constantly the butt of comic relief, Goofy is the constant voice of optimism and, surprisingly, selectively perceptive, often noticing things others miss and keeping his cool when Sora and Donald lose it.”

This is where his character’s personality becomes almost the antithesis of his alternate persona. “He comes off as the sage of the group, despite how he is portrayed in the Disney cartoons,” said the profile.