Kingdom Hearts Players Survey

Square Enix using their official Kingdom Hearts facebook page has set up an official survey for fans to take.

The survey itself asks fans questions about the series like your favorite one, your favorite character, any incentives they should add when they release new games, etc.

This could shape up how future Kingdom Hearts titles are sold, so this is your chance to let your voices be heard!

Take The Survey!

Source: Kingdom Hearts Facebook Page

8 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts Players Survey”

  1. GMArcturus Says:

    Already taken the survey. Hopefully it was worth it.

  2. Cloversplash Says:

    The link’s not working for me :/

  3. SoraXLight Says:


  4. Toddstone230 Says:

    i wonder wat people put for the “most challenging part of kh”?

  5. Brice Says:

    I think they survey is to ensure what fans of kingdom hearts want most out of the series, as they prepare the story and gameplay elements for kingdom hearts 3, since they don’t want to disappoint the majority of the fan base they’ve collected over the years. Personally they’re disappointing a lot of nintendo fans who played their games on the DS and 3DS by not releasing KH3 for the Wii U. The Wii U has a directx11 equivalent which means kh3 could be ported easily to it.

  6. Abriane Enairba Says:

    Hoping that kh series will expand even more than before.

  7. Andrew Nalima Says:

    Who else wants The KH Universe to possibly expand into the Cartoon Network universe, Like in “Fusion Fall.”

  8. Meri Says:

    I don’t think I would want that… Cartoon Network is fine, like Star Wars and Marvel, but I think that it just wouldn’t fit into the KH universe. I think I like it better the way it is and if they mainly stick to the style of Disney movies. It fits well, there aren’t that many style changes (except Pirates of the Caribbean and Tron, which were kinda weird when you regard the drawing style…), and I like how it works out. There are already a lot of possibilities they can choose from within the Disney movie universe so I don’t see a reason why they should, to be honest.
    Apart from that, it isn’t easy to include a series into a game because the worlds in KH usually take about an hour or two, all in all. It would be quite hard for them to do them justice. I think fans would be disappointed when only a small amount of a series is shown.
    Looking back at the amount of plot that is actually shown when playing through the worlds, it’s better to use Disney movies that are complete, pretty short in comparison to a large amount of episodes, and where they don’t have to take a whole series into account.
    The idea itself is nice, but the Cartoon Network universe isn’t really Disney anyway, so it’s pretty much out of the question.
    In the end, I’d rather have them include more Final Fantasy characters and maybe even a Final Fantasy world…
    And I’m not that much into MMOs.
    But that’s only my opinion. (And if they’re that desperate for new worlds, they should include Pixar or hope for DreamWorks to join. Though the latter is veeeeeeeery unlikely. But I would absolutely adore a How to Train Your Dragon world.)

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